Penelope Cruz: vividness, sexuality and talent

Penelope Cruz is famous not only for sex appeal and bright external data. She is a talented actress, and many famous directors put her on a par with such stars as Sophia Loren and Anna Magnani. The heroine Cruz does not leave the audience indifferent due to the emotional intensity that they encounter while watching movies with her participation. In each role, Penelope has a passionate temperament and even slightly overwhelms her partners on the set.

Starting starring in Hollywood, a charming Spaniard instantly pressed other beauties. Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage and Matthew McConaughe fell in love with her. Their novels resembled a roller coaster, as the press reported incessantly, although the actors carefully preserved their personal lives.

In the same period, Penelope's career went either successfully or full of failures. She managed to find balance only at the end of the 2000s, when she appeared as an actress and married Javier Bardem.It turned out that the fate of Cruz was forever connected with the cinema, although in childhood she did not dream of becoming an actress.

Childhood and adolescence

Childhood and adolescence

Penelope Cruz Sánchez was born in Alcobendas, 20 km from Madrid, on April 28, 1974. She was the eldest child in the family of Eduardo and Encarny Cruz. In subsequent years, she had a sister Monica and brother Eduardo. The head of the family kept a small shop and worked as an auto mechanic, and his mother was a hairdresser.

Children adored music and dance, and Penelope and Monica from early childhood enrolled in the conservatory and ballet studio. The appearance of the girls met ballet standards - they were slim and fine-boned.

At the age of 11, Penelope was fascinated by watching films by Spanish directors and often depicted scenes in their faces. She was brave and assertive. Deciding to take part in the shooting, at the age of 12, Cruz came to the best acting agency in Madrid and asked his staff to transfer her data to famous directors. They laughed at her, but the girl returned there again and again, until, at the age of 15, there was no work for her.

The first shooting experience took place in the video of the Spanish musical group "Mecano", and already in 1990, she led the television show for teenagers "La Quinta Marcha". Her contract was extended for 7 years.

Penelope Cruz did not hesitate to shoot nude. On the contrary, she believed that such episodes would attract the attention of both viewers and directors, and she was right. After filming an erotic series in 1991, the young actress was noticed by the famous Pedro Almodovar.

Starting an acting career

Starting an acting career

With the film Almodovar "Ham, ham ..." in 1992, Penelope's way began on a wide screen. In the comedy, she reappeared semi-nude, after which the girl was proclaimed a new sex symbol. Many critics noted not only the beauty of the debutante, but also her impressive game.

Almodovar did not forget about the actress after the shooting and advertising campaign. He invited Cruz to artistic gatherings, where she met with European producers and directors. For 5 years, she starred in 10 films, among them “Graceful Epoch”, “Capcan” and “Celestina”.

Penelope continued to practice ballet and in the 90s she moved to New York to take lessons at Christina Roth school. Dancer, unlike the younger sister of Monica, she did not, but the actress believes that the graceful figure is obliged to the ballet past.

The girl hardly knew English, but taking advantage of her stay in America, she transferred her portfolio to leading agencies and studios.

Popular Penelope Movies

Popular Penelope Movies

Cruz attended all the castings she knew about, and tried to cling to any opportunity to participate in an American film or series. Unlike most of her colleagues, eager only for spectacular roles, she was willing to allow directors to exploit her attractive appearance. Remembering the audience, it is much easier to move towards dramatic and character characters.

Films with Penelope Cruise primarily demonstrate her fiery temperament and crazy energy. And this is true both for small roles, and for appearances in the image of the main characters.

"Everything about my mother"

The collaboration of the actress with Pedro Almodovar has not been interrupted since his appearance in the film “Ham, Ham ...”. The master prefers to work with the same actresses for many years, and Penelope became one of his muses.

In 1999, the director invited her to the drama "All About My Mother" for the role of Rosa the nun. Her heroine supports a mother who lost her son in an accident and returned to Barcelona to meet his father.

Almodovar is true to himself and turns a segment of a woman’s life story into a psychological excursion into the fate of her friends.

"Vanilla Sky"

The consonance of the names of Cruz and Cruz allowed Penelope to get acquainted with the Hollywood star Tom Cruise long before the joint shooting in Vanilla Sky. Beautiful Spaniard was interested in the actor, and he advised the director of the next tape, Cameron Crowe, to invite Cruz to the role of his screen lover.

As often happens on the set, their film-romance moved to real life. The actor divorced his wife and for 3 years met with Penelope. Their love ended as sadly as the relationship on the screen. Fortunately, it was not a car accident that caused the injuries, but Peh’s disagreement to see the beloved in fits and starts. In the first place Cruise always had a job, and she did not accept this.

The audience enjoyed watching the film, but the reviews could not please its creators and the cast. Each edition involved in the cinema informed the readers about the award of the Golden Raspberry to Penelope Cruz.

The actress sobbed on the shoulder of best friend Salma Hayek, and she consoled her reasoning that any mention in the press is better than complete oblivion.


In 2006, Cruz and Hayek participated in a joint project that they had long dreamed of.The film "Banditas" on the script of Luc Besson talks about two girls who were victims of the same offender. Both lost relatives and property. Although they were from different backgrounds, they had to make friends and join forces for the sake of revenge. The tape was filmed in the tradition of comic westerns and demonstrates the spirit of camaraderie and mutual assistance.

Work on the painting took place in Mexico. Once the plane in which the actress was flying to the location of the shooting, lost control. They miraculously survived and later recalled a dangerous adventure, as an exciting addition to an adventurous storyline.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

One of the most memorable roles Cruz performed in the Woody Allen film Vicky Cristina Barcelona. The role of a mentally ill girl came out at the actress brilliantly. The relationship between the former wife and the new girlfriend of the Spanish artist reveals the inner world of both. Some hooligan tricks of the heroine Penelope thought up herself.

Allen drew attention to the frequent absences of Bardem and Cruz on the pretext of studying the script. After the release of the movie in rent, it turned out that a novel had flared up between colleagues.The journalists remembered that for the first time the artists met on the set in the film “Ham, Ham ...”, but they felt interest in each other only years later.

Other films

Thrice partner Cruz on the screen became Johnny Depp. They played spouses in the movie “Cocaine” about the drug distribution network and former lovers in “Pirates of the Caribbean”. In the second film, Penelope was shot pregnant, and in some scenes she was replaced by younger sister Monica.

Fans of a series of pirated films without much joy met the appearance of a friend of Jack Sparrow, although she performed the role perfectly. Also, both of them played small roles in a detective story based on Agatha Christie’s novel Murder on the Orient Express.

Filmography Cruz has over 50 diverse films. She starred in historical films: “Fanfan Tulip” and “Don Juan”, criminal dramas “Counselor” and “Escobar”.

The actress is also good at comedies and melodramas, it’s not for nothing that Woody Allen invited her to her new film “Roman Adventures”. She played a prostitute, familiar with half the men of the eternal city.

Awards and nominations

The actress would have received many more awards than she has at the moment, but often her competitors were win-win films.Nevertheless, 3 Oscar nominations and 3 Golden Globe nominations speak eloquently of her talent and ability to effectively present their heroines to the audience.

Among the Penelope Cruz Awards:

  • "Oscar";
  • BAFTA;
  • Prize at the Cannes Film Festival;
  • David di Donatello Award;
  • European Film Award;
  • 3 "Goya";
  • "Satellite".

Model work

Model work

After gaining popularity in world cinema, offers to participate in advertising of fashion houses fell on Penelope. Since 2006, she has been involved in the L’Oreal cosmetics and perfume companies. She became their messenger of beauty on a par with Julia Roberts.

The exceptional figure of Cruz attracted the attention of famous fashion designers. She advertises outfits Ralph Loren and agreed to be the face of the democratic brand "Mango". Since November 2013, she joined the team of the Spanish brand Loewe and shows off their leather goods.


Cruz’s list of outstanding qualities will be incomplete if, in addition to her acting gift, film genesis and stunning work capacity, her attempts to make the world a better place are not mentioned. This topic is not raised by the tabloids, preferring to print news about the novels of the stars and the incidents at the shooting, and Penelope herself does not like to spread about her charitable activities.She considers this a matter for the soul, and not for the sake of PR.

Since 1997, the actress has been visiting troubled places on the planet as a volunteer and in order to attract benefactors to improve the quality of life of the local population. She collaborated with the Mother Teresa Foundation, flew to Uganda and Calcutta. At the end of the zero actress joined the funds to combat leukemia and AIDS.

Personal life

Spanish and Hollywood actresses hated a colleague for her ability to instantly fascinate any man, regardless of his age or status. Her relationship with stellar partners on the set was relished by all film fans. Only in 35 years, Penelope found family happiness with Spanish actor Javier Bardem.

The husband does not allow her to lead, and when the emotional Pe reincarnates into one of his screen heroines, she takes her hand and switches her attention to everyday events. The couple had two children: in 2011, the son of Leonardo, and in 2013, the daughter Luna.

Sister actress Monica builds a career in film, and my brother became a singer.

Interesting Facts

For the special to become Penelope Cruz was nicknamed in Hollywood by the Madrid Madonna. She retains the slim figure with the help of a vegetarian diet, but does not hide the fact that in America she is addicted to Coca-Cola.

Bardem and Cruz were the first Spanish actors to receive the Oscar.

Penelope Cruz is now - the latest news

In 2017, Cruz starred in two films: Escobar and Murder on the Orient Express. In the last film, she appeared for the third time in the frame with Johnny Depp. In 2018, Penelope continued to star in the TV series The Murder of Gianni Versace: An American History of Crime. Her heroine is the sister of a fashion designer, Donatella.

Spouses Bardem often appear at various festivals and social events, but protect their children from paparazzi. Penelope is registered on social networks and posting photos from events there. Neither Leo nor the Moon are on them. She wants children to feel free in the streets and at school.


Penelope Cruz in her youth adorned the presence of films of different genres. Sometimes they fell through at the box office, but more often her enthusiasm, spectacular appearance and grace were rescued even by weak scenarios, and films of famous directors were turned into masterpieces.

Now the actress has a family, and she cherishes the harmony in her so much that she agrees much less often to proposals for filming.Star status allows her to choose the most interesting projects and sign contracts with leading fashion houses. Her energy and pressure were not killed, but now she gives her lion’s share to her close ones.

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