Nitrophoska: composition and use

Complex fertilizers are considered the most convenient for use. Ingredients are selected specifically for a particular culture, and therefore are optimal. One of the most popular means is nitrophoska. We will examine the composition in more detail today, so that you have a complete idea of ​​why it may be useful to you.nitrophoska composition

What it is

Today we are talking about the most effective complex nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer, which is suitable for almost all types of agricultural plants. Most often it is applied as a basic or seedbed fertilizer for all types of soil and any agricultural plants. However, if we talk about the use of fertilizers on chernozem and gray earth soils for irrigation, it is difficult to find a tool as effective as nitrophoska. Its composition may vary depending on the specific soil and crop needs. That is why not one brand is produced, but a whole series allowing the buyer to make the most optimal choice.

What is this fertilizer

For growing indoor flowers, a formula is selected with an equal proportion of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen. If you choose a liquid formula, then it may be added magnesium, molybdenum, cobalt, zinc, boron. What else may differ nitrophoska? The composition may be enriched with sulfuric acid. In this case, the drug is recommended to be used for leguminous plants, since it is sulfur that is responsible for the formation of vegetable protein. If your plants need a lot of calcium, as is the case with ornamental flowering and decorative leaf plants, use nitrophos sulfate. This has a direct effect on the brightness of the petals and leaves, as well as the size and number of inflorescences. There is another popular brand, gardeners often believe that this is the only correct nitrophoska. Its composition is rich in phosphorus, and it finds the greatest response in solanaceous cultures. For example, tomatoes that grow on this fertilizer more fleshy and dense, are stored much longer.the composition of the fertilizer nitrophoska

Why exactly this fertilizer is chosen by gardeners

Most often, the most attractive point is precisely the composition of the nitrophoska fertilizer.It does not contain any nitrates, which means you can not worry that the fruits will be full of hazardous chemicals. All vegetables grown with this fertilizer, you can safely give to children, they are absolutely safe. You will soon appreciate the quality of the fruits, the sizes of fruits and vegetables increase dramatically, and the flesh becomes more juicy and tasty. This is not surprising, since the minerals in its composition are the most important, key to the formation of a new plant.nitrophoska composition application

Recommended soil application doses

The chemical composition of nitrophos is perfectly suited for garden plants. It is usually dicalcium phosphate, ammonium phosphate, ammonium nitrate and potassium salts. All these elements are necessary for each variety and species, but the needs of plants are somewhat different. For example, in a garden where vegetables grow, fertilizers are applied by sifting up seedlings in the amount of 20 g per square meter. For potatoes, this amount can be slightly increased, about 30 g per m2. For strawberries, on the contrary, you need to reduce the dose, since an excess of nitrogen will lead to rotting berries. Allowed no more than 10 g per m2. For berry bushes and fruit trees, it is recommended to bring at least 40 g per m2. Highly increasing the recommended doses, you can harm the plants, remember this and follow the instructions.

What advantage do you get using the tool?

It is of interest to every summer resident: what do the plants get from a fertilizer such as nitrophoska. The composition, the use of which has been tested by many generations, allows providing a complex nutrition of plants with all the necessary elements. As a result, crop yield is greatly increased, increasing resistance to diseases and frost. In addition, regular use of the drug increases the resistance of plants to frost, reduces damage to root rot, powdery mildew and rust. Many gardeners have noted such a feature as the high strength of the stems and resistance to lodging.composition of azofoski and nitrophoska

The use of nitrophoska for cucumbers

Cucumber requires less feeding than all other crops, since it always lands in very fat and rich soil. The composition of azofoski and nitrofoski fully satisfies the need of the culture in minerals. In liquid form per liter of water, only 3-4 g of fertilizer will be required; if you use dry granules when planting, then one bush will take about one teaspoon.As a top-dressing, the preparation is applied three times - during planting, during flowering and in the active ovary of the fruit.chemical composition of nitrophoska

The use of nitrophoska for potatoes

Potatoes are very fond of soil rich in mineral fertilizers. Therefore, it is necessary to properly prepare it and as a result take a rich harvest. Universal method: even when digging a plot, add 35 g of nitrophoska per square meter to the soil. This is quite enough for the plants to have the opportunity for good growth and development. In the period of active growth of tubers fertilizing should be repeated, at this time you should use 15-20 g per 1 m2. You can use another option fertilizer. To do this, dissolve 30 g of nitrophobia in 10 liters, after which the tubers are soaked in solution and left to stand for 5 hours. After which the potatoes are planted in the hole.

The use of nitrophoska for ornamental plants

Home and garden flowers also need feeding. But in this case, you need to take into account some of the nuances. Pay attention to the leading element in the composition of the drug. If it is nitrogen, then it can be made only in the spring, when there is a rapid growth of leaves. If you make such a fertilizer during the period of budding, the flowering will not be too lush.However, if your plant is exclusively decorative, then you can make drugs at any time, from this the vegetative part of the plants will become especially lush and beautiful.

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