Restaurant "Belka" (St. Petersburg): address, menu, chef, reviews

Who does not like to eat good food and have a great evening with friends? Surely such a desire is not alien to you. In the northern capital there are a lot of decent places that can be visited on weekdays and holidays, but today we decided to choose the theme of the article for the restaurant "Squirrel". Why, answer is easy. This is a relatively new, but intensively developing network, which above all puts the pleasure that customers received. If a person comes back time after time, then their work is done perfectly.squirrel restaurant

A bit of history

Restaurant "Belka" (St. Petersburg) is another creation of the brand-chef of the Ginza holding company named Alexander Belkovich. He is bright and cheerful, like the cook himself, full of ideas and surprises. Unique dishes, bright interior, attentive staff guarantee you the most pleasant evening.

The chef of the Belka restaurant is famous not only in St. Petersburg.This is the most valuable find of the company Ginza Project. Charismatic and workaholic with knowledge, creative vision and artistic charm, this person is confident in the chosen path and works very hard. His brainchild was "Squirrel", a derivative of the author's name. The audience feels the amazing energy of this person and responds with love and devotion. Therefore, the opening of the restaurant was waiting with great impatience.

With a smile, the chef remembers his first culinary masterpieces; it was homemade yogurt and sausage sandwiches. Today, his dishes are perceived as a true masterpiece and role model.squirrel restaurant spb

First impressions

Restaurant "Squirrel" begins to amaze their guests even at the entrance. Huge showcases show cupcakes, desserts, fruits in chocolate. It all looks fantastic and attractive pattern, attracts and stimulates the appetite. However, for sweets, the time has not come yet. You will quickly understand this when you go a little further. The coffee and plush hall smoothly passes into the open kitchen. This is a highlight, which only added to the popularity of the institution. Here the brazier warmly blazes with heat, the stove is heated, polished pans and pots shine and the squirrels are spinning in the wheel like cooks.

Table by the fire

Restaurant "Belka" is a huge hall where everyone can find a place to their liking. The marble tabletop goes along the whole hall and leads you far into its depth, where the fire shines brightly in the fireplace. It can be especially cozy here in the evening when it is dark and cool outside. Sitting in a comfortable chair, you can enjoy delicious meals and socializing with your family members or friends. Restaurant "Squirrel" will give you aesthetic pleasure, the joy of a great evening.squirrel restaurant st petersburg


Restaurant "Belka" (St. Petersburg) - this is one of the most visited places in the city also because here you will find simple and healthy food. A unique diet like adults and children, and also provides the body with all the necessary nutrients. This is a fast, but very healthy option.

Start your acquaintance with local cuisine with a detox-fresh. If you have never tasted such a drink, now is the time. Directly at the entrance, in special refrigerators, there are unique beds on which wheat grains germinate. It is from them that the most useful fresh juice is squeezed out, which will give you energy and vitamins.squirrel restaurant in Petrograd

Breakfast at the restaurant

And we continue to consider how you can please the restaurant "Belka". The menu here is very diverse, so everyone will find what he likes more. Fresh coffee is served for breakfast. A wide range will please even the most capricious gourmet. Espresso and americano cost 160 rubles, cappuccino and latte cost 220 rubles. And the children are waiting for the most amazing cocoa.

For breakfast you will be offered a variety of cereals. Having tried them once, you will understand that this is no less bright, tasty and extraordinary dish than croissants or other delights of foreign cuisine. Millet porridge with pumpkin, rice porridge on coconut milk with banana and mango, granola with fruit, nuts, jam and bran are waiting for you. Cost - from 270 to 390 rubles per serving.

And how do you like scrambled eggs with ham, salmon or crab? The average cost is 550 rubles, and you will remember the fun all day. The assortment is complemented by pancakes and toasts, sandwiches, and for dessert you can enjoy croissants or homemade plum pie, cheese cakes or fruit salad. The cost of useful desserts - from 220 rubles.squirrel restaurant menu

Opinions of visitors

Judging by the reviews, at breakfast dreams are not too lazy to go even across the city, the most important thing is that your beloved "Squirrel" is waiting for you. The restaurant (St. Petersburg) at weekends extends the morning menu up to 3:00 pm.Unique dishes, amazing cereals, eggs with seafood and fresh juices - all this is an amazing holiday that you want to give yourself as often as possible. In addition, regular guests add that the restaurant is very positive. Apparently, the name and energy of a fluffy animal. Plates and napkins are striped, very pleasing to the eye. The waiters are friendly and joking in the morning. The cost of breakfast is not the cheapest, about 400-500 rubles, but it’s definitely worth it.

Main menu

And we continue to consider dishes that will delight you "Belka". Restaurant (St. Petersburg) is a place where you can quickly order Street Food. These are mini burgers made from marbled meat or young lamb. Cost - 520 rubles. There is a large selection of mini pizzas with various fillings. These are mushrooms and truffle oil, salmon and goat cheese. Cost - from 390 rubles. And there are legends about the local shawarma.

Judging by the reviews, these dishes can not be compared with ordinary fast food. This is a delicious full-fledged meal made from fresh and healthy products. However, we will not dwell on fast food, but let's go further.squirrel restaurant address

First and second courses

Restaurant “Belka” has the following address: Petrogradsky district, Rybatskaya street, 2. Working hours - from 8:00 to 23:00. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday, work hours are extended until 1:00. As you can see, the schedule is very convenient, which allows each person to choose the time that is suitable for him.

The first dishes are original and fresh. Be sure to try the tomato soup with mozzarella and seafood. If you do not like the specific acidity of the tomato, then there is pumpkin soup with coconut milk. And there is a nutritious soup with chicken and seafood. Cost - from 340 rubles.

Second courses are a real treat. There is such an assortment of seafood, fish and meat that it’s simply impossible for the hungry to leave. There are unique dishes on charcoal. These are grilled squid and chicken, beef locket and octopus, seafood plateau and marble steak. The dishes are very interesting, served on a large dish with greens. For a large company, you can order a real assortment, from which everyone will choose what they like best.squirrel restaurant reviews

Hot dishes

If you are interested in a tasty and inexpensive lunch option, we recommend you to try the veal tails pie.Cost - 480 rubles, a nourishing and nutritious dish. And then the menu opens, like a fairy flower. These are fettuccine with stewed beef cheeks, curry squids with vegetables in sauce, green buckwheat with veal tongue, flounder fillet or steak from farm beef. To date, a novelty has appeared - it is a phalanx of the Kamchatka crab in butter sauce. This is the most expensive dish on the menu, 1960 rubles. The average price for main dishes is about 500 rubles. This is not all the offers that the Belka restaurant makes for you. Reviews say that all the dishes served in this restaurant are very tasty. Fresh, with a twist, completely extraordinary and at the same time delicious - it is with such epithets that the local cuisine is characterized by regular visitors.


When dinner comes to an end, it's time to go to dessert. Cooks and pastry chefs who work in the kitchen of the restaurant offer you to taste dozens of new products that you will definitely like. Homemade sorbet made from coconut, mango, cherry or lime is ideal for completing the meal. Light, not too high in calories, tasty and healthy, because they consist of frozen juice.Cost - 100 rubles per serving.

If you want a more creamy dessert, then pay attention to homemade ice cream. For one ball, vanilla, chocolate or containing boiled condensed milk, will have to pay 120 rubles. Judging by the reviews, it is better to take two at once. And for tea, try to get handmade chocolates. The cost of one such candy is 130 rubles, and the filling can be different: pistachio, black truffle, cherry or Malibu. In addition, the chef will offer you delicious cakes, pies, eclairs, which will surely be an excellent conclusion to the meal.

General atmosphere

Restaurant "Belka" on Petrogradskaya is a truly unique place. Here is noisy and fun, the chef himself controls the workflow and simultaneously communicates with visitors. The traditional menu here was replaced by a chalk board, on which the names of dishes and prices are written. And the emphasis is on understandable food and exquisite serving. Just imagine that you will be served a pizza in a unique skillet, at the bottom of which is smoldering chips hidden. This gives the dish a completely unusual, smoked flavor. Even the most ordinary borscht here will look original, because it is yellow, boiled from yellow beets, and purple sour cream is fed to it, which is tinted with the juice of ordinary beets. And so here with all the dishes.

Unusual move

The creator of the restaurant must pay tribute. He not only managed to combine a variety of styles in the interior and kitchen, but also added unique details to the hall, which are also a marketing ploy. For example, there is a takeaway window. You can take it with you for 200 rubles. Many guests are attracted by a large closet with germinated grain. From young shoots make super-useful juice, which previously could be found only in individual, vegetarian places. And next to it is a simulator with a vibrating belt to relax the muscles. Initially, it was purchased for service personnel, but since he found a lively response from visitors, they were also allowed to "shake."

Judging by the reviews, this is one of the best restaurants in the city. Great service, great menu, lots of fresh ideas - people like it all, and they want to come back here. And the chef doesn't need a better reward.

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