Russian melodramas: a list of the best

The article is devoted to the classics of Soviet and Russian cinema. As you might guess, the latest domestic melodrama will not be presented here. The reason is simple: they can not yet with the classic. The list under the proud name of “the best domestic melodramas” includes films:

  • "Moscow does not believe in tears";
  • "Love affair at work";
  • "Be my husband";
  • "You are my only one."

"Moscow does not believe in tears"

domestic melodrama

The plot is embarrassingly banal, if we talk about the scenarios of ordinary Soviet life. V.V. Menchov shows the audience the interweaving of the fate of three girls: Antonina Buyanova (Toni, Tosi), Lyudmila Sviridova (Lyudochka) and Ekaterina Tikhomirova (Katya, Katerina). They are played respectively: Raisa Ryazanova, Irina Muravyova and Vera Alentova. All of them are provincials and came to conquer Moscow, and while the capital has not surrendered, young women live in a hostel.

The narrative is built around the life's misadventures of Katerina Tikhomirova, who, having arrived in Moscow, unfortunately, did not go to college and had to go to work at the plant.And everything would have gone as it should, if it were not for one circumstance: Uncle Lesch (Moscow professor Alexei Tikhomirov is a relative of Katerina on the maternal line) leaves with her family for a rest, and leaves her niece to monitor the chic Moscow apartment. Katya moves not alone, but with her best friend Lyudochka. L. Sviridov dreams of a "sweet life", dreams of marrying a rich and famous Muscovite. She decides that this opportunity should not be missed, and the girls gather a party in her uncle's apartment, pretending to be "professorial daughters." Luda's bet justifies itself, at this party she meets the famous hockey player Sergei Gurin. Kate is not so lucky. She is keen on a cameraman with Ostankino. They spend the evening, Katerina becomes pregnant, and weak-willed Rudolph / Rodion, having learned that Katya is not a professorial daughter, throws her, spitting on the child.

It takes 20 years. Everyone got what they deserve. Lyudochka married S. Gurin, but the trouble is that he, like many famous people, could not cope with the fact that many wanted to drink with him, in the end the poor fellow got drunk.

Tosya, an ordinary working girl, quickly found her happiness in the form of her husband Nicholas and three children.The couple successfully works at a construction site.

Katerina is the director of a factory where she started as an ordinary worker. Everything in her life came about thanks to hellish work and resilience, but at the same time she was completely alone, and her daughter Sasha had already grown. And now fate gives Kate a second chance in the form of an ordinary Russian intellectual, mechanic Georgy Ivanovich (Alexey Batalov).

Why watch this movie again and again?

V. Menshov, without knowing it or not knowing it, made a universal film, “Negrustin”, which is useful to watch and review at any age. Here the viewer is shown a fairy tale, and tragedy, and drama, and even comedy.

This is the first representative of the list of "domestic melodrama".

"Love affair at work"

films domestic melodrama

Now let's touch on the wonderful work of our cult director Eldar Alexandrovich Ryazanov. He has a remarkable ability: to shoot, on the one hand, ridiculous, and on the other hand, a deep and in some sense tragic movie.

"Office romance" only at first glance belongs to the category of "domestic melodrama-comedy." In fact, despite the apparent ease, there are tragic tones in it.

The story begins with the fact that Novoseltsev A.E. (Andrei Myagkov) informs the viewer by voice overs: in their “Statistical Institution” there is a director Kalugina L.P. (Alice Freundlich), comes first to the service, leaves the last after all, respectively, she has no family. This is followed by a confluence of circumstances: on the one hand, the place of the head of the light industry department was freed up (the former head went on increasing), and on the other hand, a classmate of Anatoly Yefremovich Yury Grigoryevich Samokhvalov (Oleg Basilashvili) was appointed to the place of deputy Kalugin. It was he who suggested that Novoseltsev “beat him up” behind Kalugin, in the hope that his old friend would fall into the chair of the “through love” department head. This, so to speak, is the beginning.

What is remarkable about this film?

He is remembered, first of all, by the transfiguration of Lyudmila Prokofievna Kalugin. At the beginning of the film she looks like an old woman: she dresses up somehow, she does not follow her, although she is only 36 years old. By modern (and Soviet) standards, this is not age.

It turns out that in the heart of such a directed dislike for oneself is a tragedy: the betrayal of a man. But the relationship with timid intellectual A.E.Novoseltsev revive Lyudmila Prokofievna practically from the ashes. This is the most curious thing in the Ryazanov masterpiece, which still does not lose its relevance, because the film poses eternal questions.

This is the second representative of the list of "domestic melodrama".

"Be my husband"

best domestic melodrama

From the problems of middle-aged people we move on to the difficulties of single mothers. It turns out that our list includes social films. We continue to study domestic melodramas, describing a picture with Andrei Mironov and Elena Proklova. The plot is uncomplicated, like our life.

A single mother (Elena Proklova) came with her son to the south and could not find accommodation at all. The lonely doctor (Andrei Mironov), who has not rested for 5 years now, also cannot find a refuge, a place in the sun. In a random way, fate brings them together, and they spontaneously decide to combine efforts, or rather, hero A. Mironov briskly takes the young mother of a wonderful boy. In short, a film that sometimes a holiday romance is not an affair for two or three weeks, but something more.

newest domestic melodramas

Why watch this movie?

The first answer is obvious: because this film belongs to the category of “domestic melodramas about love,” that is, it is about the most beautiful feeling in the world.Those who are not too interested in love as such, can look at the amazing cessation of the actor Andrei Mironov, a heartthrob in a sweet, kind and shy bluff-doctor who will not offend even a fly. And, of course, he absolutely cannot seduce anyone on purpose.

"You are my one"

domestic comedy melodrama

And again we turn to the problems of middle-aged people. It is about them tells the picture of Dmitry Astrakhan "You are my one" (line from the song by Y. Vizbor). On it and finish viewing films. Domestic melodramas without this tape can no longer be imagined.

In the yard of the 1990s, a difficult time. The Soviet Union is gone. The director focuses on the story of an ordinary Russian family. The story is conducted, immediately covering two layers: the past (it is given in the memoirs of the main character Yevgeny Pavlovich Timoshin - an engineer by day and a loader at night) and the present. Loader engineer plays Alexander Zbruev.

Russian domestic melodramas

The main intrigue of the film: E.P. Timoshin may lose his daily earnings. His family’s affairs are not doing so well, and now the American firm is going to devour his organization. By the will of fate, the president of this company is Timoshina’s longtime friend, Aleksey Kalevanov, and decides who will be the employee of the new enterprise, and who will be fired,his younger sister Anna, long in love with Uncle Zhenya. It would seem that everything is simple, and Timoshin remains in the case. But it was not there. Old love interferes with the course of events, and E.P. Timoshin, tired of poverty and eternal stagnation as an ordinary employee at the Peter the Great Research Institute, at first thinks not to do what is right, but what is easiest: to leave the family and go abroad. Thus, life confronts the hero with a difficult moral choice.

What is this movie about?

domestic melodrama about love

The fact that it is impossible to surrender even when it seems that everything is already lost and does not bind a person with really native people. The fact that even a trip to America (for people of the early 90s it was a place of paradise on earth) is not worth it to betray and leave loved ones. The fact that love can not be bought.

Non-random movie selection

Russian, Russian melodramas presented in this article are united by three parameters:

  • extraordinary play of actors;
  • acute social issues;
  • psychological depth and authenticity.

Modern cinema, unfortunately, cannot often boast such a set of characteristics for various reasons, therefore, the Soviet and Russian classics were chosen for the review.

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