Plasma lamp - how to make it

Cunning inventions are always interestedordinary people. Whether it's a complicated mechanism, or something unusual, you can still look at their work with enthusiasm. Sometimes there is an idea of ​​creating your own project. It's so interesting! Today, a popular device can be considered a so-called ball with lightning, in another - a plasma lamp. It looks very impressive. Therefore it is no wonder that many samodelkin try to construct a plasma lamp on their own. In theory there is nothing difficult, but how to do it in practice?


The first question to be solved is: "What will be needed to create this unit?" After all, the plasma lamp does not roll in the garage!

plasma lamp

For a ball of lightning will need several importantcomponents. The first is a conventional incandescent lamp. The more it is in size, the longer you can observe discharges. About the voltage: here he does not play a special role. Well, if you find fault, the one hundred-watt lamp will do fine. The second part is a board called a limit transformer. This component is one of the main components in this scheme. Everything will depend on him. Where can I find such a fee? You do not need to go far for this. Any old tube monitor from a computer or a "thick" TV is equipped with this board. The third component is the body. It is not worth taking care of it, since the shell does not affect the operation of the plasma lamp. But for safety, and for the sake of aesthetics, a cardboard, wooden or plastic case does not interfere. Also worth knowing about tools. The main assistant in the creation of a soldering iron. Thanks to him, the circuit of the plasma lamp will be able to connect.

Safety regulations

Observance of simple rules will help to protect yourself andsurrounding from unforeseen injuries. It should be remembered that an electric current is not a toy. The first rule is very simple: do not touch bare wires with bare hands. Contact must be made only with insulated tools. The second rule also applies to wires.plasma lamp with your own hands

Only now it is necessary to take care ofviability of the scheme. You need to place bare wires so that they do not touch each other on occasion. Otherwise, a short circuit can occur, which will lead to unpleasant consequences. And one more important rule, relating more to lovers of coffee or tea while working. It is highly recommended that liquids are not present in the workplace.

Plasma lamp with your own hands

So, it's time to practice, because plasmathe lamp is already waiting. To begin with it is necessary to get from the old monitor the necessary payment for the project. To do this, remove the back cover of the monitor. From the turn-off button, a thick, in most cases white, wiring should depart.schematic of a plasma lamp If we follow it further, it will lead tothe desired board. With the help of conventional wire cutters, it is worth cutting off the wires that prevent the converter from getting. They are not needed, so you can work rudely. If everything turned out, then you can move to the next, more responsible level. The soldering iron enters the case, because now the number one task is to solder the power wires. If you flip the board upside down, you can see two black wires on the side. They need to be cleared of isolation and prepared for further process.

The power cord should be soldered very neatly,since the wires coming from the board are very thin. One awkward movement, and you can ruin all the work. After the end of the spike, it is necessary to wrap it up with an insulating tape. But early to leave the soldering iron. This tool will help in another important matter.

how to make a plasma lamp

The lamp itself is not yet connected to the circuit. For her was the last, the thickest wire. It also needs to be soldered, only now to the light bulb. That's almost all the preparations are over. In the prepared case it is necessary to place all devices so that from above there is one lamp. An alarming moment is the time of verification. Plug the power cord into the socket, finger on the glass. If inside there were lightning, then it's done right.


How to make a plasma lamp? Now this question will not lead to confusion. Anyone who is fond of engineering, simply must make this device. He not only will not miss, but will also become a trophy, which will decorate an honorable number of inventions.

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