Registration course: rules

Enrolling in a higher educational institution after school, a new student can immediately become confused by the amount of new information that falls on his head. How to read the schedule, what is a seminar, how to behave at a lecture? This list can fill up the questions concerning the delivery of control, essays, as well as the question of how to make a course design.

course paperworkWhat is the course?

Course work is a result of a student’s knowledge of a particular subject. It is written to deepen knowledge in a particular subject, as well as to develop skills in self-searching and processing the information received. Also, work on the course is an excellent workout before handing over their core work - thesis, which is written closer to the end of the university.

Stages of work

The very design of coursework is simple, you just need to follow the recommendations developed by the department. But the important steps in preparing the work are the choice of a topic and the search for the necessary information, i.e. work with literature.It is necessary to choose from the given list the topic that is most like - only in this way the student will have the desire to find and process the material qualitatively. The search for the required literature can take place in several scenarios: the selection of materials in the library (now this method is somewhat outdated, because not every library can constantly replenish its fund with new literature), the selection of materials using the Internet. But, processing the literature, it is necessary to remember that for a basis it is necessary to take only primary sources. Also, you can not engage in plagiarism: all materials taken in the literature without changes, you need to put links.

course rulesTitle page

Registration course begins with a title page. To do this, at the top of the page you need to specify the university where the student is studying, as well as his department. The work theme is written in large font in the center of the sheet; the subject on which the assignment was given may also be indicated. Somewhat lower, on the right side, it is necessary to indicate who will check the work, as well as its performer, i.e. Name and student group. At the very bottom, in the center of the page, the city where the university is located is indicated, as well as the current year.


Registration course continues content, where the student indicates the main sections discussed in the work, as well as pages where they can be found in the text.

coursework designMain text

The rules of registration course also apply to the main part of the work, which sets out the main material. The font of printed letters should be Times New Roman, size - 14, spacing - one and a half. It is also important to pay attention to the fields. The minimum indent is 2.5 cm on each side. On the left, you can even indent a little more, because work is usually stitched from this side. A new paragraph should begin with a red line of 1.25 cm. Print the text only on A4 paper.


Registration of the course work ends, basically, a list of references (sometimes - applications). The rules for making the list are as follows: all sources must be placed in alphabetical order, either by the author’s name or by name. The line of the description of the source should consist of the following items: author, the name of the source, information about the publisher and the year of publication of the book, as well as the number of pages.

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