Pathetic man - who is he? Paphos vs Antipaphos

Now a person is surrounded by a lot of excessiveness, irrelevance and pathos. Therefore, it is quite natural to ask questions: "And who is the pretentious person who is this? And how can he be distinguished from the non-pretender?" This is what our article is about.

Paphos in the sport. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Leo Messi

pathetic person is

Public professions have some re-evaluation of their work. By virtue of this, it is easiest to show on their example that there is pathos as such. In general, pathos is a height and solemnity. As you know, a certain supply of yourself or the material is relevant or not. So, a pretentious person is one who speaks solemnly about himself or about his activity when it is inappropriate. For example, take football: the opposition of Z. Ibrahimovic and Lionel Messi. Both are rich, famous and good athletes. True, Messi is at times more talented than Zlatan, but the first is an expression of antipathos, and the second is pathos, why?

Wealth and power affect people unpredictably and in completely different ways.

What is money in general in the modern world? This is not only a source of various benefits, it is also an indicator of the importance and necessity of a person, the demand for his profession. Of course, we now have in many respects the “time of the gladiators” (we are talking primarily about football players). Yes, they earn a lot, it's hard to argue with this, especially since there are facts. But think about how they live: they are bought and sold as a “living product”. One football agent jokes: “I trade in people”. And it would be funny if it were not so sad.

Man as a commodity

how to understand a pathetic person

Market psychology turns every person into a “living commodity”. Of course, we can say that we sell our skills on the labor market, but this is only half true, and maybe even a third. If us, people, as specialists, evaluated machines by the result of labor that we can provide, then the statement about skills would be fair.

In practice, everything is a bit wrong. The employee is valued not only for his skills, but also for his docile nature. This frame is easier to manage. And yes, people hire people, not machines, which means that perception inevitably distorted by subjectivity. However, we digress.Neither Messi nor Zlatan think about the principles of a market economy, and even more so they do not suspect that they are gladiators. Although, maybe, in this image there is even a certain romanticism: “Those who are going to die greet you!”

Do you know how Zlatan called his biography, which he himself created? Yes, the footballer still has time to write books. He called it simply: I AM ZLATAN (in capital letters). Here, without further explanation and even the question: “Is a pretentious person Ibrahimovic?” - it is clear that yes. Moreover, Zlatan does not just overestimate his importance, but it borders on megalomania.

Messi, on the contrary, although he is the greatest of the players of the present, and maybe in the history of football, behaves modestly, especially without pushing his personal life. Yes, he is ambitious, but only in the profession. In fact, he is not interested in anything other than football. If we can find an alternative to Zlatan (recall that the pretentious person is he), then this is a simple guy - Leo Messi, with an annual salary of $ 70,000,000. By the way, Ibrahimovic earns less than Argentine. He has a salary in PSG - almost 42 000 000. In other words, the pathos of the salary is not reflected.But enough about football, go to the movies.

Paphos in the film industry

If it became profitable to be a footballer quite recently (at least in Russia), then the actors have already been held in high esteem. True, this profession has long been considered frivolous. But everyone changed money. With them in the film industry poured and pathos. We did not dwell specifically on this, but it seems that the meaning of the word “pathetic person” is already clear. Such a representative of the human race believes that God and people are closely following him exclusively. Therefore, every glance, every gesture and in general any action he does with some solemnity, as a rule, is inappropriate.

meaning of the word pretentious person

Sergey Bezrukov, and Marlon Brando, and Anthony Hopkins

The subtitle already says something to well-informed readers, namely: who belongs to which camp. Sergey Bezrukov is embodied pathos. He is a good actor, but clearly not Al Pacino or Robert de Niro. In other words, there are more abruptly stars on the world konebosklon. But Sergey Vitalyevich behaves as if he himself is Marlon Brando of Russian scale. Of course, cinema and the play of actors is not an exact science, and it is difficult to substantiate your opinion based on facts (film critics could).For S. Bezrukov says and the fact that he is terribly in demand and in 2008 managed to get the "People's Artist", and in general, he all turns out.

But still, if we allow ourselves to draw some parallel, S. Bezrukova was recognized by the country by the epic role of Sasha Bely. This, of course, is a hero of the 90s, even, one might say, their archetype. As a character, Sasha is rather unsympathetic, but realistic.

Don Vito Carleone is different. He (in the performance of Marlon Brando) has some chic, and through this image a certain aristocratic spirit shines through, despite the bandit shell.

what does pathos mean

But let's not hang all the dogs on Sergey Vitalyevich. Water on the mill of his self-esteem is poured and directors, who see him as Yesenin, Pushkin, Yeshua. Perhaps, some factors of a non-cinematic nature, for example, social prestige, are affecting this. Or in this way, directors attract the viewer. S. Bezrukov likes the total mass, despite his arrogance. This is the question of how to understand - a pretentious person or not.

True, in fairness it must be said that if you watch his interview with V.V. Posner, then you will see a person of absolutely ordinary, without special intellectual delights, in short, not V.V. Nabokov. The Russian classic was quite arrogant, but also well educated.

About E.Hopkins makes no sense to talk a lot. But it is worth mentioning only two facts:

  1. He is the Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE; 1987) and the Knight Bachelor (1993).
  2. At a time when the actor got a knight’s title for his work in the cinema, in one interview he said: “It was nice to get a knight’s title. But then the next day came, and I had to work further. ”

Hopefully, the reader has no questions about what the pathos person means. He is always in sight, completely out, so to speak.

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