Pants-bananas: create your own style

Banana pants are oval pants that are shaped like an exotic fruit - banana. Narrowed at the bottom and wide at the hips, they have folds and a high waist. Not any clothes fit these pants. A tucked blouse or short top will just look perfect with them. Banana pants appeared in the forties in America. They were worn by jazz black musicians who thus wanted to draw attention to themselves. Women began to wear pants, bananas, only in the eighties. To date, this outfit is again in fashion and is the subject of exclusively women's wardrobe. These pants have become a bit shorter than they were before, their length reaches the ankles, so high heels are perfect for them.banana pants

What to wear with pants bananas

It is very difficult to imagine the wardrobe of a modern female without pants. With them, especially if they are of a neutral color, many things can be worn. Banana pants, which were sewn of thick fabric, can be worn in cool weather, for example, in the fall or spring.They will look great with a leather fashion jacket, jacket or blazer, and with a stylish leather jacket, which bikers like to wear. High-heeled shoes or ankle boots are perfect for pants. A complete look will give the image a stylish jewelry. Fashion trousers for 2013 can be burgundy, golden or blue. But khaki or shades of brown, black or gray are the main colors and almost never go out of fashion. Black trousers together with a white blouse are ideal for women who work in offices. In the summer, fabrics of bright colors and interesting accessories emphasizing the attractiveness of trousers will be an ideal option. For summer models of pants fit sandals or sandals, decorated with buckles and straps.

Fashion trends

banana pants fitIdeal pants, bananas are suitable for women of fashion who have long legs and narrow hips. Folds on the belt will visually increase the volume, so it is not recommended to have these pants in your wardrobe for girls with a figure in the shape of a pear. Also, do not need to wear them to those who dominate the torso.High waist and high heels will shift the focus to the hips and waist, extending the legs of the girl. A volume jacket and a low-contrast blouse will give the same effect. For women who have not quite perfect shape of legs, pants, bananas will be the best solution, since a volume will be created in the knee area, which will hide all the flaws, perhaps, complexing about this personality.

It is important

black pantsYou can hear a variety of opinions about this women's clothing item that has not lost its relevance for many years, but many would agree that wide fashionable pants, the shape of which resembles a well-known tropical fruit, still continue to be the focus of designers who constantly offer fashionable women new collections and attract the attention of the spectators in almost all fashion shows.

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