need a summary of Adam Mickiewicz "Grazhyna" ???

need a brief summary of Adam Mickiewicz "Grazhyna" ???

  1. Zeyanne gatay Ramantichna Paehma pachynaetstsa on the Navagrudsk Castle. Adnoychy, the light-thoughtful night of the night, the knight-hood jumped at the zamak. Iznichalva gethy nevvyak atrad mage magister Ordin Dztrykh von Kninprode. Naselnk castle zdzleny aborts, bo x krepartsc zyaltsya halonaya vrag litso Tatonsky knights. Magstra zaptrabava dalazhyts ab svam pryazdze prince Litavoru. Akno vezhy prince svyatslasya, a little zais and yes Iago from the ranks do not advazhsya nhto. Nareshtse, the servants of Abdul Rymwid, the bzheeshaga, the gift of the prince's right hand. Just could not without hesitation, Weiss pako Ltavor.

    Prince Litavor saprady is not a spa. n would be chemtsts mozna zaklapochany.

    Spacer, an exorbitant man,
    Tvar nadats could not svaymu,
    Хоць жада, каб патаемнай таямнцй
    The servant of the yoke does not slip into a fall ...
    Ubachachy vernaga daradtsy, Litavor pavedam pit ab swam rashenn. The Prince sabrasya protruding to the troops, kab zahapts pasag piles jonk gorad Lda. Vata paabyatsa zravtsh Ltavor prince Lda, ala ayatsannya svaygo nya vykan, Litavor vyraysy yasyat slaye, soto nalezhytsy pit on the right. Dahramna Rymwid spravav adgavarits svaygo prince hell hell gaytay nebeshpechnoy zadumy. Daradtsa hatez zahavats light from the prince, ala Litavor zzamaladu would be uparty, hidden, not enmalysya hell hell svaygo rashennya. Nareshets, savetnk zneme, dt prince hell Iago shto-something havae, gatay tayayntsa zvyazanaya z Tetontsam.

    Pamarudzshy troh, Rymwid raskaza prince ab tabbed tetontsa. At Adkaz Litavor, joke, that's the conclusion of the dam in the wings. Yana daiyut prince of the army for the entrance to Zhmud Rus, and Litavor adday m part zavayvanagah bagatstsya. At the Paravet Shchyraz, the prince, having unleashed the daradians ab, hang up the Kratze on Vtata. Litavor lchy, that is the lladar of Poland. Unserved is the bagatas of the signs. The mustache of the Vata kladutstsa on the shoulders of the yagot vasala, and the baganavan shanavann atrimlvae and adzn. Sam Litavor not adzn times padtrymlva Vtata on the field of the lyantsy, or the nobleman is not an atmy nchog. The prince would be seized, that's what the legitimate incense of Pasag junk Vtat is not hungry addavats. The name of Rymwid Passrababava is adgavaryc svaygo prince. Daradtsa lchy, shto of the Ratavor not padstava negotiate with the enemies of the svaygo people. n perakonva Ltavora adnavtsy syuz v Vtatam, bo Poland Płatka amal radna. Prince, there are not a thousand, a rashucha would be set up. n not faith Vtatu:

    Vtatu is the yaga of the Dagavor!
    There are spadarozhny nets of the Iago Chora,
    The snow-cap is new on yago.
    Paplyavats' prince's magic was only a jonge, an outstanding Grazhyna. Zelya takoga is important to the law. Rymvid is not furious with the prince's disgrace because of gadzna. Grazhyn was not a young dzyachinay:

    Yana stupa napodn zhanochyh gado,
    For two years
    Sing it and jump.
    The prince was slender, the tall one was flying Persian jump on Nman. Yana did not sit at home at the handzelle, Grazhyna had a masculine soul. Kal princess, apranushsya muzhchinskaya adzene, on bayan kan, found out on the pelyavanne, ya often jumped for the prince. For Gravor Grazhyn was not just a joke, it was a gift to the Daradians. Yana pdzzlyalyala to the men of the bed, kazhar ulada.

    Rymwid, the prince's breakup, was called off on x byza. Uzrushanyaya, Grazhyna and her husband, adgavarytsya yago, hell Sayuza of the Tetons. I did not give Ramsvid a noodle to my husband. Chu ntolk golas prince, severe nepahsny. I'll fall asleep with the Litavor, and Rymwid Bachy's page of that vyusha on the balcony of the Teutonic priests' piratstsa prach. Dztrykh von Kniprode, razmativany gatak nepachtsva zvarotam, paklyasya adposstts for the rat.

    Rymwedge gulled jugglery. Nyazho the Princess did not scold her husband in a self-willed manner, kicked out the knight's knight? Nezabave Grazhyna pakkala daradtsy patlumachila its uchynak. Yana slipped, for an hour Astudzi fuse prince's prince. Rymwid, on the other side, lchy, the Prince's princes were not falling asleep, nadat hour

  2. Grazhyna. The theme of love of the motherland is also the main one in the Mickiewicz poem of the beginning of the 20-ies of Grazin.
    Epic poem Grazhin, to work on which Mickiewicz began in 1821 year, indicates a deep interest of the poet to the historical past of his homeland. The plot is based on one of the episodes of the struggle of the Lithuanian people with the German crusaders. In the center of the poem is the image of Grazhina, the brave heroine of the littwing. All her actions are guided by her love for her homeland; duty before the homeland, she puts above her own happiness, her love.
    The image of Grazhyna is contrasted in the poem to the image of Prince Litavor, who, striving for personal well-being, embarks on the path of betraying the interests of his homeland and the people.
    The poem opens with the description of an ancient princely castle. Here lives the prince Litavor, who is fighting internecine struggle with Prince Vitold. In this struggle, Litavor decided to rely on the Teutonic Knights of the enemies of his people and homeland. German feudal invaders contributed to fomenting internecine strife between Lithuanian princes, as it was beneficial to them. The Treaty of Litavor with the Crusaders raises a strong protest from adviser Prince Rymwyd and his wife Grazina. But no requests are not valid for Litavor; most of all he is worried about the outcome of his personal quarrel with Witold. Then Grazhina, dressed in the armor of her husband, along with his team stands against the Crusaders. She dies on the battlefield, at the hands of Litavor, who arrived too late to the battlefield. Shocked by the tragic consequences of his delusions, the erroneousness of his chosen path, Prince Litavor ends his life by self-immolation at the stake.
    Mickiewicz himself emphasized the folklore basis of Grazhin's poem, ending it with the following words:

    There is no one in Novogrudok now,
    Who would not have sung songs to you about Grazhin,
    Repeat her dudari in the old manner,
    And the valley is called the Valley of the Litvinka.

    As the author notes, the events described in the poem were the source of folk poetic legends and legends, repeated from generation to generation. Grazhyna in many respects echoes with the romantic ballads of Mickiewicz (Svietz and others). Putting in the basis of his poem events of a national historical character, Mickiewicz gave them a pronounced romantic coloring. The medieval castle, surrounded by a mysterious mist and barely illuminated by the light of the moon, dark passages, high shafts is the setting of the action, the description of which opens the poem.
    In a sublime-romantic tone, descriptions of the characters are also given. First of all, this refers to the heroine itself, which differs from all around beauty, courage, courage and unusual for woman determination and strength:

    Not only the camp of the beautiful princess,
    But her soul was a match for a man.
    Forgetting about the frame and spindle,
    It is not just flying faster than the storm
    Riding on a shamud battle-horse.
    Hunted in bear tough skin
    And a trot-cap with a husband on a par.

    Typically romantic is the composition of the poem. The poet describes only the most significant, key moments of the action, not seeking to detail the full disclosure of the connection between them. The element of mystery, understatement is present throughout the development of the action. And only in the end, in the epilogue, all events receive a full explanation. This construction of the poem makes it both entertaining and dramatic.
    In Polish literature, the poem Mickiewicz Grazin marked the beginning of the genre of a romantic poem that develops national historical themes.

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