Perfume Givenchy Very Irresistible: aroma description, reviews

Not everyone has the means to purchase luxury perfumes and haute couture outfits. But with fashion, it is that not the number of outfits and the following of trends are important, but an excellent sense of taste. Similarly, you can buy high-quality, albeit not the most expensive perfumery, suitable for any clothes, and thanks to the wonderful aroma, always stay in a great mood. A good example of such an acquisition would be the fragrance Givenchy Very Irresistible, which has become almost classic since the release.

Trading house "Givenchy"

The French fashion house Givenchy was created in 1952 by Uber Zhivanshi, who, without modesty, gave the brand his name

givenchy very irresistible

But what's the story without a woman? A year later, Uber met actress Audrey Hepburn, who contributed to the development and prosperity of the business. Whether there was a love note or not in the relationship Givenchy and Hepburn is not known for sure, because the couple showed exceptionally friendly feelings in public. But the fact that the actress Audrey became the muse of the master is certainly one hundred percent. Inspired by her image, Givenchy created the first women's fragrance Le De Givenchy.And the perfume L'Interdit, released in 1957, was dedicated specifically to the famous beauty.

givenchy very irresistible for men

Today, the fashion house “Givenchy” continues to delight the public with high-quality French cosmetics and perfumery, but is already part of the Moët Hennessy - Louis Vuitton concern. If we talk about perfumery, then since 1952, under the auspices of the brand, more than a hundred aromas have been released. The most famous modern fragrance among them is Givenchy Very Irresistible.

Many-sided versions of Very Irresistible

Toilet Water Very Irresistible (Givenchy) has become so popular that since 2005 it has been re-released by the fashion house many times with various changes both in the composition pyramid and in the bottle design.toilet water givenchy very irresistible

Initially presented to the public, the floral chypre aroma was interpreted by various perfume makers to please the tastes of young girls, mature women and even men.

Before you buy a Givenchy Very Irresistible, you need to familiarize yourself with all the options for the initial fragrance to choose your own.

Basic version

Givenchy Very Irresistible feedback from customers received only flattering. Therefore, the fashion house "Givenchy" created more and more new versions of the fashionable smell. A start was made in 2003.

Very Irresistible ("Vary Irresistable") in translation from English means "The Most Irresistible."Despite the fact that the “Givenchy” brand is of French origin, the fragrance received the name English, because this language is familiar to customers all over the world.

The aroma is really very bright, immodest, noticeable. Whatever variation you prefer, in any case you will be fascinated by the firmness of the composition and the noticeable train. It’s impossible to pass by a woman who preferred Very Irresistible. Following her, I want to turn around and inhale the bottomless scent of a rose. It is these royal flowers of different varieties and species that underlie any version of Very Irresistible. And what to wear them with: spices, spices or other colors - you decide, the choice is simply huge

Aroma Pyramid

This fruit and oriental smell was created by three perfumers of the fashion house "Givenchy". The base notes of peony, magnolia and rose. The heart of the fragrance is verbena, black currant and anise. Perfumers wanted to create a new feminine scent, not fed up with floral sound and filled with the smell of a rose, certainly associated with sexuality and passion.

The aroma bottle does not reflect the internal content. It is quite simple. It is a bottle of purplish-pink color that extends from the top of the bottle and goes from dark at the base to almost transparent.In the early 2000s, rounded, weighty bubbles of thick glass were in fashion, but the designers felt that their favorite fragrance was Very Irresistible would be easier to fit into a woman's handbag.

We can say that half of the success of the fragrance was the result of a successful advertising campaign, because the face of the perfume was very well chosen charming and attractive actress Liv Tyler. The product was so successful that after a year the fashion house decided to supplement the smell with a light body cream, after which more than one successful reprint awaited the perfume. Today there are so many versions of flavor that you can easily get confused. But each is different in sound and packaging options.

Summer fragrance

What makes Givenchy Very Eau de Toilette Very Irresistible Summer Fragrance different? This fruit and flower version was released in 2005. The author remained faithful to brevity, but changed the top notes of the fragrance to floral. Tangerine, anise, verbena and peony are what this version of famous perfumes consists of. Peony makes the smell light, sparkling, "pink", really summer. That is why the perfume is called Summer Fragrance, which translated from English means “Summer fragrance”. It is pleasant to enjoy such a smell in summer hot days when you want not a choking sensation, but a slight fragrant.

The bottle and carton became opaque, "girlish" to highlight the contents. Who will like the Summer Fragrance variation? If you like simple flavors, perky and light, then be sure to try this version.

Rose Centifolia

In 2006, the fashion house "Givenchy" decided to decorate the collection of fragrances with a limited edition perfume based on the absolute of the rose of the variety "Sentifolia", collected in spring 2006. Meet this Givenchy Very Irresistible Rose Centifolia. Immediately make a reservation that it was a limited release, now this fragrance in the original will be difficult to find. The creators of the composition wanted to fill the sense of smell with that royalty and at the same time fragility that is characteristic of all roses.

 givenchy very irresistible l intense

First of all, the bottle draws attention to itself: it is made in a different form factor - rounded, made of thick glass, completely transparent, with a heavy round cap. On the front side of the black logo is superseded.

The aroma remains bright floral, but thanks to the rose has become more sensual and feminine. The base of the perfume is patchouli, the heart opens with a rose and a carnation, and the top of the pyramid is anise. The composition is simple, but bright and catchy.This fragrance is most suitable for young women who have already known love and who know a lot about the ability to enchant men. A loose light aromatic veil creates a playful and romantic mood. It is best to wear Rose Centifolia in the warm season.

Givenchy Very Irresistible Damascena Rose

Are you a passionate and temperamental nature? You will have the second productive version of the Very Irresistible, released in 2007, in spirit. Bright floral scent is concentrated around the strong aroma of Moroccan damask roses, the absolute of which is used in perfume. In addition to roses, in the pyramid of amber, leather, patchouli, chocolate. The smell is spicy-sweet, certainly pink, thick and spicy, but not heavy.

For this fragrance, designers gave preference to the rounded version of the bottle, again abandoning the usual elongated shape. The bubble of a pleasant round form is enclosed in cardboard tight packaging, stylized as a gift. The bottle is transparent, discreet, with a schematic depiction of a rose

 givenchy very irresistible rose

This fragrance was released in limited quantities, now it can only be bought up in the original from the owner, since it has not been re-released anymore. The smell of "Damascus rose" will captivate, it is bright and pronounced. Suitable for girls and women who are accustomed to the attention and bright outfits.The sensual rose is exquisitely underlined by chocolate and appropriately tinted with spicy notes.

Male version of Very Irresistible

Not bypassed the fashion house "Givenchy" gentlemen. In 2005, visiting perfumer Pierre Vernier created the male version of Givenchy Very Irresistible for men. Coffee and sesame oil at the heart of the aroma are combined with basic notes of cedar and nutmeg. The top of the composition is mint and grapefruit.

The perfume is sweet enough, and the best time to use it would be autumn or winter. Most users feel the composition of mint, chocolate and nut mixture, seasoned with spices. The fragrance is not restrained, but bright, paying attention to the owner. More suitable for young people, appropriate with any style of clothing, suitable for daily use.

Sensual Very Irresistible Sensual

In the basic version of the Very Irresistible, a rose is clearly felt, but for the version with the Sensual prefix (which translates as “sensual”), the developer Dominic Rogoni used the absolute Turkish rose, which increased the sensibility of perfume perception..givenchy very irresistible reviews

This is probably one of the most requested versions of the original Very Irresistible, released in 2006.

The bottle is made in the usual elongated style, differs only in color: thick dark purple,pushing the thought of the same thick and spicy smell.

The aroma pyramid includes habitual vervain, patchouli, anise and a little vanilla. The sacrament is to use the absolutes of the Turkish rose and peony. Initially delicate fragrance over time wearing reveals a bright and sexy fragrance. The woman who chooses Givenchy Very Irresistible Sensual is not a victim of a man's whim, but a hunter of fans and a collector of favorites. Suitable for both frivolous young ladies and mature women. The smell creates a special mood when you want to behave playfully and coquettishly, while remaining inaccessible.

Bright Very Irresistible Intense

Having added the pyramid of spices to the classic composition, in 2011 the fashion house "Givenchy" released a flower-thorn novelty called Givenchy Very Irresistible l Intense. A rich bouquet captivates with a tart and sweet sound and creates the corresponding mood in a perfume carrier: seductive, playful and captivating.

In the pyramid of the composition, plum, patchouli, musk are clearly audible, and the heart makes up the absolute Rose that is familiar to Very Irresistible. In such a fragrance or fall in love immediately, or never. But it must be admitted that the saturated Very Irresistible Intense subdued more than one woman, becoming her favorite perfume. The aroma is thick and immodest, musky, somewhat defiant.Initially, there is a bright rose seasoned with patchouli, and after some time a slightly sour juicy plum appears.

Givenchy Vial Very Irresistible Intense, a deep purple color that turns into a transparent purple to the base, is decorated with a silver embossed rose. This smell is one of the brightest and most loved by the society versions of the Very Irresistible house "Givenchy"

givenchy very irresistible intense

Customer Reviews

Needless to say, this fragrance from the fashion house "Givenchy" has become very successful. How else to explain so many reprints? Women admire the play of the composition in all versions, endurance, stretching trail of perfume and the mood, which gives the fragrance Very Irresistible.

But what's not to like? Most of the complaints are a bottle - simple and somewhat unsophisticated. Not everyone likes the pronounced floral colors of the perfume, some would like more restraint in the sound of the fragrance. But this is a matter of taste, not quality. Also, some of the negative reviews relate to the chemical nature of the fragrance, but not the fact that these customers purchased the original, and not fake.

Cost of

Unlike selektiv, the price of which is simply unaffordable for many, the production of "Givenchy" is available to almost any girl. The price of a perfume of 50 ml varies in the range of 3-4 thousand rubles.Together with a reasonable price you get good quality, durability and, most importantly, an unparalleled and bright aroma. Perfume Very Irresistible since its appearance on the market has become well recognized and speaks of the good taste of the owner

Unfortunately, due to the great popularity of this fragrance is often forged. In order not to buy an unsuccessful duplicate, do not purchase products in questionable stores. Prefer large retail chains of perfumes, famous online stores, duty free. A fake, despite the outward resemblance of the packaging to the original, will be characterized by poor durability, chemical smell, but it will attract the attention of the buyer with an indecently low price.

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