Office stapler: device. How to assemble a stationery stapler

The first staplers appeared in France in the 18th century, they were specially invented for King Louis XV. But at that time this device was unique - each bracket was made for it manually, there was a coat of arms on it. It was not until the beginning of the 20th century in the States that the stapler was accessible to most people.

Types of Staplers

stationery stapler

In stores specializing in the sale of office supplies, you can find a variety of devices for stapling papers. There are so-called pocket options. This category includes any stationery stapler that can be safely placed in the palm of your hand. The case of such devices, as a rule, is made of plastic. They can simultaneously flash a small number of sheets. Their main advantage is the low price. But it is worth remembering that they are not suitable for intensive work. With active use, they will soon have to look for a replacement.

The offices often buy desktop staplers. They do not want to fasten paper on weight.The devices are designed to work on a solid, flat surface. Downstairs, as a rule, they have a special anti-slip coating that prevents them from moving around the table even under load.

Stapler clerical large is different even in appearance. It is equipped with a special lever, which must be pressed in order to fasten sheets of paper. The most powerful models can hold up to 260 sheets at a time. Often they are equipped with special devices designed to remove bent staples. Some devices have a special retaining strap. It is designed to adjust the depth of the bond.

Types of stitching

Stapler stationery largeNot everyone knows that stationery staplers differ depending on how they fasten the sheets. Most office workers are familiar with the usual options for closed-end stitching. Such a stationery stapler bends the edges of the staples inward. This is considered the most reliable way to bond paper. It is also the most common.

There is also an open type. In this case, the staples bend outwards. This method is preferable to use in cases where only temporary flashing of sheets is necessary.Paper bonded in this way is easy to separate, with little or no traces.

Sometimes in offices use a special stationery stapler with straight staples. It is necessary in those situations when it is necessary to attach paper (some kind of advertisement or document) to a special board with a soft surface. It can be made, for example, from cork.

Important nuances

Staples for stationery staplerWhen purchasing a device to connect the papers, it is important to consider how actively you will use it. If you plan to operate it frequently, then pay attention to the metallic options. They are considered more reliable and will last longer. In other cases, conventional plastic devices will do. The principle of their work is absolutely the same.

It is also important to note that the staplers differ in power. From this indicator depends on how much your device can hold the sheets at a time. By the way, it is also important to choose the right staples for the clerical stapler. It is advisable to know not only their size, but also the manufacturer. It should be noted that thicker brackets are required for more powerful devices. Otherwise, they will bend and break when trying to sew a stack of papers with them.

In addition, you need to know that there are devices that work only with the emphasis on a table or other flat surface. If such a stapler tries to hold paper together with weight, then the staples will fall out or deform.

Additional options

It seems to many that the clerical stapler is a fairly simple device that cannot be improved. But manufacturers make its use more convenient. So, when buying, pay attention to the fact that the bottom was a plastic footboard or rubberized insert. They will protect your table from scratches.

Another important and convenient addition is the presence of a built-in destepler. This is a special device with which you can quickly unbend the staples. It is useful in those situations when you will need to separate the previously bound sheets. Scraping the staples with scissors, and especially nails, is uncomfortable, and it looks unattractive.

Principle of operation

stapler scheme clerical

If you are serious about choosing a tool for stapling papers, then you will be interested in the device of the stationery stapler. Staples are inserted into the special metal gutter.They move forward with the help of a spring or a special plate.

It is worth noting that the second option is considered more practical. This is due to the fact that the springs tend to stretch over time, they can slide off the hooks on which they are attached. The plate is also able to provide smoother operation of the moving tongue. It contributes to the fact that the clip of the staples is always fixed at the edge. Pusher tongue can be made of metal or plastic. In the first case, it will be more reliable.

Loading stapler

stationery stapler

Staples are inserted into the internal mechanism, which, with a sharp pressure on the device, shoot and fasten the sheets. When the clip ends, it just needs to be replaced with a new one.

If you have a fully bootable model of a stapler, then you need to insert 1 new plate of compressed brackets into it. But there are other options - they put ½ of the clip. With the usual pocket and office options easy to understand. To change the plate from the staples, it is not necessary to look for what the scheme of the staple clerical looks like. Simply lift the top cover and insert the clip into the gutter.

There are special models with front loading. They have a button on the body, clicking on which you release the spring mechanism. The chute moves forward at the same time.

A little harder to deal with professional devices. Even 7 types of brackets can be loaded into some of them. At the same time, users have the opportunity to adjust the depth of attachment.

Repair of devices

How to assemble a stapler clericalIf you had a regular pocket or small desktop stapler, then if it breaks it is best to buy a new one. But there are some problems that everyone can fix on their own.

First of all, it is necessary to remove the casing and remove the clip from the chute. So you can see that at the exit of it stuck brackets that interfere with its normal functioning. This is usually the main cause of breakage.

In order for the stapler to start working normally, all stuck staples must be removed. This can be done with tweezers or a thin screwdriver. The main thing with this - do not damage the chute itself, the spring and the plunger. After that, you can remember how to assemble a clerical stapler. It is necessary to insert the spring into place, if you removed it, install the case and press the top part to the bottom so that they lock.

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