Roman Karimov - Russian self-taught director

Roman Karimov is a unique domestic visionary of our time, without having a professional director's education, he is able to give odds to most film experts, from time to time provoking the “old establishment”.

From jurisprudence to art

A native of Ufa, Roman Karimov is a director who did not immediately decide on his vocation. After graduation, the young man enters the Financial Academy and receives a degree in lawyer-financier. According to the director, he always loved movies and music, even tried himself in literary writing. Studying at school, he imagined himself a famous musician, but his career was different. After graduating from the Academy, Karimov went to London, where he tried to realize himself as a musician, while he worked as a cook in a restaurant of Tex-Mex cuisine. In his free time he wrote scripts. After thanks to the patronage of friends, Roman Karimov settled on Viasat.Filmed commercials for TV shows and movies. According to the director himself, this period of life has become an excellent director school for him. Perhaps the domestic film industry would not recognize an outstanding personality, but his mother was seriously ill from Karimov, and he decided to return to the Russian Federation.karimov romance

From clip making to big movies

Roman Karimov - director, whose creative path in Russia began with the creation of clips for famous domestic groups and performers. Upon returning from the capital of Albion, Karimov settled in Moscow. Since then, he has created three short films: "Apartment 29", "Optimist", and "Do not worry!", Worked as a promoter of the film "Plato", directed the documentary film "Profession: humorist", dedicated to the personality of Vadim Galygin. At the same time, the short film “Do not worry!” Won the audience award at the “My Cinema” film festival, and “Apartment 29” won the award for the best feature film.Karimov's novel director

Debut in a big movie

Roman Karimov, whose filmography now consists of five film projects, made his debut with the comedy melodrama "Inadequate People", setting many records at once in the Russian film industry. The picture was created by a 25-year-old self-taught director for a meager, by the standards of cinema, an amount of $ 100,000.The film has paid for itself many times at the box office, gathering enthusiastic ratings from critics and the audience, traditionally skeptical about the new products of the national cinema.

Melodrama tells the story of the relationship between a 30-year-old manager, tormented by a mid-life crisis, and a 17-year-old schoolgirl at the height of her teens. Ilya Lyubimov and debutante Ingrid Olerinskaya starred in the film. Roman Karimov himself acted as editor, director, screenwriter and composer.karimov romance love life

Subsequent projects

After the triumph of "People", Roman Karimov, instead of putting the production of popular romcoms on stream, unexpectedly removes the romping thrash comedy "Smitteners" for everyone. According to the director, it was with this picture that he wanted to start directing, however, then no one believed in him, so he created an intermediate work - “Inadequate people.” At the heart of the new tape are three rather anarchic stories, woven by episodes of relentless drive and black humor. There are also elements of action and horror, and an extraordinary dubstep style soundtrack enhances the viewing experience.The creator himself characterizes the level of the absurd, which is happening in the film, as beyond.

The crime comedy "Everything and at once" is a rather gloomy action about ordinary guys who are entangled in a cunning criminal scam. And in the finals of the tape the audience is waiting for a real surprise.

The next work of the director picture "Startup" can not be called the most successful in a creative career. Domestic film critics have called it a socialist-realist essay on the development of the Russian IT industry, boring, but ideally educative from the perspective of the Ministry of Culture.

The director’s last work, the comedy film “Walk, Vasya!”, Was made in the spirit of the first Karimov comedies. The main male role in the movie was performed by Efim Petrunin (“Dad for Growth”), and the female one by Lyubov Aksyonova (“He Loves No Love”). The comedy will be released on February 17, 2017.romance karimov movies

Personal life

Roman Karimov, whose personal life is not replete with scandalous facts and provocative antics, is not a fan of noisy parties and other entertainment events. The director explains the measured way of life with his introversion. With his future wife, Olga Alekseeva, Roman met while working onproduction of "Inadequate." The girl held the post of director of casting. The lovers were married in 2011. According to Karimov, the spouses spend together 24 hours a day, and this does not bother them, they are immensely happy.

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