Orijen - cat food of all breeds

Orijen - food for cats and dogs. It is produced by the same company that produces food Acana. These brands are positioned as feed, which biologically correspond to the natural nutrition of the animal. The lion's part of the ingredients of the food is fish and meat. These components are combined with fruits and vegetables.

What is the difference between "Akana" and Orijen? Composition

"Akana" is more accessible, and Orijen company is positioned as an ideal food. Why is that? Let's compare the two brands. Orijen contains 75% of meat, and in the stern of "Akana" - 60%. The level of protein in the first type is greater than in the second. Orijen is a cat food that contains few carbohydrates (no more than 20%), and in Akane it is 35%.

Also in the composition of Orijen feed are fatty acids (OMEGA-3) - 0,4% -07%. The products include Canadian fish.

The feed contains moderate amounts of phosphorus and calcium (1.4% and 1.7%). An overabundance of these elements can lead to many pet health problems. In this case, this will not happen.Orijen - cat food of all breeds

Assortment of cat food

What food can I buy Orijen? Cat food is available in two varieties - Orijen Cat and Kitten and Orijen Cat 6 Fresh Fish. The company does not produce canned food. Why is that? Such a meager assortment is connected with politics. The company produces food at the Champion Petfoods factory, so that it is possible to control and check all the stages. Specialists of the company explain that the processes of production of dry food and canned are different. Therefore, in order not to degrade the quality of products, the firm chose one option.

Unfortunately, the company also does not handle the forage. Why? Because it emphasizes the fact that if the animal initially feeds properly, then no therapeutic food will in principle be needed.

The composition of the feed contains a large amount of magnesium, and the level of meat content is also high. This contributes to the prevention of kidney diseases, such as ICD and others.

There is no assortment of special products for castrated animals. Since most of the energy the animal receives from carbohydrates, and not from proteins, which, as you know, are not stored in fat.

Pros and Cons of Orijen Power

As positive qualities, the following signs are noted:

  • feed for cats is made by a unique approach, built on three postulates: no outsourcing, fresh ingredients and biological compliance;
  • low carbohydrate content, which prevents the appearance of problems with the gastrointestinal tract and obesity;
  • there are no chemical additives;
  • quality ingredients (non-frozen);
  • the composition contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals, as well as lactobacilli and probiotics.

There are also disadvantages:

  • limited range;
  • high price;
  • there are a large number of fish ingredients, and this can harm the animal.

Opinion cat owners

What do the owners say about Orijen? Reviews leave different. Someone approached this feed, and some cats, on the contrary, refuse it. There are people who gave dry food Orijen to homeless animals, so they also did not want to use it for some reason. So there is no unanimous opinion about this food.

So now you know what Orijen represents. Cat food from this company is available only dry. You will not find Orijen canned food on the shelves of pet stores.

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Orijen - cat food of all breeds Orijen - cat food of all breeds Orijen - cat food of all breeds Orijen - cat food of all breeds Orijen - cat food of all breeds