Pot for boys: selection criteria and methods of use

When the baby grows up and begins to crawl and walk, parents think about choosing a new accessory for him. A pot for boys which one is better to buy? The answer to this question you can get after reading the article. You will learn the main criteria that must be considered when choosing a pot for boys.

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How to choose a product?

First of all, there should be a pot for boys comfortable. Also, the product should appeal to its new owner. Otherwise, the baby may simply refuse to use this attribute.

Before you buy a pot for boys, visit several stores that specialize in the sale of such products. At first glance it seems that all accessories are the same. However, this is not quite true. In most cases, different materials are used to make pots. Such personal care products may have different seats.Some of them are soft, others are made of thick plastic. In addition, at the present time you can find pots with a variety of additional distracting elements. Also, some parents buy their baby is not a pot, but a urinal. How to make the right choice?

Height and size

The pot for boys in the first place must be matched to the age and height of the child. Some products have a height of 10 centimeters. These pots are suitable for six-month-old babies who have just learned to sit. Often on such hygiene products is a wide high back. This is provided for the convenience of the child.

If your crumb has already become older, you should purchase a higher and deeper pot. Often the manufacturer equips such products with handles. For them, the child can carry his pot wherever he wants. For kids aged one or one and a half years old, choose a product with a height of at least 20 centimeters.

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Seat material

A pot for boys should be not only large and roomy, but also comfortable. So, often parents buy products with a soft seat for their babies.Most often it is made of foam rubber, and the top is covered with a waterproof material. These pots are more like small toilets. It is worth noting that many experts oppose such pots. A large number of microbes can live and breed in a soft seat.

Try to give preference to the wide seat, made of high-quality plastic. Metal parts may be uncomfortable for a baby. They quickly become cold, and the child simply does not want to sit on them.

Optional accessory

In addition to all the above, you need to take into account the presence of a special ledge on the pot. If you put the baby on the product, he will be between the legs. Most manufacturers make pots with this attribute. It helps to contain a strong stream of urine and does not allow it to splash. As a result, all the bowel movements of the child remain in the pot.

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Many pots are now available with built-in toys. This may be a tablet located in front of the pot, or some buttons. Also some accessories are musical.They play a melody immediately after the child fulfills the need.

Experts and pediatricians do not recommend buying such products. They greatly distract the child from the important process. Often, the kid just sits down to play, and not to do the job for which the pot is intended.

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How to use the pot?

Pot-chair for boys himself says about his use. The kid just sits on the selected product and meets the need. After that, from the chair you can pull the container and pour its contents.

Also, many moms try to teach boys to write standing. Perhaps this is correct. However, in this case, you have to hold the pot with your hands and catch the stream. The output will be the purchase of a urinal. Most often, such products are made of durable plastic and are height-adjustable, adapting to the growth of the baby. It is worth recalling that a urinal can not always help a child. You can only write to it. Many kids find it hard to understand such rules. That is why experts advise buying such products only after the child is three years old.

how to choose the right pot for the boy


You now know how to choose a good pot for boys (convenient), and how to use it in the future. Remember that you need to take into account the wishes of the child within reasonable limits.If the baby loves yellow color, then it is worth buying an attribute in this particular design. Also pay attention to the cost of the pot. Often, popular manufacturers overestimate the price of an accessory because of their brand, while an absolutely identical model from a less well-known company costs much less. Good luck with your purchase!

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