Salads are easier and quicker.

Three secrets of a real woman

Coco Chanel’s cruise words that every real woman should be able to make three things out of nothing: a salad, a scandal and a hat, encourage the lady to master these wisdom at least in some salads. Scandals to inflate - the quality of many of us innate. As for hats, it is a controversial question whether a woman should be able to make them, yet now there is another century in the yard. We will assume that “caps” are a collective image, meaning simply that a real woman should grow her arms from wherever she needs. It remains, perhaps, the most pleasant part of a real woman - salads. It is easier to learn how to cook them, especially if you have someone to please with this skill. After all, public approval is a balm for the artistic soul of a real woman.

salads are easySalads? As easy as pie!

So, what to start to choose salads? According to the Russian tradition, “Olivier” and “Herring under a fur coat” need to learn how to do it, but at another time, closer to the New Year.Too they are laborious and high-calorie. Lightly prepared salads are what we need today. Consider three recipes. Which one to choose depends on how much time you have: free time, but you don’t want to spend much time cooking; time to spare, but you can still have time to purchase the necessary; the guests are literally “on the threshold” and we need to build salads in 5 minutes.

Bean Salad with Mushrooms

This dish does not require any effort to clean or cut food (cleaning boiled eggs is the maximum), but you need a small amount of time to boil the food and cool it. Take a package (400g) of frozen green beans and sliced ​​mushrooms. You can cook, you can fry - as you wish. Still need to boil eggs in the amount of 4-5 pieces. Stir the cooled products, after passing the egg through the egg-cutter, add spices and flavor with mayonnaise. Salad ready! If you want to work a little more, you can add more fried onion - the salad will become even more tasty.

Cherry Tomato Salad

salads in 5 minutesYou will need: a head of Iceberg lettuce (or chopped in bags, you don’t need to wash it), Korean carrots - about 150 g, packing of cherry tomatoes, a slice of garlic (optional), salt, spices, vegetable oil.Tear the lettuce leaves in a large bowl with your hands (or lay them out ready - making salads is easier than ever with such products). Cherry tomatoes cut in half, send to the same carrot next. All mix gently. Now prepare the sauce. Pour vegetable oil (100 g) into a separate cup, add salt, pepper, a spoonful of soy sauce or lemon juice, a teaspoon of granulated sugar, and grated garlic if desired. Mix everything thoroughly. Add the sauce to the salad just before serving.

Salad "Super Fast Bean"

light salads

Previous salads were easier than ever, and this one is even easier. The main thing is to have a strategic reserve of canned vegetables at home. We will need a can of green peas, a can of red beans (not tomato!), A can of corn, mayonnaise. Open all the cans, drain the juice. All ingredients mix. Salad ready! And with all its banality, it turns out it is quite beautiful and very tasty. You can add 1-2 grated garlic cloves, which will give some spice.

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