Pork loin in the oven - royal recipe

Disputes over the benefits or harm of pork do not subside to this day. Since olden times, there has been a double attitude towards fatty nourishing meat. On the one hand, neither lamb nor beef are standing and next to the pork in taste, on the other - the greasiness of this meat is not very useful for the human body. And yet, on cold Russian winter evenings, there is no better dish thanpork loin in the ovenpork loin, baked in an oven to a golden crisp. Her fragrance will go home and bring the whole family to the table. But what to say, any housewife likes to cook it from pork meat. It does not need long marinate, fry or cook. It is tasty in itself, so there is no need to use a lot of seasoning. There are at least a dozen recipes called “Bone in the oven” alone, and each makes the meat uniquely tasty. We offer you one of them.

Brisket "Tsar's Hunt"

In addition to the meat we need: a couple of slices of bacon (can be smoked), the head of young garlic,a few sprigs of thyme, four asterisk star anise, fennel root, black pepper (preferably ground directly in the cooking process), a little salt, a hundred grams of olive oil. And, of course, meat. The piece should be large, let it be at least three edges. The bone loin in the oven is roasted so that even a child can eat meat.


Washed and dried pork with thick paper towels, rub with salt and pepper. Fry in a large pan until golden brown. Garlic divided into teeth. Press them lightly with something (for example, a spoon) so that they put the juice in, but do not turn into a porridge. Cut the fennel large, put it together with garlic in a deep dish for baking, in which preheat the olive oil to boil. In it, lower the star anise and sprigs of thyme. Next, add the meat to the remaining ingredients. Place bacon on both sides of the loin. They will help our meat to become uniquely juicy. Cover the dishes for baking with foil, put in a preheated 200 degree oven. Bake meat at medium temperature.Pork loin in the oven will be cooked for about another hour and a half. In order for meat to not be dry, from time to time it is necessary to water it with fat.

brisket in the ovenSauce

For the time while the pork loin in the oven reaches its finally delicious
condition, prepare a sauce for it. Put the pan on the fire, at the bottom of which, after frying, there is an appetizing crust. To make it go away, fill it with a glass of water and boil it. Then scrape the crust with a spatula. Later, when the pork loin is ready in the oven, wipe the remaining garlic and fennel root and place in the pan in the mixture. Add some mustard to it. Mix everything and leave to boil to the desired thickness.

bones in the ovenGarnish

Cut the loin into pieces and pour over the prepared sauce. Serve meat better with vegetables. Tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded cabbage (both fresh and pickled), lettuce leaves are very suitable for this dish.

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