Recipe for housewives: warm salad with chicken liver

Why do we often meet different recipes Why are they so popular among hostesses? The answer is very simple: this product does not require special material costs, is available and very tasty. Do not forget also about its benefits to the human body. Even a beginning hostess can cope with the preparation of dishes from such a liver, since there is nothing difficult in this. So today we will remember how to prepare a warm salad with chicken liver from various ingredients.

Recipe number 1: the most common

We will need: 0.5 kg of chicken liver, courgettes of medium size - two pieces, bread crumbs - five spoons, two onions, chicken eggs - four pieces, vegetable and butter, garlic, salt. Now prepare a warm salad with chicken liver.

Cut into half rings or onion rings, fry in butter until golden brown. Cut the liver into strips and also fry in butter for no more than 10 minutes. Five minutes before removal from the heat we salt.Now combine the onions with the liver. We cut the courgettes into cubes and in order for the breading to adhere well to them, pour them over with water. Pour breadcrumbs into a plastic bag, add a teaspoon of salt, a couple of cloves of squeezed garlic. We rub it with fingers, so that the garlic is evenly distributed. Now we take all the zucchini and pour them into the bag, which we shake very vigorously, rolling them in breadcrumbs.warm chicken liver saladFry until ruddy on vegetable oil, crackers, in principle, can be replaced with flour. The highlight of our salad are eggs, boiled without a shell in a bag. They are called poached eggs. Everything is ready, and in conclusion we lay out the ingredients on the leaf of the salad in a wide dish: zucchini, liver and on top - poached eggs. Sprinkle with your favorite spices - and you can eat a fragrant warm salad with chicken liver.

Recipe number 2: liver with arugula

Ingredients: 250 grams of chicken liver, 150 grams of arugula, four spoons of olive oil, a teaspoon of mustard, 70 grams of champignons, one tablespoon of brandy and wine vinegar, pepper and salt. Cooking warm salad with chicken liver and arugula. Cut mushrooms into plates and fry in half of olive oil. Immediately pepper and salt, and after three minutes, add mustard seed and vinegar, stir and remove from heat.warm salad with chicken liver and arugulaWe take another griddle and fry chicken liver in it in a tablespoon of butter for two or three minutes. Slightly add salt, pour in brandy and mix with mushrooms. Arugula, washed and dried, mix with the vegetable oil that is left, and add the mushrooms and liver. The resulting dish is good, but mix it very gently, put it on a plate and pour the sauce that remained after frying. Serve warm on the table.

Recipe number 3: liver and pine nuts

Prepare a dish for this recipe very quickly, only about 10 minutes. Ingredients needed: chicken liver, can be replaced with turkey, arugula, pine nuts, onions, vegetable oil, cherry tomatoes, balsamic cream-sauce. We do not write quantity, since everything is done on the eye, depending on how many servings you need.warm salad with chicken liver and orangeSo, very quickly prepare now a warm salad with chicken liver and pine nuts. Separately from the whole process we fry cedar nuts, and let stand aside. Cut liver and onions, put in a frying pan and fry, salt. We put arugula on a plate straight from the bag, throw washed cherry tomatoes, liver on top, be sure to warm, sprinkle with pine nuts and pour on balsamic cream-sauce.It will be very tasty, especially with a cup of latte.

Recipe number 4: liver with strawberries and orange

This time, our chicken liver will be prepared more original - with fruit. Ingredients: 300 grams of liver, four things strawberry, orange, 80 grams of cheese, 20 grams of walnuts, vegetable oil, balsamic vinegar, pepper and salt. For dressing: 50 ml of pomegranate juice, one and a half tablespoons of brown sugar and a spoon of balsamic vinegar. So, make a warm salad with chicken liver and orange. Soak the liver in vinegar, Wash and cut the strawberries into segments.warm salad with chicken liver and pine nutsPeel the orange, cut off the partitions and cut into slices. Rub cheese on a fine grater, crush nuts in a mortar and fry without oil in a skillet. Prepare a dressing, for which we warm the pomegranate juice with sugar and vinegar until the sugar dissolves, then cool. Fry on high heat sliced ​​liver in small pieces, while using vegetable oil, we use little, pepper and salt. We lay out lettuce leaves on a flat dish, and on them in random order - pieces of liver, orange and strawberry. Sprinkle with walnuts and cheese on top, pour with dressing.

Tips mistress when choosing chicken liver

If you want your warm salad with chicken liver turned out tasty, healthy and without unnecessary flavor, you need to choose it correctly when buying. In the first place, carefully, take your time to look closely at its appearance. In the case when the liver is fresh, it should have a brown-burgundy, rich color.chicken liver and salads from itIf you notice that it is yellowish, with green spots, then pass by. Secondly, there should be no unpleasant smell. Thirdly, we recommend buying chilled, not frozen food. He will surely be fresh. Fourthly, if you decided to take frozen liver, then see that there is a minimum of water. And the weight will be more, and the damage will not notice. Have a good shopping and enjoy your meal!

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