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Mowers are on the list of attachments for modern farm machinery. They are used by farmer enterprises and private landowners. A variety of designs, methods of attachment to tractors and tillers, a wide range of power and size allow you to purchase mowers specifically for specific needs. In general, the parameters and functionality available to the rotary mower in modern versions do not cause problems in the selection, but for a more complete picture, it is worthwhile to consider the technical features and capabilities of this equipment.

Device and principle of operation

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Mowers, as the name implies, provide a process for mowing unwanted or agricultural vegetation on the site. Some models also have support functions such as grass harvesting and weed processing. By design, the rotary mower is a frame on which the working elements are fixed. On the rotors themselves on the hinge system are attached knives.The cutting organs are actuated by means of several types of power, among which are notched, conical and cardan.

One of the most functional models is the mower-chopper, which, in addition to the rotor and the main rail, has a pipeline and an engine. During work, the rotary mower with a special shield tilts the grass down and then cuts it. Further, the slope of vegetation is lifted and grinding begins with immersion in a special container.

Important features

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The first criterion in choosing a mower should be considered the height of the cut. This parameter is not critical from the point of view of the quality of the mowing process and the performance of the machine, but it affects the safety of equipment operation. When working on different reliefs, an appropriate cutting height is required - as a rule, it is 4-7 cm.

Further, it is worth considering the characteristics of the grip - for example, the rotary mower 2.1 is capable of mowing a 210 cm wide strip. There are other models with a grip width of up to 200 cm. This does not mean that such units are less practical or inefficient.The fact is that in the cramped conditions when processing complex areas of irregular shape, they allow them to cope with agricultural harvesting operations.

In terms of performance, speed parameters are important. Cutting devices that rotate at a speed of 3,500 rpm are capable of handling up to 90 m / s. If it is necessary to mow vegetation without harming the root system, this frequency will be optimal.

Additional features

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It has already been noted that there are models that also work as grinders. At the same time modern rotary mower can be endowed with other options. So, if you want to preserve the integrity of the mowing (in the case of high-yielding vegetation), then you should focus on the models that provide subsequent installation for manual harvesting. Other modifications stack the grass in the form of shafts, which is also required in specialized enterprises. A multifunctional rotary mower for a tractor can combine the capabilities of a picker, stacker or grass processing unit. Contrary to popular belief about the poor quality of the units, combining several functions,expensive branded models with the same ease and accuracy provide and mowing, and further processing of vegetation.

Classification by type of attachment

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Since rotary mowers belong to attachments, their work is possible only in combination with movable equipment. It can be a tractor or a walk-behind tractor. The locking mechanism varies in design - hitch, semi-mounted or fully mounted.

Trailed models have three work surfaces for cutting. Such a rotary mower is fixed by means of a special suspension. Semi-mounted machines require an additional device for lifting and fixing - in this capacity a hydraulic cylinder is used. Fully mounted mowers are most common due to their wide autonomy. It is their most often supplied with an additional grinding function.

Type of installation of the cutting structure

Mowers are also distinguished by the method of installation of the cutting element system with which the rotary mower is supplied in different configurations. In this regard, it is important to take into account the location of the structure - in the front, rear or side.This is a significant difference, which should be guided not only in terms of ease of mowing, but also take it into account regarding the purpose of mowing. For example, if you plan to work with the yield area, then choose the rear location of the cutting mechanisms, if you need bevel weed - front.

In addition, a rotary mower for a tractor may contain several frames in its construction. Each of them will start work either from the tractor drive unit or from its wheelbase. In this regard, it is worth initially to correlate the power potential of the equipment and the requirements of the attachments, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of the structural combination of the two units.

Mower tillers

Such models, of course, lose in power and functionality to the units intended for the tractor, but in the treatment of small areas their use is justified. As a rule, this equipment with a mounted system that is capable of beveling thick vegetation, grain varieties and even shrubs. The only thing that needs to be calculated is the maximum diameter of the barrel that the rotary mower can cut.The system is attached to the walker with the help of a special mechanism supplemented with a driving belt.


rotary mower for tractor

In the domestic market of agricultural machinery and mowers are Russian-made, and foreign models - as a rule, Eastern European. Perhaps the flagship of the line of domestic mowers should be called a series of "Dawn". These units have optimal performance for work on large areas, ensuring good speed. The list of imported stands for rotary mower Polish from the company "Virax". Representatives of this family differ in cut quality with a width from 135 to 185 cm. Belarusian models are also common. In particular, the CRN is distinguished by wide functionality and decent performance with a cut-off width of up to 216 cm.


In terms of cost, it is still diverse. For example, if you need to choose a mower with average opportunities for a motor-block, you can meet 10-12 thousand. These are models from Chinese agrotechnical companies, so you should be prepared for relatively low productivity.

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A good choice in the middle segment could be a proposal from the manufacturer Virax mentioned - in particular, a rotary Polish mower with a grab of 185 cm will cost 30-40 thousand.Despite a modest cut, a 25-potent motor will ensure clean laying of vegetation without interfering with the root system.

Russian and Belarusian units cost at least 50 thousand. These are high-quality rotor models, in which polished gears and steel boxes are provided. The models, which cost from 100 thousand rubles, differ in productivity at 2.85 ha / h and have a width of at least 210 cm, which is why such a high price justifies itself. Of course, it is not necessary to look for analogues of similar mowers in the range of 20-40 thousand.

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