Nozzle kebbe - what is it in a meat grinder?

Sometimes it is very hard to cook delicious meals without electrical helpers. For example, in order to wind up minced meat with meat manually, it took a lot of time, because doing it on old machines is sometimes very hard. But thanks to modern technologies, this problem is a thing of the past, and you can grind a few kilograms of minced meat in just 10 to 20 minutes, the main thing is to choose an electric meat grinder more powerful and you can get to work. Such a modern device allows not only to grind meat, but also helps in the preparation of other dishes. Virtually every meat grinder is completed with additional nozzles that allow you to make juice, shred, chop and cut vegetables, fruits and even indulge yourself with homemade sausages. This will help you nozzle called kebbe. What this is, what the nozzle looks like and how it is used, this article will help you figure it out.

what is kebbe in a meat grinder

Where to get the nozzle?

As already mentioned, such a nozzle is equipped with almost all modern electric meat grinders.However, unfortunately, not all women are not that they do not know how to use it, they do not even know what it is. And having found an unknown attachment in the box with the device, they cannot even imagine why it is needed. Not to ask the question "Kebbe, what is it?",It is worth reading the article to the end. So, this nozzle is designed primarily for cooking traditional Arabic dishes. Well, your electric meat grinder will allow you to do this quickly and without unnecessary trouble. To begin with, it is worth noting that kebbe is stuffed small sausages made from lamb.

What products to use?

nozzle kebbe photo

Nozzle kebbe for meat grinder allows you to not only use the already proven recipes, but also create your own. As a rule, the stuffing of such sausages is also meat, but other products are used quite often, especially vegetables. Also, you can always experiment with filling sausages by making stuffing, for example, from onions, rice, cabbage or other products. In addition, instead of lamb, you can always use any other meat. There are a lot of recipes, you can choose exactly what you like best or want to try.In fact, the recipe options are very, very much, both for lovers of fatty and juicy dishes, and for those who prefer vegetarian recipes, and for those who are on a diet. Someone likes lamb with chili, mint and basil, there are variations on the theme of tartar. You can cook kebbe stuffed with cheese and spinach, and use potatoes instead of minced meat. In addition, as the sausage itself, you can use salmon, but to make the stuffing from shrimp.

How to use and what happens?

kebbe what is it

Nozzle kebbe allows you to make hollow meat tubes (or as they are called sausages). Next, they are stuffed with a variety of fillings, and then fried, cooked in a slow cooker. Fans of healthy or wholesome food even manage to cook them in a double boiler. As already mentioned, kebbe can be both meat and vegetable, but the whole thing is a matter of taste and personal preferences. Although initially - it is still a meat dish. In this case, sausages are prepared with bread and minced meat in approximately the same ratio. Some housewives call this dish homemade sausages or zrazazy, but this does not make it less tasty, healthy or hearty.

What was first?

Kebbe - what was it originally, where did such an unusual name come from? And from the very beginning it was a delicious and very popular Arabian dish, whose name came from the well-known to us kebab, which is made from pepper, salt, onions, lamb fat and meat. Small sausages are made from these products, they are placed on skewers and then fried like a kebab over hot coals. That is why the names of these dishes are similar. But if earlier everything was done manually, today, thanks to special nozzles, the kebbe dish is prepared quite simply and quickly. What is a kebbe in a meat grinder and the essence of her work you can fully understand only after using it.

How to install the nozzle

kebbe nozzle for meat grinder

Using such a nice little addition to your meat grinder is very simple. You should not worry that something might not work out for you, you will spoil the products or you have no idea how the nozzle is installed. As it is easy to prepare a dish, so you can install the nozzle as quickly as possible and without unnecessary trouble. The installation of the kebbe is exactly the same as the others that come with your electric meat grinder.Nozzle kebbe, like other elements of the kitchen appliance, is installed on the head (this is a working metal block). Before installing the nozzle it is necessary to remove the perforated grill and knife. A kebbe has a narrow neck, to which the gut joins, or any other alternative, intended for the storage of homemade sausage. After that, you need to turn on the grinder - and you can begin to act or learn to make such sausages. If you have never done anything like this, then here's a little advice - after turning on the machine, you will need to hold the intestine with one hand and, thus, control the uniformity of its gradual filling, you do not need to do anything more than periodically add mince into the meat grinder. Well, what to stuff, what to make minced meat from, to fry, soar or bake such delicious sausages in the oven - it's up to you personally.

What is this nozzle?

Presented nozzle in low-cost models and models of the average price category is almost always made of plastic. And the more expensive the device, the better and more durable plastic.Of course, the best option is metal nozzles. Now we need to understand what a kebba in a meat grinder is and how this attachment looks like. First of all, it should be noted that this is an unusual addition to your meat grinder, since it consists of two parts at once, therefore there will be one more detail in the configuration of your kitchen appliance. So, the first part, which is attached to the metal working unit, is made in the form of a circle with three large holes. Inside this detail there is a large long rounded bulge that forms the cavity of the sausages. The second part is made in the form of a wide trimmed cone. The main purpose of this part is the formation of walls with minced meat. The wide side of it is attached to the first part of the nozzle. Their interaction and allows you to get hollow sausages, which are stuffed with different fillings.

kebbe head

If you have never cooked kebbe sausages, then you should definitely try them. There is nothing difficult in their preparation, the main thing is to understand and deal with the kebbe attachment. You already know what it is, therefore you will be able to please your loved ones with tasty, nourishing meat or diet sausages.Undoubtedly, your family and guests will appreciate such a wonderful dish and will simply reward you with many compliments and gratitude. And help you with this nozzle kebbe. The photo of this detail to the meat grinder will help determine it and quickly find it, of course, if you have not figured out what it is.

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