Private sector in Gelendzhik: photos and reviews of tourists

Not all of our compatriots seek to relax in large hotels, working on an "all inclusive". Many people, wanting to spend a relaxing summer vacation with family or friends, choose the private sector in Gelendzhik. First, such housing is often cheaper, and secondly, it allows you to enjoy peace and quiet, which is not possible in large hotels.

Gelendzhik: resort description

Gelendzhik is one of the most popular resorts in Russia located on the Black Sea coast. The resort is a coast of a rare bay of the same name with it, bordered by the picturesque Caucasus Mountains. Fans of mountain tourism, who have chosen this town for their rest, can climb to the top of the Markkhotsky ridge and admire the magnificent views opening from there to the buildings of modern health centers and beautiful streets along which the Pitsunda pine has been planted.

Blue Bay Gelendzhik private sector

The longest and most beautiful embankment in the world, perfectly suitable for leisurely walks while on vacation, is another reason why many Russians choose to rest in Gelendzhik. The private sector often offers such housing options that are located in close proximity to it. This means that vacationers can at any time take a walk along the sea, admiring the waves and inhaling its smell. The embankment runs through the entire resort, taking its origin from one cape and ending in the opposite. However, the most famous part of it is Lermontovsky Boulevard, in connection with which it is in his area that holidaymakers are looking for housing in Gelendzhik. The private sector, fortunately, can offer many different options, located not far from this place and at the same time quite affordable.

Accommodation options in the private sector near the sea

Of course, having chosen Gelendzhik (private sector) for their beach holidays, all people strive to find a housing option that would be located near the sea. And it is quite understandable, because you only want to rise from the bed, to have the opportunity to plunge into the cool waves and accompany the setting sun into the sea, going to bed. Otherwise, what's the point of going to Gelendzhik?

The private sector of this city is replete with a wide variety of proposals, among which are studios, small rooms, and whole apartments. Thanks to such a wide choice, every tourist has the opportunity to choose the option that suits him in terms of cost and other parameters, including comfort, convenience of location, territory, etc.

A great place, located near the sea, is a guest house "Irina", located on the street. Lunacharskaya, which is the main street of the resort Gelendzhik. The private sector by the sea makes it possible for holidaymakers to listen to the sound of the waves and dine, admiring the endless water blue - and all this can be found in Irina. In addition to comfortable rooms, there is also a kitchen, which has everything you need for cooking. On the territory there is also parking for 8 cars and barbecue facilities.

Gelendzhik private sector Thick Cape

Another attractive accommodation option for those who wish to stay near the sea is Guest House "On Griboedova". Nearby is the center of the resort Gelendzhik. The private sector in these places, of course, is a bit more expensive than in many other areas of the town, but the proposed conditions are worth it.The guest house has only 6 rooms, so that it is always quiet and comfortable here. In this case, all rooms are equipped with comfortable furniture and other necessary accessories. There is a summer kitchen and BBQ. The courtyard is literally immersed in flowers, surrounded by tables and chairs.

"Valeria" - a modern private hotel in Gelendzhik

The private sector in Gelendzhik is represented not only by guest houses, but also mini-hotels. “Valeria” deserves special attention. This private hotel is located in the center of the resort, 150 meters from the sea. Nearby is the central promenade and water park. "Valeria" looks significantly different from many other accommodation options. This building successfully combines elements of such styles as gothic and hi-tech. On the territory of the mini-hotel there are equipped places for recreation, where rattan furniture is installed.

The number of rooms of “Valeria” is represented by a total of 17 rooms, among which there are five economy class rooms, eight - business class and four junior suites. All rooms are very cozy. It is worth noting that their internal equipment is different from the many rooms offered by the private sector in Gelendzhik.Thus, the rooms have imported sofas, spacious wardrobes and custom-made beds. There is also a fridge and a split system. Bathrooms in all rooms are equipped with imported sanitary ware, transparent shower cabins, and their walls are decorated with Italian, German and French tiles. Mirrors are equipped with lighting. Interestingly, the mini-hotel takes guests not only in summer but also in winter, so that you can enjoy magnificent views of the sea and walks along the deserted promenade at any time of the year.

housing in Gelendzhik private sector

Blue Bay Private Sector

Blue Bay is one of the most developed and cozy neighborhoods of the city of Gelendzhik. The private sector here is represented by small guest houses with cozy courtyards, near which there is a clear sea, a luxurious beach and an unprecedented number of beautiful places. The main advantage of the neighborhood is the lack of urban bustle, which is characteristic of the central part of the resort. That is why the choice of many families with children and young couples seeking solitude is Blue Bay (Gelendzhik). The private sector, in addition, is cheaper here than in the center.

One of the most comfortable guest houses of the Blue Bay is the Valentine. For accommodation it offers standard rooms as well as suites. In each of them it is possible to install additional space. On the territory of "Valentine" there is a Russian bath with a pool, which can be used by all guests. In the courtyard there is a large gazebo and barbecue where you can fry kebabs and enjoy evening conversations with friends and family. In the holiday season, the owners of the guesthouse offer three meals a day, which is based on delicious homemade dishes.

rest in Gelendzhik private sector

"Sunny" is another guest house, the location of which is the area of ​​Blue Bay (Gelendzhik). The private sector, including this version of the proposal, attracts holidaymakers with a small population and the availability of everything necessary for a summer vacation. So, there are cozy rooms, a barbecue in the courtyard, a library, a bar, and a kitchen-dining room where you can prepare your own food.

"White Swan" - a cozy guest house on the first coastline of Gelendzhik

If you want to spend a relaxing holiday in Gelendzhik (private sector), the White Swan Guest House,located in the neighborhood of Blue Bay, at your service! It should be noted that the bay located here fully justifies its name - the water in it is very clean and clear. The house itself is located on the first coastline, which makes an unforgettable vacation at sea. Gelendzhik, the private sector of which is represented not only by mini-hotels located near the beaches, gives more good impressions to those who had the opportunity to admire the endless blue water from the window of their accommodation, such as the guests of the White Swan.

holiday at sea Gelendzhik private sector

The hotel has a spacious green courtyard. For an additional fee you can order three meals a day. All rooms are decorated with special taste. Vacationers can choose brown, pink, purple, blue or green apartments. At the same time, regardless of the color scheme, they are all equipped with good furniture, comfortable beds, air conditioning and a TV, however, like many other rooms in the private sector in the resort of Gelendzhik. Private sector, st. Blue Bay, 4 - this is the exact address of the “White Swan”, where the owners of the guest house always welcome guests, providing them with everything they need for a good summer vacation.

Thin Cape: comfortable and affordable housing in the private sector

In the northern part of Gelendzhik Bay is located Thin Cape, the beaches of which are always distinguished by poorly populated areas. Bright greens and uncrowded clean beaches are characteristic of this part of the resort of Gelendzhik. The thin cape private sector is quite extensive. There are rooms and whole apartments for every taste and budget. Thus, an excellent accommodation option is the State Duma “Cozy Coast”, which offers single and double rooms with a bathroom, beds, wardrobe, chairs, bedside tables, a hanger, a mirror, air conditioning, a TV and a refrigerator. 1 minute walk from the "Cozy Coast" is the sea with beautiful sandy-pebble beaches. And at a distance of about 500 m there is the Golden Bay water park, where you can have fun with the whole family.

For tourists who came to Gelendzhik, Tonky Cape (private sector), Polina offers to stay in one of the double rooms with conveniences that are equipped with necessary furniture, air conditioning or a fan, as well as a shower and toilet. On the territory of the guest house there is a summer kitchen, where vacationers, using the equipment and utensils present at it, can cook their own food.In the courtyard there is a playground for rest and barbecue facilities. Not far from the "Polina" are cafes, shops, restaurants and water parks.

Guest House "Chocolate": an excellent family vacation economy class

Considering the housing in Gelendzhik (private sector), "Chocolate", located in the area of ​​Cape Thorne, cannot be overlooked. Guests of this guesthouse receive not only wonderful accommodation, but also the opportunity to relax on the best beaches of the resort and swim in the clear sea. In "Chocolate" there are double and triple rooms with all conveniences, which makes summer vacation pleasant and carefree. On the territory of the guest house there is a lot of greenery, surrounded by which there is a brazier and a gazebo. For cooking, guests of Chocolate can use the common kitchen, which has dishes for cooking and eating, as well as refrigerators, where you can store food or ready meals.

Gelendzhik private sector by the sea

The aquarium, water park, numerous nightclubs, dolphinarium, many cafes and restaurants - all this has on its territory Gelendzhik. The private sector, "Chocolate" is located within walking distance of all these institutions, but at the same time, the noise from them does not reach the rooms of the guests.Nearby is the beach, as well as the sanatorium "Blue Wave", where anyone can take a course of treatment and improve their health.

Private hotels and holiday homes in the area of ​​Cape Tolstoy

In addition to those already mentioned, there is another cozy place to relax in the resort of Gelendzhik. Private sector A thick cape, located on the left side of the bay, is surrounded on all possible sides, thanks to which vacationers can easily find a suitable housing option at an affordable price, among which is the DG Angel. A five minute walk from the guest house is located the sea and a radiant bay. The great advantage of the "Angel" is that it is located on a quiet, well-lit street where you can safely walk at any time of the day. Here at night, the rest is not disturbed by the noise of cars or night discos, which are so characteristic of many streets of such a city as Gelendzhik. The private sector, namely the DG Angel, has comfortable rooms, a common kitchen where you can cook food, a parking lot for cars, and a cozy courtyard.

Video surveillance is installed on the territory of the guest house, thanks to which guests can feel completely safe.Not far from the "Angel" is a supermarket, market, banks, pharmacies, bus stops and grocery stores working around the clock in the resort of Gelendzhik. The private sector, Thick Cape from which is located a 5-minute walk, mainly attracts people because there are great beaches nearby with excellent conditions for swimming and relaxing, as well as numerous cafes, restaurants and all sorts of entertainment.

Guest house "Magnolia"

Guest house "Magnolia" is located 150 meters from the rocky coastline, which is famous for Gelendzhik. The private sector provides an opportunity to relax on the luxurious beaches of Tolstoy Cape, because it is located nearby. As for the yard "Magnolia", it is immersed in flowers and greenery, and is also away from city noise. Nearby is the hotel "Barracuda", where there is a sauna, billiards and a swimming pool, which can be used for an additional, but low fee.

Gelendzhik Thin Cape private sector

For staying travelers are offered double and triple rooms with all amenities. On the floor there is a kitchen, which has a stove and kitchen equipment.Next to the "Magnolia" there is a cafe and a restaurant where guests can enjoy a variety of delicious dishes at any time. Such a private sector in Gelendzhik is sure to please you, and you will want to come here more than once.

Guest reviews about Gelendzhik

Gelendzhik receives the most accolades from tourists. The private sector, whose photos vacationers always bring with them from vacation, annually attracts many travelers from all over Russia. After all, guest houses or individual apartments have a number of advantages over large hotels, the most important of which is the affordable price. As for the impressions from the rest in the private sector, people say that they received quite what they expected. The rooms were clean and tastefully furnished. There were also common kitchens where you can cook food. Many tourists celebrate the hospitality of the owners of the private sector, who are ready at any time to answer the question asked or to fulfill the request of their guest.

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