Nadezhda Kevorkova - a researcher of modern religious processes

Journalist Nadezhda Vitalevna Kevorkova belongs to the group of representatives of the profession who chose religious topics as the basis of their reports. Today, she is the most famous among them, aided by her political convictions. In particular, this concerns the active support of Palestinians in the conflict with Israel. Her position finds both supporters and opponents.

Nadezhda Kevorkova is currently an observer on Russia Today. At various times she has collaborated with such major publications as Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Ogonek, and Russian Newsweek. In addition, Hope is published on various Internet sites and actively maintains accounts on social networks and blogs.

Origin of Hope Kevorkova

In the public domain there is no information about where and when Nadezhda Kevorkova was born.The nationality of the journalist is constantly doubted by the efforts of her detractors. But many believe that she is Russian and Orthodox.

Nadezhda Kevorkova

By education, Nadezhda Kevorkova is a historian. She graduated from the relevant faculty of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov. In journalism, the girl came by chance.

Origins of the creative way

The professional path of Nadezhda Kevorkova began with an acquaintance with the Orthodox believer Alexander Ogorodnikov. Even before he was imprisoned and became a prisoner of the council, he published the magazine Community.

The meeting took place in 1988, in the years of perestroika, when Alexander was released from prison. The acquaintance, which took place during the unofficial celebration of the Millennium of the Baptism of Russia, soon turned into an active collaboration.

This is how the Herald of Christian Democracy newspaper appeared. The publications of the publication dealt with the themes of the universality of Orthodoxy, as well as the fate of the same prisoners of conscience and political prisoners, like Alexander Ogorodnikov himself.

Nadezhda Kevorkova nationality

While working on the publication, Nadezhda Kevorkova gained tremendous experience: she learned how to photograph, make reports, and interview.She also took direct part in the work of the printing-house of the Hooter itself, which was then actively cooperated with. Working in the Vestnik, Nadezhda visited various parts of the Soviet Union, as well as on business trips abroad.

Work in "Nezavisimaya Gazeta"

In 1992, the Herald of Christian Democracy ceased to be the haven where Nadezhda Kevorkova showed her creative energy. Maxim Shevchenko becomes a new partner in work and in life.

Nadezhda Kevorkova Maxim Shevchenko

Journalists brought together the work on the new application to the "Nezavisimaya Gazeta". The appearance of the liner "NG-Religion" was approved by the chief editor, who at the time was Vitaly Tretyakov. The structure of the application, its content and internal drama came up with Maxim Shevchenko.

Nadezhda Kevorkova notes that this was the first edition in the world in which faith was viewed from a particular angle. Journalists paid a lot of attention to the political component of the world’s religious processes. At the same time, the feelings of believers were not insulted, their personal views on the world around them were studied.

In the publication as a permanent observer, Nadezhda Kevorkova worked from 1997 to 2002.Her reports covered acute religious issues, including those related to the war in the North Caucasus.

At the same time, she was a special correspondent for Nezavisimaya Gazeta in the United States. At the invitation of the State Department in 2001, she visited a number of US states, including Alaska.

Professional Interests

The geography of countries and states that Nadezhda Kevorkova visited over the years of active professional activity is amazing. The biography of the journalist testifies to her travels to the North Caucasus, the Far and Middle East, to the countries of the former Soviet Union, as well as to Europe, the USA and Cuba.

Journalist Nadezhda Vitalevna Kevorkova

Her interests also include various political actions and speeches. She covered such phenomena as anti-globalism, acts of city guerrilla, "color revolutions" in Georgia and Ukraine, as well as the events of the Arab spring.

Personal life

The closeness of the political and religious beliefs of the two journalists led to their active cooperation, friendship and the creation of a family. Together with Nadezhda Kevorkova, they conducted investigations and made joint reports.

Nadezhda Kevorkova Freedom Flotilla

Maxim Shevchenko actively supported his wife when she participated in the action "Flotilla of freedom".Nadezhda Kevorkova, along with other activists from different countries, tried once again to break through the blockade of the Gaza Strip and deliver humanitarian aid there. However, the journalist and a number of other protesters were detained by paratroopers of the Israeli Navy to decide on their deportation. Many reporters, including Maxim Shevchenko, then paid attention to the illegal actions of the Israeli armed forces that were committed in neutral waters.

Currently a couple divorced, they have a son in common.

Political and religious beliefs

One of the central themes of the journalistic work of Nadezhda Kevorkova is religion and its place in the modern world. She writes not only about Orthodoxy, but also about Islam.

Nadezhda Kevorkova biography

One of the beliefs of Nadezhda Kevorkova lies in her confidence in infringing the rights of many Muslims. The events of the Arab Spring, for example, the journalist considers the targeted actions of the USA against the adherents of Islam living in the countries of the Middle East.

Such conviction is one of the reasons for the active support of the inhabitants of Palestine, expressed in various forms. One of them was the book "Palestine.Resistance "(2014), in which Nadezhda Kevorkova calls this state only the largest concentration camp in the world.

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