Risotto rice: which one to choose?

Among all the risotto is as popular as, for example, pilaf and paella. It is in demand in different countries due to its special taste and delicate texture. However, in order to achieve an excellent result in the preparation of risotto, you should know a few features not only about the process itself, but also about choosing the right products.

Risotto rice: how to choose

Not every rice can be suitable for this dish. During its purchase, you must adhere to the following criteria:

  • rice should consist of a large amount of starch, as it is responsible for the correct texture of the risotto;
  • it is important that there are no chips on the grains, otherwise the croup can be boiled soft;
  • the bigger the rice, the better;
  • round grain rice is welcome;
  • packaging may indicate that the product is suitable for risotto;
  • you need to carefully examine the shelf life and storage conditions;
  • packaging must be complete, without damage;
  • To avoid fakes, rice is better to buy in trusted stores.

risotto rice

Risotto Rice Varieties

Many manufacturers produce rice specifically for making risotto. Each type is different in form, properties, starch content and quality, of course, you can feel the difference in taste. What kind of rice is best for risotto? There are several of them. Consider the most popular of them in more detail.

1. Riso Gallo:

  • grown in Lombardy;
  • medium quality product;
  • contains a lot of starch, you can feel its flavor in the dish;
  • when cooking forms a rich foam;
  • directly small grains themselves;
  • in the finished dish after some time begins to lose its shape.

2. Acquerello:

  • one of the varieties of carnaroli, is considered very high quality;
  • complex technology of preparation consists in temporary extraction of the core and a seven-year aging in the cold, then the core is ground and returned;
  • does not fall apart;
  • the dish turns out the right texture and holds it well for a long time;
  • It is cooked in expensive Italian restaurants.

3. Casa Rinaldi:

  • versatile, suitable for both risotto and salads;
  • sufficient starch content;
  • contains many broken grains;
  • good taste;
  • poorly holds the texture in finished form, the dish quickly loses its shape.

4. Mistral middle grain:

  • grown and produced in Italy;
  • broken grains may occur, but in small quantities, which is quite acceptable;
  • it turns out the right texture of the dish, but the form does not last very long;
  • taste components at the highest level.

5. Alce Nero:

  • produced by ecotechnology;
  • many broken grains come across;
  • Risotto is obtained the correct texture;
  • grains well absorb the sauce and keep their shape for a long time;

6. Riso Melotti:

  • grown under Verona;
  • good quality of grain, almost without damage;
  • suitable for cooking risotto, and for salads.

rice for risotto what

Cooking features

What rice for risotto you choose, you need to cook it properly. To make your culinary masterpiece as close as possible to an Italian dish, use some tricks and tricks:

  • The main product - rice - must contain a large amount of starch. The best option - round grain.
  • Before cooking, the rice is in no case washed, as you can wash all the necessary starch.
  • Onions are kept on low heat until transparent, and not until fried. It is important that it is very finely chopped.
  • To keep the rice round and look good, before cooking it should be ignited in oil over a fire.
  • When cooking using different broths, and not just water.
  • The wine should be white dry, it is able to change the taste of starch.
  • You can cook a classic recipe with broth, cheese, butter and cream, and you can on the water with vegetables, which are suitable for vegetarians.

rice risotto recipe

Cooking risotto from rice: the recipe is simple!

You can cook a large number of variations of risotto, different in composition and taste. The broth on which rice is boiled is different - meat, fish or vegetable. You can use various vegetables, fish, chicken, asparagus, or even mushrooms as additional additives. We consider the classic recipe for risotto, distributed throughout the world.


The specified number of products designed for the preparation of two servings of the dish, if you need more, then they are proportionally increased. So, we need the following ingredients:

  • Rice for risotto (special varieties or round grain, small, enriched with starch) - 150 grams.
  • One medium onion.
  • Ready broth - most often take vegetable or chicken, but you can and mushroom, it all depends on what else will be added to the dish. For our recipe fit chicken, it is considered universal. Cook half a liter, cool slightly (for risotto need warm). During cooking, you can supplement it with onions, carrots, various herbs and spices.
  • Parmesan - a small piece, about twenty grams. If not, then in extreme cases, you can buy any hard cheese.
  • White dry wine - half a glass.
  • A piece of butter - must be of high quality, as it holds the texture and gives a delicate creamy flavor.
  • Olive oil for roasting.
  • You can use any vegetables to taste.

black rice risotto

Cooking technology

First of all, you need to choose the dishes in which the dish will be prepared. The best is considered to be a cast iron pan. How to cook rice? Risotto is prepared in several stages:

  • Ready broth put on a slow fire, bringing it to a low boil.
  • Olive oil is heated in a pan and finely chopped onion and vegetables are added (as already mentioned, onions are not overcooked, but only brought to a transparent state).
  • Rice is poured into the pan and mixed with onions, vegetables and butter.
  • White wine is poured in half a minute, and everything is languishing on the fire until the moisture is completely absorbed.
  • To the resulting mass is added a ladle of chicken broth and constantly stir with a wooden spatula - rice must be filled with it completely. This action is repeated until the rice is finally cooked. If fillers, such as mushrooms and seafood, go to risotto, they are added at the moment when the cereal reaches the state of semi-ready.
  • The pan is removed from the heat and left for one minute.
  • Then add small pieces of butter and finely grated cheese, everything is quickly mixed and laid out on plates.

If you cook the rice correctly, the risotto (you can see the photo of the finished dish in the article) will be as close as possible to the Italian dish, and you will be able to surprise your family or guests.

how to cook risotto rice

Black rice

With black rice risotto is also obtained. With him, the dish is considered even more interesting and exotic, is popular. Black rice is different in properties from white and has its own nuances in cooking:

  • this species absorbs the whole broth well, but at the same time it does not lose its shape and does not boil soft;
  • during the culinary process, black rice gradually acquires a purple tint;
  • contains more nutrients and amino acids than white cereals;
  • has a special taste, so the dish is a little unusual and interesting;
  • when preparing the ingredients, it is necessary to take into account that if the rice is black, then for the same portions it will need twenty percent more than usual;
  • It goes well with apples and seafood.

Among all the varieties of black rice, Venere Nero and the Southern Night are most suitable for making risotto.

rice risotto photo

Black Risotto Cooking Technology

A distinctive feature of the black rice risotto is that the grains are covered with black shells. Due to this, it is difficult to achieve a delicate creamy texture, like white rice. Therefore, the cooking technology has its own nuances:

  • onions fried in butter (olive or cream);
  • black rice is added (slightly larger in volume than white, since dark varieties do not boil soft);
  • dry white wine is poured in and everything is mixed until the alcohol has completely evaporated;
  • the broth gradually flows in - its volume should also be increased to soften the grains and make them sticky;
  • At the last stage a lot of cheese and other additives are added, for example, seafood.

Impose it with a special metal ring. Black rice risotto goes well with vegetables and fish.

rice variety for risotto

Risotto Varieties

As already mentioned, there are many varieties of risotto. They are prepared in approximately the same way, but they differ from the classic recipe by adding or replacing certain ingredients. Features of different types of risotto:

  • saffron risotto - supplemented with saffron;
  • Milanese risotto - saffron and bone marrow are present;
  • Risotto Monzese - sausage is added;
  • whipped rice - parmesan is replaced by soft cheese, plus cream is introduced;
  • mushroom risotto - mushroom dressing and mushroom broth are used;
  • seafood risotto - prepared in fish broth, sea ingredients include scallops and mussels;
  • black risotto - gets this color due to the action of ink cuttlefish;
  • Pumpkin Risotto - Pumpkin is boiled and added along with nutmeg;
  • Venetian risotto - make the right amount of certain herbs and spices.

Risotto is considered one of the best rice dishes. Thanks to its taste, diversity and uncomplicated technology, it won the love of not only Italians, but also people from other countries of the world.

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