Outdoor games for the whole family or big company

In the age of total computerization, the virtual world increasingly draws people, starting from childhood. However, digital games can never fully replace reality, and therefore games in nature will not lose their relevance. After all, there is nothing better than to gather in a spring holiday in a forest glade with a friendly family or a fun company and play something. Active games in nature can bring even hardly familiar people together, teach them how to work in a team, show their hidden personal qualities, and simply serve as a great entertainment.

If you have already planned a weekend, but do not know what to do to guests, we offer you games on nature in the summer.

  • Outdoor games for the whole family or big companyCompass. This game is suitable for teenagers or children, accompanied by adults. Participants are divided into 2 or 3 teams, 3-4 people each. Each team is given a compass, a map and a few tips, where on the route to find matches and accessories for a barbecue. The team that first coped with the task wins: she found matches, collected firewood and lit a bonfire for kebabs.
  • Fire. This game is suitable for companies of any age and has no limitations on the number of participants. One of the blindfolded players sits in the center of the circle. Around it are twigs. The task of the other players is to creep silently to the first and collect twigs. If the player sitting in the center hears noise, he should, without removing the bandage, indicate from which side the noise is. The winner is the one who managed to collect all the twigs, or the central player, if it was not successful.
  • Wild flowers. This is a game in nature for children. Children are divided into teams of 3-4 people. In addition, there are also 3-5 adults, each of whom hides in a conventional place next to a certain plant. Children are given a map with the adult locations marked on it. The task of the teams is to find all the adults on the map, find out what the plant is growing in this place, put it on the map and return to the launch site. Nuance: during the whole game, children must hold hands. The team that won first won.
  • Flowers, insects, frogs. Participants are divided into 3 equal teams that are lined up in 3 circles: the outer - the flowers - their task is to stand still, the middle one - the insects - they need to collect the nectar from the flowers, but not get caught by the frogs, the inner ones are the frogs - they have to catch the insects. Frogs can move only by jumping on bent knees (on squats), insects can move, crawling on their knees, flowers - immovable, but can move their hands. The whistle begins the game, during which each player must perform his task. The insect, captured by a frog, turns into a frog. The flower, pollinated by insects, turns into an insect. To avoid pollination, the flower should be marked with a frog (for this it is necessary to join hands). Each round lasts 15-20 seconds. As a result, choose the winning team.
  • Find me. Players are divided into two groups: predators and their victims. Each group consists of 3-4 people and has its own sound signal. They play at dusk at a pre-agreed square, outside of which it is forbidden. The predator's task is to catch and surround the victim. Thus the victim should be one, and predators in full structure of a command. The game begins when all team members are scattered in different corners of the square. By sound signals they must find each other and sacrifice. The task of the victims is to gather all together and not get caught by predators.
  • Stalker. Players are divided into 2 teams. One of them is blindfolded and placed in a previously agreed field, a stone is placed at their feet (a cone, a branch ...). Players of the second team can freely move around the field, their eyes are not tied. Their task is to collect all the artifacts, but in such a way that the enemy does not hear them. If a player with a blindfold hears a stalker, he must indicate the direction from which the noise comes. If you guess, players change places.

Games in nature - a great alternative to computer games, which makes it clear that the real world is no less interesting than virtual. They are interesting both to children and teenagers, and to youth companies and adults. In addition, outdoor games develop hearing, logical thinking, orientation skills in open areas, teamwork skills, agility and coordination of movements. However, do not forget to clean up after the end of the weekend in nature, instilling in the younger generation a careful attitude to the environment.

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Outdoor games for the whole family or big company Outdoor games for the whole family or big company Outdoor games for the whole family or big company Outdoor games for the whole family or big company Outdoor games for the whole family or big company Outdoor games for the whole family or big company Outdoor games for the whole family or big company Outdoor games for the whole family or big company Outdoor games for the whole family or big company Outdoor games for the whole family or big company