Russian poverty

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Tell me honestly, who is to blame for the fact that the man is poor? He himself, the state? Personally, I believe that people should believe in their ability to change their destiny with the help of effort and talent. But one way or another, 18.8 million Russians are below the poverty line ...
I am glad that this number is decreasing, for comparison, in the first quarter of this year, 20.8 million people were below the poverty line. The poor are those who earn below the subsistence minimum, which is 10 thousand 444 rubles.
At the end of 2017, the poverty level in Russia showed a decline for the first time since 2012. So, according to Rosstat, the average share of the poor last year was 19.3 million against 19.5 million in 2016. Since 2012, when the proportion of people with low incomes was 10.7%, the poverty rate grew, and then stabilized at 13.3% in 2015-2016.
By the way, according to a study by the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian poverty clearly has a “female face”: among the poor, “by income” women make up two thirds, as well as among the chronically poor.

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