Museum of slot machines (SPb). The schedule of the museum

Memories of the Soviet past are different. For some, the USSR was a paradise on earth, and some people consider the life of citizens of a huge multinational country not so cloudless. Anyway, in the Soviet Union, the childhood of those who today brings up their own children, and the impressions received at a young age, remain forever.

Children's years born in the USSR are associated withpioneer tie, carbonated drink "Buratino", ice cream "Eskimo", cartoon "Well, wait!" and, of course, slot machines. It seems that the past does not return, but it's not entirely true. Again, feel like a child, you can play in "Washer-Puck!" Or "Basketball" if you visit the museum of slot machines (SPb).

The Museum of Slot Machines SPb

How did the Soviet slot machines

The first apparatus for playing the inhabitants of the Land of Sovietssaw in 1971. In the Moscow Gorky Park of Culture and Recreation, an exhibition opened at which the achievements of the entertainment industry were demonstrated. Kilometer lines were built for the machines. Visitors were delighted with brave cowboys, outlandish birds and flashing multicolored light bulbs.

Ideas for the creation of slot machines borrowed fromforeign manufacturers, and in four years to issue domestic devices obliged military enterprises. Twenty-two plants worked on the joy of children and adolescents on the territory of the country. The machines were equipped with high-tech equipment. The cost of one such unit was not inferior to the price of a VAZ car.

History of the museum

Slot machines of the past startedto collect in 2007. One of the founders of the institution made an initiative. The young man was nostalgic for the game "Sea Battle" and set out to find an outdated machine. Later the meeting was replenished with other devices. Many machines were faulty, but in the skillful hands of enthusiasts, the devices acquired the original look and earned no worse than the previous one.

Soon there were a lot of slot machines,so it was decided to demonstrate artifacts to the public and allow everyone to plunge into the atmosphere of childhood. Muscovites were the first to enjoy the game and an interesting excursion, and in 2013 the exposition opened in St. Petersburg. So there was a museum of slot machines (SPb). The photo below shows how everything is organized there.

Museum of slot machines reviews

Location and time schedule

The museum building is located in the city center onKonyushennaya square, near the Church of Our Savior on Blood. The nearest metro station is Nevsky Prospekt. After exiting the subway, you need to go along the left side of the Griboedov canal, turn into an arch, and here it is, a museum of slot machines (SPb). Work schedule: daily from 11.00 to 20.00. Exact address: Koniushennaya square, 2, lit. AT.

Description of the museum

Previously, the building occupied by the exposition wasImperial stables. Brick walls of halls, window glass with factory stickers, wooden doors in combination with slot machines of the USSR create the impression of meeting epochs. All who come to the museum of slot machines (SPb),as if fall into a time machine.

On two floors of the building there are morefifty slot machines: "Hunting", "Gorodki", "Hockey", "Repka" and many others. The greatest demand is the "Sniper" and "Battleship", so they are presented in several copies. For children and adults who came to the museum of slot machines (SPb), visit hours fly unnoticed.

Museum of slot machines SPb schedule

Some devices are designed for individualgames, on others they play together. In one of the halls there are operating machines for the sale of soda water. For an additional fee, visitors are offered an exhibition of game consoles. Also among the exhibits is a booth of instant photography. For a photo for memory, too, they pay separately.

All who visit the museum of slot machines (SPb),not only inspect the exposition, but also compete in the rally, seek to destroy enemy ships, participate in winter hunting, throw the ball into the football goal or basketball ring, shine erudition during the quiz. For the game, tokens are used, which are purchased with the ticket. The cost includes a game on fifteen devices of choice and an exciting story about the emergence of slot machines of the USSR and equipping the apparatus.

The services

If desired, the machines are played not only in the museum. Employees of the institution will bring their favorite home to a cafe or a club. If you are planning a birthday party, party or a corporate holiday, games on slot machines of Soviet times are an excellent entertainment for guests. Rent devices and businesses.

Museum of slot machines SPb visiting hours

The Museum of Slot Machines (St. Petersburg) invites to markbirthday and other holidays. Organizers accept both children's groups, and adults. Those who want to participate in master classes and sports competitions. Tired of the battles, players regain strength in the cafe.

To plunge into Soviet childhood can not onlyresidents and guests of St. Petersburg. The creators of the museum provided a virtual tour. Curious gamers anywhere in the world get acquainted with the description of machines, play their favorite games online.

Museum of slot machines: reviews

St. Petersburg has acquired a remarkable institution. Visitors call the recently opened museum a great place for a fun pastime. Mom and dad nostalgic for the past years, and the children get acquainted with the predecessors of computers, ipads and iPhones. Despite the fact that modern programmers have developed a lot of quality design and special effects of computer games, kids are happy to play on the vending machines of the past.

Surprising come and the fact that the majoritydevices are serviceable, and for games are used all the same Soviet fifteen kopecks. Pleasant impressions remain from the excursion. The choice of students is offered a full or a shortened version.

Museum of slot machines SPb photo

The special atmosphere of the museum does not remain without attention. Many celebrate home comfort, politeness of staff, wonderful tastes of soda and milkshake.

Collection of slot machines under one roof -this is not just a place for entertainment, but part of the history of modern times. There are reasons to believe that in the more or less distant future, the devices to be demonstrated will be of the same interest for archaeologists, historians and simply lovers of antiquity, like the tips of spears or old coins.

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