Plastic profiles for PVC windows

Profile is the main design element of any modern window. Reliability and durability of a plastic product depends on its quality component. At first glance, it may seem that plastic profiles for windows differ from different manufacturers, but the design features begin to appear after six months or even several years of operation. In cheap products gaps and imbalances are formed, and more expensive ones stand as if nothing had happened.

plastic profiles for windows

So, let's try to figure out which profile is better for plastic windows (we will look at the rating and review of products below), what distinguishes the goods of one brand from those of another, and whether it makes any sense to save by buying cheap equipment of such a plan. All this we will consider in the article, taking into account the opinion of experts and feedback from ordinary owners of plastic products.

Before answering the question, which profile is better for plastic windows, we will conduct a brief excursion to complete the picture.Then go directly to the list of the best manufacturing companies.

PVC profile: characteristics

The profile is the main constructional component of a plastic window. Frames and shutters are made of it. It also depends on the strength of the product and appearance. For most manufacturers, the most attractive material for the manufacture of windows is polyvinyl chloride, I mean PVC. It is hollow inside, that is, it has air chambers separated from each other by metal inserts. This solution allows to significantly increase the thermal insulation of plastic profiles for windows. Reviews on these products are the most diverse: from critically negative to the most flattering. Here, a very important role is played by the manufacturing company, as well as the cost of the profile.

plastic window profile

As an alternative material in the production can be used wood (usually larch or cedar), as well as aluminum. The first option is considered more noble and expensive, and the second one is distinguished by its reliability, but is more suitable for office and industrial premises than for city apartments.

We will consider the most common, popular version - this is PVC products, and at the same time we will determine which profile and plastic windows are better in one way or another.


There is a list of European standards, which all manufacturers adhere to, or at least try to do. The main quality requirements are reflected in the list of EN 12608 SR, which describes in detail the characteristics of unplasticized polyvinyl chloride for the production of doors and windows.

Russia has its own standards, the usual GOSTs, where a list of characteristics and technical conditions is assigned to plastic profiles for windows under the number 30673-99. Thus, it is quite easy to classify these products into three classes.

Profile Classes:

  • Class A. Here we have products with a thickness of the inner walls from 2.5 mm and external ones from 2.8 mm. This is the most reliable option, having the best heat and sound insulation. Models of this segment belong to the premium class and are distinguished by corresponding pricing policies.
  • Class B. The inner walls are not less than 2.0 mm thick, and the outer walls are 2.5 mm thick. Products of this class are noticeably "colder", and also more subject to transformation, especially in difficult climatic environments (frequent and abrupt changes in weather conditions).
  • Class C. This can include everything that does not fit the first two conditions and other frankly cheap consumer goods. There are no serious requirements for these products.

Which profile is better for plastic windows? The unequivocal answer is class A, but you can come across quite good products and class B, so you shouldn’t completely disregard it. But first things first.

which profile is better for plastic windows

Also, do not be amiss to mention another profile - object, or industrial. It is designed for installation in non-residential and industrial premises. It is not installed in private houses or city apartments, because it is least resistant to deformation and practically does not keep heat.

Such plastic profiles for windows in their appearance are not much different from the usual, with the exception of special marking on the protective film - Object (object). It is not uncommon for unscrupulous dealers to offer suspiciously low prices for their products selling in the guise of ordinary PVC windows, such are object fakes. Therefore, the proverbs are true here more than ever: "A miser pays twice" and "Free cheese is only in a mousetrap."

The best profile for plastic windows

Inexperienced consumer is very difficult to determine the visual quality of the profile. But there are some distinctive features of products that can to some extent form an assessment to him, as well as the practicality of the purchase.

Profile uniformity

First of all, plastic is simply obliged to be smooth and uniform. Granular coating indicates that the product was made by handicrafts and is a fake. Any gradients or divorces are inappropriate here, so do not buy into the assurances of the seller about some originality or new profile design.

what profile plastic windows

In most cases, they will try to offer you a “garage” window, during the manufacture of which you have not even heard about standards and GOSTs. Moreover, such “manufacturers” are sometimes so overpriced for their products that people buy into the so-called premium segment in the original design style. Therefore, you need to be very attentive. Be sure to pay attention to the factory stamp, which is located on the inside of the window box: there should be several inventory numbers (shift number, type of equipment, date, etc.) and the name of the manufacturer.

Profile width

Most often, the profile for plastic windows is available in the classic 58-mm version. This is the optimal width for most city apartments. Where the climate is more severe or there are multistoried skyscrapers, you can find a 70-mm profile.

There are also premium products that are distinguished by the best performance of heat and noise insulation. The price list for such profiles for plastic windows is appropriate, and the width varies within 90 mm. Not all companies want to communicate with such noble products, because the existing characteristics of the profiles of the average hand is enough to meet the needs of a good half of users. Yes, and pays for itself the thickness of 90 mm, only if you have a railway junction under the window or the airport in two steps.

Number of airbags

The number of cameras in a profile directly depends on its thickness. So, the classic version of 58 mm can be equipped with only three air compartments. This amount is enough to save heat in the apartment.

best profile for plastic windows

Accordingly, the 70-mm products have four or five cameras, and 90-mm - six. There is a simple principle - the more cameras, the quieter and warmer will be in the room. But in fairness it should be clarified that the difference between the four and three compartments is insignificant, so it is impractical to overpay for a 70 mm profile model. If you, of course, do not live in northern Yakutsk.

Number of glass packs

The double-glazed window is a box with several sheets of glass, which are interconnected by a sealant and a special frame. An airtight chamber is formed between each individual glass, where there may be either simple air or some kind of gas.

profile rating for plastic windows

In a single-glass unit there are two glasses and, accordingly, an air gap between them. This is the most affordable option and the easiest in terms of weight. Such a decision perfectly showed itself on the balconies and loggias or terraces. Putting one-packet plastic profiles for windows directly into an apartment is not worth it, because they to a lesser extent isolate your house from noise and transmit heat.

For a residential house, it is better to choose the most optimal one - a two-chamber double-glazed window, that is, three glass panes and two layer chambers. Three-chamber models are suitable for harsh climatic zones, where the temperature outside the window drops below 40 degrees. At higher temperatures, the practical difference between three and two packages is not noticeable.

Next, we consider specific manufacturers of PVC products.

The list of manufacturers of the best profiles for plastic windows (rating) is as follows:

  1. Rehau.
  2. VEKA.
  3. Trocal.
  4. Salamander.
  5. KBE.

We will analyze each participant in more detail.

Rehau (Aikon)

This venerable company for more than half a century has been engaged in the production and sale of plastic products. "Rehau" is considered the main innovator in this field and rightfully occupies the honorable first place in the rating of profiles for plastic windows.

best profile for plastic windows rating

The company's engineers are constantly improving the design of profiles, as well as appearance. The manufacturer pays special attention to environmental performance of products and energy-saving technologies. "Rehau" produces mainly profiles with a width of 60-70 mm, and its products can be attributed to the average price segment.


Another venerable German manufacturer, whose products are highly valued around the world, and in our country as well. One of the distinguishing features of the brand's products is a multi-colored profile that does not fade in direct sunlight.

Also, it would not be superfluous to note the presence of an extremely high quality natural rubber seal in the company's products. It does not freeze even at the lowest possible temperatures, which is especially important in some Russian regions. "VEKA" works mainly with profiles with widths from 58 to 90 mm.As for the cost, here we also have an average price segment.


This brand has a long and undisturbed history of activity. The first window was released back in 1954 and after extensive recognition, the company successfully continues its operations. The brand is especially distinguished by the visual component of its products.

For decorative windows you can choose any of hundreds of options - from lamination to decorative acrylic coating. The profile fully complies with all European environmental standards, including the most stringent - Greenline, and also provides excellent thermal and noise insulation. Profile rulers start with 70mm models. The price of products is too high in comparison with previous brands, but for impeccable quality you should pay that kind of money.


This company is not as widely known as the same “CENTURY” or “Rehau”, but it is not inferior to the latter in terms of the quality of its products.

Profiles are assembled and completed exclusively in Germany, so here you can count on European quality, but at an appropriate price. The main direction of the company is 60-70 mm profiles.


It is also one of the most popular German brands, whose advertising is sometimes characterized by its aggressiveness. Surely everyone, at least with his ear, but heard about this brand and its products.

Despite dubious, rather intrusive marketing, the company's products proved to be exclusively positive. One of the main distinguishing features of KVE profiles is durability and compliance with all environmental standards. That is why in kindergartens, preschool institutions and schools of our country the windows from KVE flaunt.

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