Nude makeup: a description of technology, style features, recommendations

Nude makeup, which is relevant due to its popularity among a certain group of makeup artists who like to emphasize natural data. Many men are firm in their conviction that the beauty of a girl should be natural and not overloaded with a large amount of decorative cosmetics. Natural tone of the face, fresh blush and light haze of mascara on the eyelashes - these are the main directions advocated by the maximum naturalness.

The history of the natural direction of makeup

Sources indicate that nude makeup, which originated in the 18th century, when girls used only hygiene products to cleanse their skin. They did not recognize any decorative cosmetics, but with pleasure they used natural ingredients: castor oil, rice flour, vegetables and cereals. A few years later, the fashion for natural make-up is over.He was replaced by bright eye makeup.

nude makeup

It was this period that became a turning point in the development of cosmetology, as there was a huge number of caring and decorative items. Nevertheless, some girls did not give up their naturalness, which leads to the conclusion: the nude existed in the background of the cosmetic industry, but was not eradicated forever. His popularity in our time too much evidence of this.

What makes nude makeup so attractive?

The main feature of this style of applying cosmetics is its natural naturalness. It seems that the face looks like this from nature. A few years ago, nude-makeup was relevant only in summer and spring as a refreshing accent. However, today it is used at any time of the year.

Age category

Another outstanding advantage of natural makeup is its versatility. It is suitable for absolutely all women, regardless of age, social status and initial external data, helps to give a face a fresh tone that rejuvenates and hides traces of fatigue. With this makeup, the woman feels confident and looks beautiful.

nude makeup

The main thing - to emphasize the natural beauty

The main idea of ​​a natural make-up is allocated with his vocation to emphasize natural beauty. The main materials used in the work are sponges, brushes and puffs. They are designed for high-quality shading, since it is this moment that is most important in a given process. Smooth transitions and soft lines of lines are able to create a perfectly smooth tone. Nude-makeup does not tolerate clear boundaries and sharp strokes. The result of a competent application of cosmetics is a stylish and delicate image.

Color addiction: brunettes

Maybelline's The Nudes palette make-up is perfect for black-haired ladies. For bright brunettes are matte and satin shades of shades from beige to brown. Thick application and soft shading will help to achieve the desired effect. The use of a black pencil is permissible for the eyeliner eyeliner line. You can complete eye makeup in nude style with a good black mascara or brown shade. The taboo for this style is colored mascaras. They will not be able to play their role in the image of natural makeup. The emphasis on the lips should be light and subtle.

nude eye makeup

The correct sequence of applying lipstick or gloss:

  • Covering foundation.
  • Applying a transparent gloss or light brown matte lipstick. The selected product should have a shade lighter than the skin, so that the lips on the face do not stand out.

It is not recommended to use blush for day makeup in order not to overload the face with excessive color shades. Eyebrows, eyes and lips should be slightly highlighted, otherwise against the background of black hair face will seem too pale.


For brown-haired women, the makeup kit Nude on nude palette from NYX is ideal. Girls with this color type can afford any make-up from cold to warm and bright gamut.

makeup with the nudes palette

The traditional scheme for owners of this type:

  • Healthy and smooth skin. The tonal framework should fully match the color of the skin or be slightly darker. The texture is light, without the possibility of clogging the pores and creating a mask effect. In the opposite situation, it may happen that the applied agent will be noticeable to everyone around it, which is unacceptable for the correct implementation of the natural makeup technique.
  • The only accent. His role can play a pale pink lipstick.
  • Eyes can be emphasized with any shadows from a nude palette, and eyelashes can be lengthened with the help of black mascara.


Creamy cosmetics are perfect for girls with blond hair. As in the analysis of the image of brunettes, it is important to gently emphasize the eyes and lips, otherwise the face and hair will merge together. The color of the eyebrows and eyelids must be brought to the maximum natural shade. Blondes can not be afraid of pink shades, because they blend harmoniously with their femininity.

The choice of color depending on the eye color

Nude face makeup can be disappointing if you do not pay attention to the game of shades depending on the color of the eyes. On different girls the same remedy can be revealed in different ways. Blue eyes should not be emphasized pink or golden hues, and brown blue and silver.

makeup nude face

To create a high-quality make-up without doubts about the correctness of the choice, consider the simple rules:

  • Cool pastel colors are perfect for blue, gray-green and mixed eye colors.
  • Warm and bright are created to emphasize the beauty of brown and emerald green.

But you can not refuse to experiment! The appearance of each girl is individual,therefore, there is a high probability that a new shade will become a personal discovery and will be perfectly combined with a unique set of external qualities. Only by sampling can we identify the ideal option specifically for its type.

Blush and powder

The use of these representatives of decorative cosmetics in the stylenude can spoil everything. In the usual daily make-up, some girls completely refuse from these funds due to the lack of need. If a girl does not have healthy skin, has redness, peeling and pimples, then before applying the powder it is important to even out the tone of the skin. Powder allows you to consolidate the work, so you can use a light texture of a crumbly consistency in one layer.

makeup kit nude on nude palette

Blush appropriate for the evening out. Beautifully underlined cheekbones give the face a certain charm. They can be creamy, the main thing is correct shading and the lack of clear boundaries. Competently selected brushes, sponges and puffs from natural materials will help to cope with the task and complete the makeup in the style of nude.

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