Reliable and safe Volvo S70

Currently, the car as the mainThe vehicle for an individual develops in two ways. On the one hand, the traditional trend is maintained, which is aimed at increasing the engine power and, accordingly, the speed of movement. On the other hand, the task of ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers is becoming ever more urgent. The developers of Volvo S70 sought to find the best solution to these problems. Judging by the tests and operation in real conditions, they succeeded.

Volvo s70In this context, it should be emphasized thatThe safety of the vehicle and people in it is provided in various ways. One of them is to help the driver get out of a difficult situation, which can result in an accident. A simple example is the automatic stabilization and traction control system. It distributes the forces between the driving wheels in cases where the load on them is different. This happens when the Volvo S70 starts off the roadside or overcomes the potholes on the roadway. When driving a car on the road, the car can turn on the braking system or limit the transfer of power to the wheels.

Volvo c70Of course, such assistance to the driver is providedA complex circuit, based on the on-board computer. In order to protect the driver and passengers in a situation where the collision has already occurred, the interior of the Volvo C70 provides airbags. According to their location, they are frontal and lateral. At the driver to this list the pillow which protects knees is added. Another important point that takes into account the actual circumstances when the side cushions is triggered: the doors are automatically unlocked. This is one of the mechanisms by which the Volvo S70 differs from its class cars.

Volvo with 70Continuing the speech on the safety of traffic in general,I want to note that on the road there are always a lot of cars. They are managed by people in a different mood and psychological state. This point and tried to take into account the creators of the Volvo S70. The essence of the solution lies in the fact that the stop signals are supplemented by a crystalline matrix. When the driver presses the brake pedal, they "light up" 250 times faster than incandescent bulbs. The person who sits behind the wheel of the car, following behind, has an additional few seconds to react to the signal. After all, very often it is just a fraction of a second that is not enough to prevent a collision.

In its basic configuration, the Volvo C 70 is equipped withautomatic window regulators. The climate control system and the acoustic system create a comfortable environment in the cabin. Its finish is made of different materials. If necessary, you can install a chair to carry the child - and not one but two. They are fastened with their backs in the course of movement. When there is no need to use, they can be packed in the trunk, which is specifically designed for such a luggage. The general opinion of owners and specialists, this car is considered one of the best for family use.

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Reliable and safe Volvo S70 Reliable and safe Volvo S70 Reliable and safe Volvo S70 Reliable and safe Volvo S70 Reliable and safe Volvo S70 Reliable and safe Volvo S70 Reliable and safe Volvo S70 Reliable and safe Volvo S70 Reliable and safe Volvo S70 Reliable and safe Volvo S70