Petrol chain saw - overview, features, types and reviews. Popular models

Every modern summer resident or the owner of the house simply needs an saw in the household. It can be useful not only for the annual procurement of firewood, but also in the construction of the outbuildings. If hand tools were used all over the place not so long ago, today progress has gone far ahead. He allowed the consumer to buy automation. However, visiting the store, you may find it difficult to choose.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of gasoline chainsaws. Some of them are designed for periodic work, while others are for professional use. With the help of the first it is unlikely to build a wooden bath or log house. But if you take out the saw several times during the year, then the simplest model with a limited set of functions will do for you.However, before making a choice, it is necessary to become more closely acquainted with some variants of the described equipment, this will be discussed below.

Chainsaw Types

gasoline chain saw

Chainsaws operating on gasoline are classified according to several criteria. Among others, it is necessary to highlight the purpose and class. For example, a household saw or pruner is suitable for a small amount of work. With this device you can cut small trees, stock up with firewood for the fireplace, as well as cut branches. Such a tool can work no more than 25 hours per month, which is approximately one hour per day.

The gasoline chain saw can also be professional. Such equipment is capable of generating 1200 hours. This indicates that the device can function all day. However, this model is not suitable for small farms, because it has too much power. The best option professional saw will be on the construction site.

On sale you can find another type of described devices - special saws, which, in turn, are divided into several types. They can be modernized, petrol, sucker.If you need to extend the life of such a product, you can sharpen its chain The gasoline chain saw can also be semi-professional. It is often used for felling trees. However, this unit has one important drawback, expressed in the fact that the saw will not be able to withstand the eight-hour working day.

Overview of the features of the saw brand PN3800

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You can begin to consider gasoline chainsaws with the option equipment labeled PN3800, which is a device for 1968 rubles. This unit is a great tool that can be used for sawing logs, making wood and cutting dry branches in the garden.

The design has a low weight, which is only 5.6 kg. It is supplemented with compact size, so the saw is extremely easy to use. It operates at the expense of a reliable engine, whose power is 1.63 liters. from. The design has an oil tank, it holds 0.21 liters. Petrol chain saw PN3800 is good because it has an economical fuel consumption. The design is thought over that allows to make forces of vibration and noise during the work not so strong.The manufacturer gives a six-year warranty on products.

Model Specifications

saw petrol chain pn3800

The above model of equipment has the function of automatic oil supply. This significantly extends the life of the tool and protects it from premature failure. The operator will have easy access to the spark plug, the same statement is true for the air filter.

The petrol chain saw PN3800 (30 cm tire) has a chain brake. Due to this, in unforeseen situations the equipment will instantly stop. The set comes with a base circuit. Not to mention also the attractive cost. The power of the unit in kilowatts is 1.2. 0.3 liters can be poured into the fuel tank, which prolongs the operating time without refueling. The device operates with noise within 110 dB.

Overview of the features of the saw brand CARVER PROMO PSG-52-18

gasoline chain saw carver

This model of equipment will cost you 3624 rubles. The device represents a household class chainsaw for sawing wood. Easy start is provided with special system. The saw is characterized by a high level of safety, because it is equipped with a chain brake. The design has an anti-vibration system that creates operator comfort while working.

Main technical characteristics of the model

chain saw chainsaw

The above Carver gasoline chain saw has a tire length of 45 cm. This household model is equipped with a 52 cm engine.3. The length of the tire in inches is 18. The power of the equipment is equivalent to 2.6 liters. with., which is equal to 1.9 kW. The device weighs 5.2 kg. It has 72 links. The groove width is 1.5 mm.

Reviews about the main advantages of the model

saw petrol chain pn3800 tire 30 cm

When consumers choose a gasoline chain saw, they recommend reading the reviews. It is advisable to follow this example. After reading the views of consumers on the above model, you can understand that the front handle has a special coating that reduces vibration during operation.

Buyers also like the anti-vibration system, as well as the function of adjusting the chain lubrication. When recoil occurs, the brake will work, the chain will stop immediately. According to users, easy access is provided to the air filter. Accuracy of a cut is guaranteed by a gear emphasis. It is noteworthy that this gasoline chain saw has a body, the material of which is resistant to low temperatures.

Overview of the features of chainsaw brand Huter BS-52

This model of equipment costs 5180 rubles.The chainsaw belongs to the semi-professional class and has a 50-centimeter saw bar. The equipment works at the expense of the 3.4 l engine. from. In order for the operator’s joints to not suffer, the manufacturer took care of reducing the negative impact on them. For this, a vibration damping system is built into the equipment. In automatic mode, the chain is lubricated.


Quite often in the economy there is a need to use a saw. Chain gasoline chainsaw Huter BS-52 can be a great help. Its power is 2.4 kW. The fuel tank holds 0.55 liters. The tire length is 20 inches. Engine capacity equivalent to 52 cm3. The number of links is 76. The device weighs slightly more than the above, its weight is 7.5 kg.

Feedback on positive features

If you need a gasoline chain saw, then you can pay attention to the Huter BS-52 model, which is one of the most popular among consumers. They emphasize that this device has many advantages, among them should be highlighted:

  • possibility of reliable holding of the tool;
  • safe work;
  • efficient cut;
  • ease of use.

With regard to reliable retention, it is provided with a convenient handle, which has a special design for gripping. The lower part of the handle is extended, this ensures the protection of the operator when the circuit is broken. Buyers also enjoy a high level of security. If the front stop is affected, the brake will work, the saw chain will instantly stop.


Before choosing a chainsaw model, you should be familiar with several options for such equipment. Perhaps the high cost of professional devices will force you to decline your choice in the direction of less expensive models that represent household and semi-professional class.

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