Pancakes without eggs

Almost any woman knows how to cook pancakes, using eggs in the recipe, but how to cook without them is not known to everyone.

At least once, but this happened with eachmistress - you start to prepare and then you understand: there is simply no important product in the house. So they decide to make pancakes, open the fridge and see that there are no eggs.

Or another, more serious case, whenyou are allergic or the doctor prohibits eating certain foods. Including, this applies to eggs. In such cases, it is quite possible to cook pancakes without them.

You can make pancakes without eggs according to one of the below given recipes or in your own way. The main thing is not to doubt the success, and then they will surely turn out to be the most delicious!


The following recipe for pancakes without eggs is very simple.

Well sift the flour in a deep bowl. Add a little salt, cross out everything. Put first three tablespoons of sugar. Then to 500 grams of kefir, add a teaspoon of soda and pour into a bowl.

Knead not very thick dough. You can use a mixer. When you carefully mix everything, wait ten minutes or even fifteen - let the dough stand a little.

Well heat the frying pan, pour into ita little bit of vegetable oil. A special scoop or a simple tablespoon of the right size, scoop the cooked dough and pour into a frying pan. Fry mini pancakes on both sides until a beautiful golden crust is formed. Pancakes without eggs are always very lush and tasty.


One and a half glasses of any sour milkproduct or kefir mix with three spoons of manga and add a quarter of a tablespoon of soda. Lightly season with salt and mix again. Then put five tablespoons of flour in it and gradually stir until you get a liquid homogeneous mixture.

For a while, leave the dough alone - it should stand up and foam a little.

Now your dough is ready and you can start fryingpancakes without eggs. Also fry them from both sides to a ruddy color. When pancakes without eggs are ready, put them on a dish. If desired, you can sprinkle them with powdered sugar.

No. 3

Fritters without eggs on yeast. Warm milk (you can use plain water) mix with two tablespoons of sugar and salt to taste. Add half a cup of flour and yeast. But, first dilute them in warm sweetened milk. Add the flour after they begin to approach.

Mix a large spoon with the dough, after a goodcover it with a damp towel and leave it for about an hour in a warm place. As a result, it should turn out to be quite liquid, then it will be a bubble cap. Once again, stir the dough and bake pancakes without eggs in a frying pan with pre-heated vegetable oil.

Spread them in a frying pan with a wet spoon(so that the dough does not stick to it). First fry pancakes without eggs to a ruddy color on one side, then turn them over, lightly salt and continue to fry until they become as rosy on the other side.

After that, turn them over and sprinkle with salt again. Somewhere after a couple of minutes, take the pancakes without eggs from the frying pan (ideally, put them on a paper napkin).

If your dough suddenly comes out too liquid,add a couple of tablespoons of flour, stir and let stand for about 15 minutes. If you cover the pancakes while frying, they will come out much more luxuriously. If you knead the dough on the water, you will get delicious lean fritters without eggs. The recipe for them is no more difficult than the others, we just do not add kefir or milk.

On average, ready-made fritters should be about 5-6millimeters in thickness. Their consistency is tender, slightly denser than pancakes. Usually pancakes are served to the table still hot, it is believed that it is so much tastier. You can lubricate them with butter, and to them on the table serve jam, jam, jam, condensed milk, honey, sour cream.

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