Reviews about the recreation center "Tapiola"

About the recreation center "Tapiola" talk a lot and write a lot of reviews. This is a club boarding house, named for the fairy-tale country of Karelian myths. Tapio is the name of the god of the forest among the ancient Finns. This base has a club concept, that is, it is intended for reputable vacationers, with families and children. On the other hand, this boarding house can be rented for group accommodation - trainings, various conferences and corporate parties. Come here and in order to improve health. We will make in this article a brief overview of the impressions of tourists who rested here.Tapiola recreation base

Location, how to get

Recreation center "Tapiola" (Leningrad region) is located in the countryside. It is located on the shores of the lake, called the Big Forest, near Vyborg. Nearby is the village of Guards. Sometimes they call it the lake. The distance from St. Petersburg to the boarding house is one hundred thirty kilometers. But the border with Finland is very close.


Tourists speak about the recreation center "Tapiola" with a touch of admiration.And the truth is, only you get into its territory, as you will see that this is indeed a forest fairy tale. Everywhere pines and firs, moss-covered boulders left over from the ice age, the shores of the lake break into the water in picturesque rocks ... Beautiful wooden cottages from a log house are scattered around this natural paradise. But not only home comfort breathes from these places. Elements of chic are very stylish in this forest fairy tale - a modern restaurant, a luxurious water park, a huge hall for seminars and conferences ... There are picnic areas on the lake shore. Club boarding house has a carefully thought out design not only of the territory, but also of each room. It fully meets all international standards of cleanliness and environmental safety. The territory of the base is guarded.Tapiola recreation center

Tourist settlement

"Tapiola" (recreation center) offers tourists a variety of accommodation options. First, these are two hotels. One of them is located near the water park, and the second - above the restaurant. Both are small. The hotel at the water park has only twelve rooms. Three of them belong to the category of standard, and the rest - to the improved version.All rooms have a bathroom with good appliances, satellite TV, free Wi-Fi, and a refrigerator. In the hotel, the restaurant has residential premises with the same content. Only there are five rooms, two of them are standards.

A separate cottage for four called "Russian House" is a two-story structure. At the first level - a kitchen with all the necessary equipment and utensils, a dining room and a living room with a sofa and a plasma TV. On the second floor there are two bedrooms with private bathrooms. There is also a kitchenette with a real Russian stove and a stove bench. Each bedroom is also on TV. At the base there is another accommodation option for a company of four. This is a one-story hut. It has a bedroom, a kitchen, where there is a fridge, kettle, stove, toaster, a living room with a fireplace, and barbecue equipment. By filling are similar to a hut and apartments in two cottages. They stand on the lake and in the forest. Each apartment occupies half the cottage and has two bedrooms.Recreation center tapiola vyborg


At the recreation center "Tapiola" there are also many services for sports enthusiasts. This is a special area for volleyball and football, and table tennis, and bicycle rental. The base rules provide for late check-out of guests - up to three in the afternoon.The base is equipped with a playground. This is a real expanse for young guests. Firstly, a Scandinavia-type rope park is organized here, where young extreme sports lovers can climb for their pleasure, as well as jump on trampolines and ride on a swing. Secondly, the club boarding house has a children's club, where animators work and holidays are held with a special menu. Here you can also order babysitting services or governess. At the base of the spa works, which leave very good reviews. Here you will not only surrender into the hands of professional massage therapists, but also get paraffin therapy and order a course against osteopathy. There are also medical programs for expectant mothers.Club recreation center tapiola


Club accommodation “Tapiola” includes breakfast in the cost of living. It consists of cheeses, cold cuts, cereals, muesli, cottage cheese casserole, pancakes, sausages, scrambled eggs, desserts, coffee, tea and juice. Cottages and apartments are equipped with kitchens. And guests of the base can have lunch and dinner in the restaurant. His building stands directly above the water. Almost all rooms have a view of the lake.In summer, there is an open terrace, in the cold season it is glazed. In the main hall there is a fireplace. You can order a banquet here, celebrate a wedding, organize a buffet or any other celebration. The restaurant’s cuisine includes Russian, Karelian and Scandinavian dishes. Especially good here, as they say guests, fish. Extraordinarily delicious and tasty dishes are prepared from it - especially for gourmets: triple fish soup, stuffed pike, smoked trout. Everything is cooked in a Russian stove, on an open fire, on a brazier, in a cauldron. The hall has the necessary technical equipment - music equipment, a plasma panel. In the hotel lobby is a lobby bar.Recreation center tapiola Leningrad region


Speaking about the recreation center "Tapiola", tourists must mention the water park. Do you live in a club house for more than three days? Then visit these entertainment on the water from eight in the morning until noon and from seven to ten in the evening included in the room rate. In the water park there are two pools - an adult and a kid. The first has zones with backflows and waterfalls, as well as a jacuzzi. When the water park has a Turkish hammam and Finnish sauna. If you come here in the summer, then on the lake, for your convenience, special walkways are laid, so that it is better to descend.And then there is a well-equipped beach with water activities - catamarans and boats. Do you prefer winter holidays? Then at your disposal is a skating rink, which can turn into a hockey field, and slides, where they ride sledges, “cheesecakes” and skis.Tapiola recreation center reviews


The recreation center "Tapiola" (Vyborg) is located among lakes and forests. It is not surprising that here come lovers to pick berries, mushrooms, and just walk through the pristine nature. Landscapes in this region are unique, and hiking trails begin right at the exit from the base. But the closest attraction to this club boarding house is Vyborg. Therefore, in order to enjoy the guests not only natural, but also cultural monuments, excursions are organized there regularly. The most popular tourist places in Vyborg are the thirteenth century fortress, the “Round Tower” and the Monrepos reserve. Many travelers love to visit the temples of Vyborg - the churches of St. Hyacinth and the Dominican, the Transfiguration of the Savior and the Catholic Cathedral, the Ludwigstein Chapel, the Lutheran Church of St. Peter and Paul with organ music ... Impressive and urban architecture - the town hall building, houses and squares, bastions.And you can also look at the cemetery of sunken ships in the Gulf of Finland and take a boat ride on the fjords in the summer.

Tapiola (recreation center): reviews of tourists about their stay

The guests like the comfort of the club boarding house, as well as the fact that bed linen and breakfast are included in the price. Guests usually prepare lunch and dinner themselves or go to a restaurant to eat on a customized menu. Rest on the basis of the majority of tourists praise and call their choice a good one. The surrounding nature, the cleanest air and walks evoke a lot of positive emotions. True, tourists often say that they cannot come to the base with their pets. Regular customers note that in certain periods the club boarding house makes promotions - fifty percent discount on accommodation.

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