Olesya Emelyanova - author of fairy tales, fables, songs and plays for children

In pedagogical circles, a teacher is known who is able to infect children with an idea, to carry them along. She teaches literature and theater. I want to tell about it.

Talented teacher

The land of Russian talents was not scanty. A wonderful person lives and works in Moscow - Olesya Emelyanova. She is a practicing teacher and part-time president of the Igrai Gorod club. It appears as an inventor for children. Actually, it is impossible to call it work, because this woman just lives as a teacher, breathes them. How else to explain the many of its developments?

To bring the little man into adulthood, you need to put a lot of effort. Here and the qualities of character that will help the young inexperienced man to cope with the barriers of life, and the knowledge that gives a broad outlook, so necessary now. And social skills.

Olesya Emelyanova

Living in the company of people, the modern man is increasingly separated by the wall of individuality.The task of the teacher - if you do not bring up an extrovert, then in any case show the joy of working in a team. How to burn the eyes of children after the show! This is no substitute for any computer game. Scenarios Olesya Emelyanova written specifically for non-professional actors, children. Despite this, her plays are staged by state, chamber and volunteer theaters. And they really like children.

Creativity, pleasing children and their parents

What is missing in the creative piggy bank of Olesya Vladimirovna!The beginning of her poetic activity is 15 years. Since 1999, more than 500 works have been published. The total circulation is 10 million copies. In terms of numbers, for 23 years the author has written:

scenarios emelyanova

  • Songs with notes - 147 children's songs written independently. Two librettos: to the opera “Quartet” and the musical “The Three Little Pigs”. Music is also written by her own, but so far without notes 24 songs, invented by the author. Olesya Vladimirovna invites composers to take part in writing music.
  • Poems - 31 educational lessons, in addition, 7 arithmetic, 5 - about time, 6 about safety, 6 - on the history of Russia, 4 games in verses on the development of motor skills, 7 - on logorhythmics, 33 riddles and 450 rhymes-business cards for carnival costumes .
  • Plays for children - 70 scenarios on any topic, duration, number of actors.From the heroes of "Good night, kids" to the soldier Terkin. Various fairy tales and professions are reflected in these plays; 161 scenes on fairy tales, fables and songs; 19 scenarios of their own tales.
  • Fables - 892 written in the subjects of famous fabulists and their own. Among them are "Selfie", "sic with a fingal on the eye", "Makak Chokak", "In short!", "Cool IB". As you can see, quite modern.
  • Tales: 36 tales in verse.

And that is not all. The “Igrai-Gorod” club and the “Tilyuluk” puppet theater were created A site for sharing experiences. And a lot more interesting.

World of fairy tales Olesya Emelyanova

A fairy tale written for children should be at least talented. All storytellers - not only writers, but teachers too. Tale teaches, teaches a lesson. Without a soul, a written fairy tale does not reach the soul. But this is not about Olesya Vladimirovna.

The negative qualities express animals. This helps children discuss the deed and make a decision.

plays for children

  • "Goat and sheep". The conscientious sheep did not eat someone else's cabbage and drink kvass. A shameless goat drank, ate and grabbed with him. He was caught up, beaten, and then he understood what the sheep’s conscience had saved from.
  • "Mishutkin ball." Among the bestial kids wound up a thief.Lost toys. The cub has confidently declared that it is a wolf. He is the most evil. Mishutka talked with the wolf. “If I’m angry, it’s not necessarily a thief,” said the wolf. Lost and found in fox. He was boycotted and he repented. So in the forest was not a thief.
  • “Fifteen Fat” - about a monster who takes teeth from children who do not clean them.
  • "Best Mom." The tale that his mother is the most kind and caring.

There is a good beginning in all fairy tales. Sometimes these are touching stories about little animals. For reading to preschool children such tales are very suitable.

Children's theater

In the arsenal of the teacher there is a theater. Olesya Emelyanova - head of the puppet theater "Tilyulyuk". She figured out how to succeed with inexperienced child actors. Dolls gloves are offered for the game. Can be purchased for the home theater screen with two curtains. Attached is a set with winter and summer decorations.

Scenarios Olesya Emelyanova:

  • "Professions" - 9 scenes and 3 performances.
  • "Aladdin" - a fairy tale for 40 minutes for 3-8 actors.
  • “Once upon a time” - 9 Russian fairy tales in verse.
  • The Golden Key is a performance for 1 hour and 20 minutes. From 5 to 16 actors.
  • Golden Fish - two options: 15 and 40 minutes.
  • "Swineherd" - for 25 minutes, 3-7 people.
  • "Flint" - for 1 hour, for 4-12 people.
  • “Little Red Riding Hood” - the story takes 30 minutes, 3-6 people are employed.

fairy tales omelyanova

The performances of Olesya Emelyanova help children not to be afraid of performing in front of an audience. They learn to establish contact with her, develop memory, coordination. All this makes children more confident in themselves. They become more open, sociable. No wonder the performances staged in Europe, America, Australia and Japan.

Her plays for children help to unleash creativity, learn to work in a team and achieve a goal together. Modern Russian language spoken by the characters is an important component of the play. Children are sensitive to speech. Speaking their language, but expressing thoughts literary is the aerobatics of literature. By repeating cues, children form a literary vocabulary, learn to express their thoughts beautifully.

Games Olesya Emelyanova do it yourself

In order to prepare for adulthood, children must play. This is their job. But, unfortunately, modern children often do not feel the need for role-playing games. Tablets and other gadgets replace them with fun fuss.It will help to fight this technique for making toys by children. Then the game will go more fun. Blanks can be downloaded from her site.

games omelyanova

Board games:

  • Walker "Cats aristocrats."
  • Lotto "count".
  • Domino "Winnie the Pooh" or "Musical."

Volumetric coloring:

  • “Russian Terem” (a beautiful fairytale house in which Tsar Saltan can live, an old woman who begged for a boyfriend from the Golden Fish or Ivan the Terrible).
  • "Impregnable fortress" (which was protected by musketeers).
  • "Old Castle" (fairy tales about the princess and the dragon).

The Moscow Region enterprise manufactures toys and board games according to its sketches. But on the website of the teacher you can download all this for free. After all, the purpose of the author - not profit, but help. She gladly shares her work and does not make a professional secret of them. Raising children is a common task.


About board games should be discussed separately. These are 281 games and game tablets. Beautiful printing and beautiful illustrations. Here and for kids “My beloved mother” (from 3 to 6), for preschoolers “I read in syllables”, especially for first-graders “First-grader quiz” and for the whole family (as written in the annotations for the game “Zebra” - from 8 to 101 years).

Here and "Traffic Light", and "Poeticus." For girls - "Fashionistas", for boys - "Cars".And if you buy the family games "The Last Hero", "Wheel of Fortune" or "Cosmopolia" - the parents, having laid the children, will sit around after midnight.

The game "We're going through the city" is interesting for both children and adults. You can walk along cardboard streets in any direction; you just need to answer the question that determines toss the die. On the way, be sure to follow the rules of the road, visit the library, go to the zoo, go through the square. You can use public transport. The game is long, but entertaining. And there are questions for kids and adults.

Olesya Emelyanova's performances

When the answers are pronounced, the child memorizes them and then chooses the correct version independently. Unusually expands horizons. If you wish, you can add new questions to the cards, and the family occupation will become permanent.

Articles and Prose

Olesya Emelyanova is a passionate and serious person. She is sick of the cause of the soul, and the proof of that is her article. Topics were chosen as relevant: the need to practice board games and whether there is any harm from them, monster toys and their effect on the psyche of children, an article about mosaic technology and its effect on fine motor skills. The last series speaks of her as a sensitive teacher.There are articles that reflect her citizenship.

Olesya Emelyanova

This is primarily a proposal to take classical works under the protection of the state, reflections on the school teacher as a teacher and tutor, a comparison of educational levels in the USSR and the current one. And, of course, like any Russian intellectual, she could not ignore the question of the Russian national idea. There is even an article "Citizen Oath". In a word, quite non-children's questions.

How do these qualities combine? Probably just need to have a vocation to teach. To be deeply decent person. Subtle feel of modernity. This is what real educators look like. But not every one of them also has literary talent.

Pedagogical component

If the creativity of a beautiful, interesting person would consist only in expressing a rich personal potential, this would become an episode in the lives of readers and viewers. But pedagogical talent, the need to teach, explain, show, push the horizons makes the work of the teacher a unique tool in the creation of child souls.

The fable genre was chosen by her for moralizing not by chance. Since childhood, she herself loved this form.Lafontaine, Krylov, Aesop speak with the guys through the pen of Olesya Vladimirovna. It is a modern language narrated by eternal problems. Fables of the author cover topics relevant and for adults.

scenarios emelyanova

  • A cat who engages in dogs demonstrates incompetence. It is inflated ambitions.
  • How to feel the pain of others, will show the fable "Glass".
  • What happens when the artist goes in the wake of the majority, will show "Compromise".
  • Dangerous and may be their own careless desires - "Flying Prince".
  • What are the consequences of envy - "Shoes."
  • Not everyone who can intelligently say is worth something - "Donkey-scientist."
  • Star children study abroad. With what results - show a fable about pigs and piglets.
  • Love - an indispensable topic for talking with children. About fidelity - "Dispute of young men".
  • What should be family relationships? The child grows up and begins to think. He has a family of his own. What's wrong? Fable "Dolls".
  • Dispels the narrow-mindedness of the "microbe and man."
  • Picky attitude to their own appearance - the scourge of modernity. To look at it from the other side will help "Tsarevich and the monkey."
  • Strong independent woman - "Bear-bride".
  • Its antipode is Pig Bride.
  • Who is a true friend? "Alarm clock".
  • When in disputes they try to find the truth by resorting to voting, it turns out a parody of democracy - “Baran and owl”.
  • Gossip leads to slander - "Two geese".
  • Anyone can offend an artist - “Etude”.
  • When lazy gets to the stern mother-in-law - "clay cake".
  • Employment is a necessary thing. How can you not overestimate your strength - “I was looking for a job like a bear”.
  • State-language speech turns ridicule fable "Bear Tongue".

Devote themselves to the guys - not everyone is capable of this. Well, that there is such a sorceress - Olesya Emelyanova! Suffice to call its motto: "The world where dreams come true." She knows how to make childhood happy. And it gets warmer. If the dreams of children come true, then the world still exists.

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