How to get acquainted correctly? Original questions for guys and girls

Spring has come, blood is boiling, running through veins,there is an acute need to get acquainted, to communicate, to love, to take care of someone. Sad statistics say: single people more every year. Here come, for example, a guy and a girl towards each other. Both are lonely, in the heart - fire, in the eyes - ardor, in the bodies - desire ... They disperse, as they say, as in the sea ships ... And there was no "collision" ... And they liked each other, and both even turned after them!

And it could all be different: acquaintance, interest, sympathy, common friends and interests, the first kiss, the first night, the first quarrel, a truce ... Bright, interesting, funny! Life is not in vain!original questions

Eternal solitude

The most common reason for thisinaction is fear. Fear of being rejected, misunderstood, offended. Fear of appearing ridiculous. Insecurity wins, and the person remains one-odnoshenek.

This fear must be overcome.It is not easy to do this, it is everyday work. But the result will surpass your expectations, if only you learn to get acquainted correctly. Correctly - means originally. Without these banal phrases: "A girl, and your mother-in-law is not needed by chance?" We should try to select original questions when we meet with the opposite sex. And even if in this case you expect a failure - do not despair! Why should you get acquainted with a person who has absolutely no sense of humor?

The most original questions for girls: how to get to know the mind?

Choose a cute girl, and preferably two(if you are with a friend, then not so scary), come up and ask: "Girls, and you do not have pens?" Most often, a pen or pencil (even a pencil for pointing arrows on the eyelids) is.

Next phrase:"And now dictate your telephones." From such impudence, girls are usually lost and give their phone numbers. Do not rush, wait a day or two, and then call, invite somewhere.interesting and original questions

Follow some time for the girl, thencall her and ask: "Girl, look, please, I do not have a hook on the shirt, by any chance?" Regardless of the reaction, continue: "And then I'll follow you for about 5 minutes, as if tied-I probably caught it."

You can get acquainted in the queue.Ask the girl in front of you: "The girl, you do not mind that you are a nice and single young man?" As you can see, the original questions on acquaintance are much more productive than usual: "Hi! Let's get acquainted?"

And girls can?

Gone are the days when it was believed that onlyguys should get acquainted first. To date, all stereotypes have been destroyed, women emancipation taxis. Girls became more active. Why not? Therefore, to note the girls, we also picked up the original questions to hit the guy in the heart.

A few examples

Ideal place for the next meeting -stop. When you see a nice guy, you have to go to him unnoticed and pretend that you are actively looking for something in your bag. After some time, you address him: "Young man, you will not help me? I can not find my phone in the bag, dial me, please. " He probably will not refuse you. Thus, his number will be recorded in the list of incoming calls.

original questions for guys

Approach the street to a pleasant stranger andask: "Do you have a compass with you?" As he moves away from the unexpected question, ask: "And the map for orientation on the terrain?" After a negative answer, ask the following question: "Well, do you have a phone at least? Tell me your number. " Most likely, the guy will admire your sense of humor and boldness.

You can go to a lonely guy on a stool andas if you already know each other. When the guy says that he does not know you, be surprised and ask with a smile: "Are not you Andrew?" Then apologize, say that you met a guy named Andrew on the Internet, agreed to meet in the park, and he never came . After some time, your phone rings (a preliminary contract with a friend). After a little talk, you explain to the guy that this girlfriend played you like that. And the topic for conversation already exists!

Approach the street to the guy and ask to showhand. Then you start to "guess": that he is destined to get acquainted with a beautiful girl, and they will love each other, and that they will be happy together, and so on. Most likely, he will guess that you are talking about yourself. And as a "fee" for "guessing" take his phone number.

the most original questions for girls

The original questions for the guys also work, you'll see that the young man will not be able to resist you.

And how correctly to answer?

Otshivat also need to be able to in vain notspend time on an uninteresting person. So even if he asks you very interesting and original questions, but you do not want to get acquainted, use the following tips. For example:

  • "What beautiful eyes you have, girl!" - "And I have chicken brains and silicone breasts."
  • "I already have 3 guys, I can not manage 4th."
  • "Oh, and you do not go with me to a meeting of a religious community? Give up everything that is worldly! "

One can answer the question with a question:

  • "Do you, clever man, at least know what year Pushkin hanged himself?" (At the same time check his knowledge of the biography and circumstances of the death of the great Russian poet.)
  • "Do you think I am better than you, or are you worse than me?"

Whatever the original questions fromthe opposite sex, always see for yourself whether you need this acquaintance.

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