Organza Topiary: master class (photo)

Each of us at least once thought about what it is to give a friend or close person to be beautiful, original and from the heart. For such purposes, perfect tree made by hand, for example, from organza or any other material. Before proceeding directly to clarifying the question: “How exactly are organza topiaries created?”, It does not hurt to find out what it really is. And why, in fact, we are puzzled by its creation.

organza topiary

Trees that bring joy

Topiary, which is popularly called the "tree of happiness", is a rather interesting decoration for the interior. It received its second name due to the fact that it is capable of evoking a feeling of joy in everyone who was presented. Small trees will always add originality to your room. And it doesn't matter at all whether you decorate the interior of your apartment or a hall for a celebration with them, this element of decor will never go unnoticed.

Some facts

The word "topiary" appeared somewhere in ancient Rome. There they called the slave who provided beautifully and originally trimmed trees in the gardens. Later this name was used to refer to the skill of decorative cutting trees and shrubs. Today, topiary art is the creation of miniature trees using natural materials.

In the course goes all. Starting with curved twigs and ending with shells and pebbles. Moss, eggshells, feathers and dried flowers are also used. These trees should not be copies of plants that exist in natural conditions. Therefore, the imagination of their creators, as a rule, has no boundaries. You can create topiary with your own hands from organza and not only. To do this you need a little time, some materials and your indefatigable imagination.

organza topiary

Materials for creating topiariya

In order to make organza topiary without any special difficulties, choose a clear and visual master class. Let's start with a list of necessary materials and tools.

  • Flower pot or any other container with which we can replace it. It can be a small wooden box or a decorative metal bucket. A cup or even some interesting dishes will look very original.

  • Also, to create an organza topiary, you will need a polystyrene foam ball. Such material can be purchased in almost any store with goods for creativity.

  • To keep the tree trunk stable, a piece of oasis should be placed in the pot. You can buy it at the florist shop. And do not be afraid that it weighs almost nothing. Topazaria organza have a weightless crown, which means that no additional weighting is required.

  • Wooden stick for the trunk. You can use a skewer or a sushi stick.

  • Two wide tapes of organza of different colors 13 meters long.

  • Pins with peas at the ends for fixing the crown to the ball.

  • A sheet of corrugated paper for decorating the inside of the pot.

  • Can also be useful glue gun.

Registration of the lower part of topiary

Let's begin, perhaps, to create topiary from organza. Step-by-step photo will help us with this. Take an oasis and cut out, if necessary, a piece according to the shape of your pot or other container used. He must enter it tightly.

organza topiary

Consider the width at different heights and also form an oasis.If you plan to add to the crown any elements heavier than the organza, or in the case when the container that you use as a pot is too light, an oasis will not be enough. Then you can dilute the usual gypsum or alabaster, pour the pot completely with this mixture or a little to the bottom for weighting. And then, when all this hardens, place an oasis.

Here the main thing - do not overdo it. Remember that the more elements there are at the top of the tree, the fewer they should be below, and vice versa. Insert the wooden stick into the pot at one end, and put a ball of expanded polystyrene at the other end. If you want to decorate your capacity, then you need to do this before you place the future tree trunk there. You can decorate the pot with the help of decoupage technique. You can paint it. Or you can simply paint or glue some decorative things, ribbons or pieces of lace with a glue gun.

Form the crown "plants"

Our organza topiary will have a very airy top. In order to create a fluffy crown, you need to cut the ribbon into strips 20 cm long.In total, such pieces will need about 65 pieces of each color.

Now you need to take one strip of each shade, put them together and twist them several times in the center. After that, fold in half and stick a pin.

organza topiary master class

Having completed all the preparations in this way, we begin to strip them off our organza topiary. The photo displays the whole process more clearly. Just take and stick in a ball all the pins along with the tape blanks. Whether you start from above or below does not matter. In this way we fill the whole ball.

You can also use another option blanks. For this tape cut into squares. Each of them is folded in half - a corner to a corner with an offset. Then “harmonicas” are formed from them and 3 pieces are sewn together at the bottom corner. Then attach these beams using hot melt.

You can leave the crown, consisting only of ribbons. Then it will be light and airy. Topazaria organza generally are distinguished by their weightlessness. But you can also add some other decorative elements. These can be artificial flowers or berries, shells, pebbles or beads. Simply glue them, using a glue gun, to the surface of the ball, imitating the crown of a tree, in those places where you consider necessary.Make sure that all elements are in harmony with each other, both in subject and color scheme.

Decorate the space around the tree

organza topiary photo

Also decorate the space on the surface of the pot. In our case, just fill the top of the container with corrugated paper of the color that suits us. You can also create a whole “glade” here, add natural materials or decorative elements. Or pour the remaining volume of the pot with beads. Another option is to glue the fabric gathered in the folds.

Looks great in pots sisal. This is such a hard fiber that is created from the leaves of plants. It can be of different colors and shades, which means that you can easily choose one that is necessary for you. In some places, inside the pot, it is better to attach it with hot melt.

Topiary barrel design

Topiariya barrel can be painted. But then it is better to do it in advance. Before you put it in the pot. Can be wrapped with thread or thin ribbon. But if you used a beautiful branch of a tree, then it is better to leave the natural color, then your organza topiary will be as alive. You can also add some elements, such as a miniature ladybug. In this case, use the ribbon in a suitable color scheme and tie it on the barrel in the form of a bow.

organza topiary step by step photos

Application and care

That's it. The work is completed, and our tree of happiness is ready. To create an organza topiary, we used the most detailed workshop, including step-by-step photos, which is undoubtedly very convenient. Now you can decorate your interior or give a little joy to a person dear to you.

Topiary organza will perfectly decorate any celebration. And besides, they absolutely do not require special care. Just periodically blow off the dust from them with the help of a hairdryer in a cold mode.

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