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The quality of the work performed depends to a large extent on thestate of health and the general condition of the mechanizer. Carry out in the period of agricultural suffering (for example, sowing, harvesting grain) for 14-16 hours a day in the cab of the tractor is very difficult. Naturally, physically such a load has an effect on the body. In passing, the tractor driver is exposed to dust, vibrations, high temperatures and so on.

That is why agricultural producerstechnicians recently began to pay more and more attention to the arrangement of the cabin, excluding the influence of harmful factors. So, significant changes have touched the domestic brand "MTW". In new models of tractors, machine operators received comfortable and convenient working conditions.

General overview of the cabin

The cab of the tractor MTZ-80 and MTZ-82 is manufacturedby welding thin sheet steel. Under the inner lining is a heater, which is simultaneously a noise insulation layer. The cab itself is mounted on four shock absorbers. This reduces the level of vibration and shaking.

mtz cabin

The large surface of the glass facilitates visibility;on the front and rear wipers are installed. Air can be supplied through the open rear windows and the roof. Some models have air conditioning. For work in the cold season, a heating system is provided.

You can get into the cab through 2 doors,located from different sides. Before each of them a ladder with two steps and a handrail is installed. The soft seat is mounted on a torsion bar, hydraulic shock absorbers or air suspension. The stiffness of the shock absorbers can be changed. The chair can be adjusted to the height and proximity to the steering column. The back bends. This increases the level of comfort.

The steering column is adjustable in two planes. The location of the dashboard, pedals and other levers is no different from other models.

Types of cabins

There are 2 types of MTZ cabins: large (unified) and small (with a lower height). They differ only in height. All other characteristics are the same for them. This applies to the attachment to the frame and the internal equipment. Therefore the cabins are interchangeable.

cabin mtz 82

The height of the large tractor cabin MTZ is 285centimeters. This part of the tractor can be used in cases where such a parameter does not play a decisive role (for example, when performing agricultural work in the field).

When working MTZ tractor indoors (warehouses, farms, etc.) a small cabin is used. Its height is 255 centimeters.


The main distinguishing characteristic, whichhas a cabin MTZ-80 (MTZ-82), is a large area of ​​glazing. Glasses are located throughout its perimeter, giving the operator a full 360 degree view and virtually eliminating blind spots. Here you can include glazed almost completely doors, frontal and rear windows. Also, the glasses are located on the sides and on the roof of the agricultural machine. Thanks to this feature, the machine operator can see everything that surrounds it.

To improve the view, on the sides of the MTZ-82 (MTZ-80) there are mirrors of large dimensions. In them, the machine operator can see the background, while turning back is not required.

mtz big cabin

The dimensions of the MTZ-80 and MTZ-82 tractor glasses are indicated in the table above.

Interior finish

The MTZ cabin is metalframe, sheathed with sheet steel. Only high-quality materials are used for manufacturing. The accuracy of calculations used by the manufacturer allows to increase the safety level of the operator (even in the event of a power failure).

Inside the interior is covered with a layer of noise and thermal insulation. On the floor are placed rubber mats, not allowing the legs to slide. The materials are chosen ecologically safe, reliable, not worsening the mechanic's well-being. On the color palette, choose neutral tones. Most often the preference is given to gray color. This is done in order not to distract the tractor driver during work and not to irritate the eyesight.

cabin mtz 80


As mentioned above, the instrument panel does not havespecial differences from other models. It is located directly in front of the operator on the front panel of the MTZ cabin. Thanks to this panel, it is possible to regulate the operation of the main units and machinery mechanisms.

The shield includes such elements asspeedometer, devices for monitoring the temperature of the engine, oil pressure, electrical network. These elements are arranged in the form of a circle. In the event of failure of one of the systems, the shield will report a malfunction with bright warning lights.

The information on the instruments is easy to read, the data onelements of the arrow type are divided into zones. One look of an experienced mechanic is enough to understand the whole picture as a whole. In the dark the illumination is organized. With the correct operation of the unit, all indicators are in the green zone of the scale.

tractor cab mtz


In the cabin of the MTZ, the main andadditional functions are very convenient. The brake, clutch and gas pedals are on the floor. On the pedal itself, a rubber lining is fixed, which prevents the foot from slipping.

Located on the right hand levers allow you to adjust the work operations. Before the eyes of the machine operator is a diagram indicating the position of the levers.

The steering wheel is adjustable in two planes. On it there is a button of a sound signal. Slightly below the rudder are turn switches and windshield wipers. Next to the steering column on the instrument panel are conveniently placed switches auxiliary options.

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