Protein shakes recipes. When to drink protein shake. The best protein for gaining muscle mass

Most novice athletes are not only interested in a set of exercises for developing strength, but also recipes for protein shakes that will help you gain muscle mass quickly. In this article, the reader will find information about cocktails and their proper intake, and also find out which protein is better for a decent growth of muscles.

Put everything on the shelves

Taking into account the fact that from English the word “protein” is translated as “protein”, the article will deal specifically with drinks, in which the lion’s share (more than 50%) must contain this component. The main component of protein can be included in several ways:

  • in the form of vegetable protein;
  • in the form of animal protein;
  • as a sports supplement;
  • in the form of dairy products.protein shakes recipes

Between themselves, all the cocktails are different absorption time: fast, normal and long-acting. Therefore, each cocktail requires certain conditions and appropriate time for reception. In fact, any protein shake at home can be created without much effort, because it all depends on the availability of the necessary ingredients. The presence of a blender is welcome, but if it is not there, the problem can be solved with a knife shredding.

Cocktail Benefits

For some reason, many people think that a cocktail should be taken directly 40 minutes before a workout and no later than half an hour after it. As evidence, a novice can give a detailed translation of instructions from the package of imported protein. You can write anything and anywhere, the main thing is to purchase products. But if you analyze the situation, you can come to the conclusion that the use of a cocktail is very convenient when there is no time for a full meal. Based on this conclusion, the reader can immediately decide for himself when to drink a protein shake.

the best protein for gaining muscle mass

For the growth of muscle mass you need to use at least 2 grams of protein per kilogram of its own weight.Professionals believe that to maintain the metabolism is required to consume protein and a half times more than originally stated. That is, every day an average athlete needs to feed the body from 150 to 250 grams of pure substance. It is even theoretically impossible to load protein with three meals a day, therefore cocktails are designed to solve the problem.

Proper preparation of ingredients

Download all protein from the refrigerator in a cocktail will not succeed. First, the drink should be limited to a sufficient amount for normal operation of the stomach (250-350 mg). Secondly, fast-digesting proteins cannot be mixed with long digestible foods. Before making a protein shake, you need to get acquainted with the structure of its proper preparation.

  • The presence of a liquid base, which may be water, milk, kefir or yogurt, is obligatory. In the priority of low-fat products with protein content.
  • Base. Here we are talking about foods high in protein: protein, eggs, cottage cheese. Many athletes who need a large amount of protein in one meal add finely chopped chicken breast, beef meat or fish to cocktails.
  • Carbohydrates.They are added to flavor the drink - it's honey, jam, jam, sugar and similar products that are useful in building muscle mass.
  • Vitamins. Strawberries, bananas, kiwi - any fruit with a vitamin content. It is recommended that they replace products from the third paragraph, creating recipes for protein shakes.

Cocktail "Good morning"

If you plan to eat for breakfast, then immediately after sleep you can start the metabolism with a light protein shake, which in a few minutes will supply protein to the body. Fast protein (30-40 grams of whey isolate) on a milk basis (250 ml) will perform the task at 100%. Literally in 30 minutes you can start breakfast. You should not hope that the stomach will be full, and the morning meal will pass without much desire. In fact, quite the opposite. Protein shake for muscles, passing quickly through the stomach, will force the gastric juice to stand out, which, not finding food, will give a signal to the brain that it would be time to fortify.

protein shake home

Such a focus before breakfast is possible without protein. Enough in 250 ml of warm milk to add one teaspoon of honey to get a quick shake.Yes, there will not be so many proteins in it, but this option is still better than the complete absence of the morning cocktail.

Cocktail "Winnie the Pooh"

If eating in the morning is not possible, then you can use a protein-carbohydrate cocktail called “Winnie the Pooh”. In fact, judging by the reviews in the media, he has many names, but the composition is almost identical.

You will need a half-liter glass jar in which you need to pour 200 ml of milk or yogurt. After that, 50-70 grams of raw oat flakes should be poured into the container and covered with finely chopped banana, strawberry or other fruits. The jar should be closed with a lid and refrigerated on a less cooled shelf.

In the morning after sleep, all that remains is to remove the jar from the fridge, open the lid, and you can start the meal. Many athletes prefer to hire such a protein shake. Consumer testimonials recommend that all beginners use such a cocktail as a second breakfast at work, instead of a cup of coffee.

Cocktail "Vegetarian"

This drink is more popular among athletes who sit on the dryer than vegetarians themselves.The fact is that it is based on 400 ml of low-fat yogurt, and the protein used is soy isolate (40 grams), which is considered the highest protein on the market of sports nutrition (92-95%). In addition, the drink is completely absent fats and carbohydrates.

muscle growth proteins

Vegetable proteins for muscle growth can be based not only on soy. These can be maize proteins, peas, rice, hemp and the like. However, of all the existing products for vegetarians, soy is considered the best plant with a high content of protein important for the human body. Soy protein has a low digestibility, so it is best to use it instead of the first breakfast, or just before bedtime. At other times, he is able for several hours just to kill his appetite.

Cocktail "Fruit Mix"

A good fruit cocktail with a small amount of proteins, based on carbohydrates, can put on the feet of any person after waking up. To create it, you will need 250 ml of orange juice, 100 ml of low-fat kefir (or yogurt with a banana flavor), one banana and a pinch of cinnamon. All ingredients need to be mixed in a blender, then you can begin to use.

Anyone can invent recipes of protein shakes based on juice on their own, most importantly, as a result, they will not spoil the taste of the mixture. After all, often a game with ingredients leads to the fact that beginner athletes see a solution only in the purchase of expensive ready-made mixtures, instead of getting to know better the culinary business.

Cocktail "Protein"

As soon as they do not call this cocktail, both chicken and winged, they even call it salad. But the name is not as important as its list of ingredients. There is something to be proud of - this is the best protein shake. At home, in the gym, at work — it doesn’t matter where the main thing is there is a tremendous amount of carbohydrates and protein in them, so they can close all the “windows” after a workout and also replace breakfast or lunch.

how to make protein shake

The basis is a glass of low-fat kefir or yogurt, in which 200 grams of boiled chicken breasts are poured. Also in the mix you need to add 4-6 proteins of boiled eggs (without yolks). Then everything is whipped in a blender. After that, vitamins are added which in no way spoil the taste of the cocktail, but only saturate it with iron and vitamin C.One sweet red pepper and a pair of apples is enough for this. Once again, beat the cocktail with a blender and pour it into the desired container. On average, the output will be 600-800 ml of a nutrient mixture consisting of 60 grams of proteins. Even the best protein for gaining muscle mass is not listed here.

Cocktail "Night"

The name is one, but the ingredients are all different. It was originally supposed to make a mixture using casein protein in an amount of 50 mg on the basis of 400 ml of defatted kefir. The resulting cocktail is eaten immediately before bedtime, contrary to the opinions of all nutritionists of the world about the dangers of eating at night.

For many athletes, casein proteins for muscle growth are expensive, so the role of sports nutrition in a night cocktail is performed not only by a cheap analogue, but by a source of casein protein - cottage cheese. Naturally, completely fat free. To create a cocktail you will need at least 200 mg of fresh cottage cheese. Sports nutrition professionals do not recommend using all kinds of sweeteners. After all, first of all, these are carbohydrates that the body does not need at night exactly.

Cocktail "Sea Breeze"

This is actually a high protein salad. He enjoys great demand after strength training for both men and women. The idea of ​​creating the dish came to the author, apparently, after thinking about how to make a protein shake of seafood. A low-fat kefir or yoghurt is taken as a base, but the protein ingredients depend entirely on the athlete's fantasy.

protein composition

The most affordable and inexpensive solution is shrimp meat, because its protein content has very few competitors. But then everything depends on the finances of the cook. A delicious cocktail is obtained if you add pink salmon or trout meat to it. Do not do fish dish without greens. Parsley, celery, basil, taken in small proportions, will make the cocktail not only nutritious, but also very healthy.

Cocktail "Think up yourself"

Why not? In the media, there are a lot of recipes with no names, which athletes share among themselves. What prevents to create your own masterpiece instead of looking for information on how to make a protein shake from improvised means?

A simple example from the life of the famous Cuban Sergio Oliva, who was a vegetarian.Permanent work on the construction site to the future Mr. Olympia did not allow financially spending money on expensive sports nutrition, as well as the lack of free time to negate a full meal. Sergio Oliva's signature cocktail: a bottle of skimmed milk as the base was filled with a mixture of a dozen raw eggs, half of which were without yolks. As a result, 60 grams of pure protein are ingested in a single dose.

Ice Cream Cocktails

There are many recipes in the media, where the authors recommend creating the best protein shakes using pieces of ice. Maybe such a drink to quench thirst and good for the body, but not a protein shake. If we turn to the course of physiology, namely, to the section of the assimilation of food by the body, then you can find one interesting feature - cold food before assimilation heats up to 37 degrees Celsius. Moreover, the heating process is much slower than in a microwave oven. That is, an ice-cold protein shake, instead of providing the body with building protein as soon as possible, will first be heated to the desired temperature. There is no logic in the application of ice.Naturally, it is not necessary to heat the cocktails above 40 degrees. Since with such indicators the composition of the protein is easy to denature, that is, the biological utility of the protein is eliminated.

About proteins

The recipes of protein shakes initially assumed the use of sports nutrition in them, however, during the long years of bodybuilding, many athletes came to the conclusion that the reception of the finished mixture is needed only in those cases when the usual meal is impossible. For example, in the gym, after a workout, or at work. In the future, protein shakes are generally replaced with high-protein foods, which are an order of magnitude better than imported semi-finished products.

protein shake reviews

Many newcomers who strive to achieve high results in a short period of time do a lot of stupid things. For example, having read the manufacturer's recommendations, they completely replace food intake with protein. It is strictly prohibited to do this. The fact is that in addition to proteins, carbohydrates and amino acids, such a composition does not contain trace elements important for the human body: fiber, minerals, vitamins, fats and water.

Types of proteins for gaining muscle mass

For a set of muscle mass, two types of proteins are recommended: fast and slow. In the morning and after a workout, you need to take fast protein. Here it is important that its composition includes a protein with high digestibility: an isolate or concentrate of whey protein, egg protein is quite suitable. But before bedtime you need to use protein with low digestibility. The nightly dish of an athlete is considered to be casein protein, which is digested by the body for about six hours, providing the athlete's muscle building protein.

And if the reader is interested in which manufacturer offers the best protein for gaining muscle mass, then the professionals recommend to contact the rating of sports nutrition vendors. Top positions are occupied by Ultimate Nutrition, Optimum Nutrition, AllMax, SAN and Dymatize brands. Yes, the prices of the products of these manufacturers are very high, but these representatives of the sports nutrition market give a 100% quality guarantee, thanks to which you can make a comparison of proteins by purchasing an analog from the budget niche.


Homemade protein shakes, recipes which are presented in this article, are only a small part of the knowledge of this athlete.First of all, the main attention should be paid not to the creation of protein cocktails, but to the calories that enter the body. If their intake will significantly prevail over consumption, then you first need to take care of the diet and only then think about the consumption of proteins.

After purchasing a can of protein, you do not need to try to eat it in one day. Additional protein should be used only in those cases when it is impossible to eat regular food or as a result of several meals the body did not receive the necessary amount of protein for muscle growth.

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Protein shakes recipes. When to drink protein shake. The best protein for gaining muscle mass 52

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