Phototherapy - what is it in medicine?

Increasingly, people suffering from various health problems or simply caring for their beauty and youth, can hear from a doctor or cosmetologist about the effectiveness of phototherapy. What is it and what is this technique, let's look in more detail.

phototherapy what is it

Treatment - light, or the principle of phototherapy

This medical term is called a set of procedures, the main active component of which is light. For medical purposes, light waves of different lengths are used, so that phototherapy can be effective with various diagnoses.

Light during phototherapy affects the skin, causing the acceleration of metabolic processes in tissues, contributing to their rapid recovery. That is why most often the term "phototherapy" and what it is, the patient hears and learns in the office of a dermatologist or cosmetologist, because the procedures are most effective for skin diseases.

phototherapy reviews

However, treatment with the help of light waves has also been successfully applied for lesions or dysfunctions of internal organs.Most often, it is an integral part of a complex of measures based on medication or other therapy. And the correct effect on the skin will only accelerate and consolidate the healing process.

Kinds of light: differences in procedures

Depending on the area to be affected, phototherapy devices are used to create light waves of various lengths. For medical procedures are used:

  • Waves with length from 180 to 400 nm.This is all known ultraviolet radiation. In phototherapy devices, UVA rays useful for humans are generated. In the hot sun and in such a popular solarium, UVB rays that affect health extremely negatively affect a person.
  • Waves with length from 400 to 2000 nm.Our eye can perceive this type of light waves, therefore such a procedure of phototherapy is also called visible radiation.
  • Waves with a length of 650 to 2000 nm are called infrared.They are almost invisible to the eye, but their effectiveness in medical procedures is proven.

phototherapy device

Each of the types of light radiation has been successfully used in phototherapy. What it is, exactly what kind of light waves should be used and for how long, the attending physician should select and explain.

Phototherapy Equipment

An ordinary lamp will not be suitable for treatment with light. The equipment is produced specialized and most often for use by medical professionals in a procedural office. You can also buy a lamp for phototherapy at home.

In addition to the division into specialized and home use equipment for phototherapy varies in scale and direction of light.

  • A large-sized device called broadband phototherapy. It is designed for generalized effects on the human body and the most obvious example is the camera for tanning beds. Broadband phototherapy is not suitable for fixing local problems, or if you need to light a hard-to-reach place.
  • Narrow-band phototherapy is represented by various devices that give a directional flow of light. This makes the device mobile and allows you to point to any part of the body.

phototherapy instruction

For home use fits a narrowband device. Independent use of a phototherapy device, the instructions for which are necessarily completed by the manufacturer, requires caution and careful compliance with all safety rules.

Indications for use of light treatment

The use of phototherapy is most effective for eliminating any problems on the skin. After agreeing on a comprehensive treatment, light treatment procedures can be prescribed for the following conditions:

  • acne, acne, rash of various etiologies and localization;
  • chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema and others;
  • trophic ulcers and long-healing wounds;
  • allergic rashes;
  • spider veins and nets.

phototherapy device instruction

In addition to skin problems, phototherapy is used in the treatment of gynecological diseases, problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Treatment with light waves has a beneficial effect on the joints and ligaments, as well as the immune system.

Cosmetology light

If in traditional medicine one can meet skeptics who doubt the effectiveness of such a technique, then in the salon only phototherapy fans gather at cosmetologists.

This is easily explained: light waves make it possible to correct almost any errors on the skin, which is why people who did not even know what it is fall in love with. Phototherapy successfully fights with such phenomena as freckles, acne, acne, fine wrinkles.

phototherapy what is it

Regular light treatments in the salon can significantly improve skin tone, saturate it with collagen and oxygen, so that even deep wrinkles become imperceptible.

A method of removing unwanted hair through phototherapy is widely popular and effective. And if recently it was only available in the salon with a cosmetologist, now you can purchase a special lamp for home phototherapy. Instructions for the device will simply and affordably explain how to remove hairs for a very long time.

phototherapy reviews

Indispensable in maternity hospitals

Treatment with light is widely used in maternity hospitals for babies diagnosed with physiological jaundice. Many infants in the first day of their life become yellow skin and sclera, which indicates excessive accumulation of bilirubin. This process is not pathological, but it needs to be controlled: the baby's body can not cope on its own, and it will need help.

Phototherapy for newborns allows you to remove manifestations of physiological jaundice in the safest and most painless way.

The maternity homes are equipped with special incubators-lamps, in which the kids are placed.Under the influence of light, the withdrawal of bilirubin is accelerated and the symptoms of jaundice disappear. Under the lamp, the baby should be without clothes and for a long time, but such treatment is much more pleasant than injections or medication, and no less effective.

phototherapy for newborns

Precautions and Contraindications

The procedure is suitable for almost everyone and has very few contraindications. These include tuberculosis of any form, cancer, mental disorders.

It is imperative that in any phototherapy procedure, the patient must take care of the safety of his eyes: light waves can adversely affect the retina, therefore protective glasses are necessary.

A medical professional or cosmetologist performing the procedure is obliged to provide the patient with protective glasses. But if phototherapy is performed at home, you need to take care of this in advance.

phototherapy for newborns

Is phototherapy effective: reviews experienced

The greatest number of positive reviews about the procedures of phototherapy from the fair sex, who were able to use a wide range of light procedures in beauty salons.They almost unanimously declare that the condition of the skin improves significantly already after the first three or four procedures.

But most of all fans of this type of phototherapy, as photoepilation, is the removal of unwanted hair through flashes of light. This is the most popular and effective method of hair removal today.

phototherapy what is it

Reviews of cosmetologists' clients say that the greatest advantage of light procedures is their absolute painlessness, the absence of side effects and the long-term result.

Young mummies who had a chance to try phototherapy on their newborn speak very positively about her. After all, it is much easier for the baby to lie down for several days under the lamp, than to take the drugs for months.

Patients of dermatologists speak about phototherapy also positively. For many of them, light treatment is the only way to relieve itching and redness during exacerbations.

Do not be afraid to try new modern techniques in medicine for your beauty and health. You have learned about the features and benefits of phototherapy and, perhaps, join the ranks of her fans.

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