Samsung Galaxy Duos Win: characteristics, comparison with analogues and reviews

The flagship models are in many ways good and attractive, but not everyone can afford it. The Samsung company has always been distinguished by its loyal attitude to customers from any segment, presenting not only premium-class gadgets on the market, but also mid-range and low-end models.

samsung galaxy duos win

Smartphone Samsung GT I8552 Galaxy Win Duos is just such a modest decision - a shadow of the flagship Galaxy S4. Outwardly, both models are very similar, but as for the viscera, the I8552 is noticeably weaker, but cheaper.

So, the subject of today's article - Samsung Galaxy Win Duos. Characteristics of the smartphone, its pros and cons, as well as reviews of the owners of the gadget will be discussed in this review.


The device comes in a white box of cardboard. The front part is occupied by a photograph of the smartphone itself and the name of the series. On the back you can see the most "delicious" characteristics of the gadget and the list of awards at some exhibitions.

Contents of delivery:

  • Samsung Galaxy Win Duos GT smartphone itself;
  • accumulator battery;
  • modular storage for a standard network;
  • USB cable for charging and working with a PC;
  • stereo headset;
  • manual (including in Russian).

Packaging can be called normal. Nothing extra was put in the box, but maybe it is for the better, because all kinds of covers, films and other accessories significantly increase the cost of the gadget, and this is not what we need. In any case, on the shelves of the brand you can always buy the entire missing entourage, and at more than reasonable prices.


Model Samsung I8552 Galaxy Win Duos received the design of a typical and easily recognizable creation of Samsung. Here we have a typical glossy body in a light white design, silver edging, familiar navigation and rounded corners.

samsung galaxy win duos

The smartphone turned out to be very cumbersome - 133 x 71 x 10 mm and weighs 140 grams. A wide case hardly allows to work with a gadget with one hand, but these are the costs of a large screen, therefore it is difficult to call this moment a definite minus.

Glossy style without any frosted inserts or grooves makes it hard to hold the device in his hands so that he does not slip out. So without control in two hands can not do. The owners in their reviews have repeatedly complained about this unpleasant nuance,but for some reason, the company does not even want to think about any texture or matte design elements for fixing in the palm.


In the upper front part of the Samsung Galaxy Win Duos there is a decorative grill of a conversational speaker and a pair of sensors with a camera eye. There are no sensors for automatic adjustment of the backlight in the gadget, alas.

samsung i8552 galaxy win duos

The center of the bottom of the smartphone is occupied by the familiar “Home” button of a mechanical type, and the backlit touch keys are located on the sides. On the butt on the left side there is a volume rocker, and on the right side there is a power off / on button, combined with a screen lock function.

At the top we will see the classic “mini-jack” for the headset (3.5 mm), and at the bottom - a microphone hole and a micro USB port. The back of the smartphone is the eye of the main camera, and on the sides are the speaker and flash of the same shape.

The back panel is very tightly fixed - without any backlash and gaps. Users about this leave double feedback. On the one hand, it is not bad that the back cover does not go as fast as most competitors of this segment, but on the other hand, you have to use some tool or have strong claws to open it.Under the cover of the Samsung Galaxy Duos Win is a compartment for the battery, a pair of slots for micro-SIM cards and an SD interface for external cards.


The gadget got a 4.7-inch diagonal with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. All this works on the TFT-matrix and, oddly enough, the output picture is quite decent and with good viewing angles. But, nevertheless, for your money, Samsung Galaxy Duos Win can be called a compromise option, where it was well saved on the screen, which is not uncommon for this segment.

samsung galaxy win duos gt

On the street on a sunny day, using a smartphone is very inconvenient. Gloss reflects the sun's rays, and the matrix can not cope with the display. Many owners, judging by the reviews, wonder why the gadget, which has an intelligent mode (the device does not go into hibernation while the user is looking at the screen), does not have an automatic brightness control and the backlight intensity has to be changed manually.


Samsung Galaxy Duos Win is equipped with a very fast Qualcomm MSM8625Q processor from Snapdragon, running on four cores with a frequency of 1.2 GHz. The graphic component fell on the shoulders of the Adreno 203 series accelerator. The tandem is supplemented by a good amount of RAM - 1 GB and 8 GB internal. If the latter is not enough, then it can always be expanded using third-party SD-cards, up to 64 GB.

samsung gt i8552 galaxy win duos

There is a set of chipsets on the Android platform version 4.1.x from Jelly Bean. Today's realities dictate more stringent requirements for the OS (5.1.x "Lollipop"), but, judging by the reviews of the owners, a good half of users do not even pay attention to the platform version.

The interface works stably without any tricks, friezes or brakes. But it is not surprising, because this set of chipsets is designed for a much higher resolution than what Samsung Galaxy Duos Win has.

Smartphone performance is enough to run almost all games, but on especially "heavy" applications you will have to reset the graphics settings to the minimum. It affects the lack of RAM and middle-aged video accelerator "Adreno".


The device is equipped with a main camera of 5 megapixels and a front one of 0.3 megapixels. The latter is suitable for communication on some simple messenger and for making avatars. The rear camera quite well passable and gives good shots, but only in good light. Among the mass of competitors photographic capabilities of our respondent look sad.

samsung galaxy win duos specifications

Nevertheless, to make a quality photo shoot on a sunny day is quite real.In addition, the camera perfectly copes with the shooting of any documents and texts - everything can be seen clearly and without blurring.

Autonomous work

The gadget received a modest battery capacity of 2000 mAh, which is obviously not enough for the Android platform. A moderate load on the gadget (40 minutes of calls per day, rare Internet, music) allows you to stretch the battery life up to one and a half to two days.

If you properly load the device with any movie in high resolution or “hard” game, then the battery charge will melt in three to four hours. In general, the owners speak well about the autonomous capabilities of the smartphone, because most users are accustomed to constantly getting to the "Android" branding socket.


Competition in this price segment (less than 10,000 rubles) is very high. Finding a gadget with similar parameters is not so difficult. Among the closest competitors can be noted model One X from the NTS, Xperia SP from Sony and Optimus L9 from LG. The first two options are slightly more interesting in terms of screen and performance, but more expensive, and the latter is completely identical in its characteristics.

Brands of category “B” are also not asleep. Here we have the Xenium W8510 from Philips, the IdeaPhone S820 from Lenovo and the Fly IQ4412. As we see, our respondent has enough competitors. It is very difficult to single out one person, as well as to identify the obvious advantages or disadvantages of a particular model. It's all about preference. Love "Koreans" - please come to the "Samsung" shelf, like "Taiwanese" or "Japanese" - there will always be analogs with the NTS and Sony.

In general, the smartphone Galaxy Duos Win was a success. For its price category, it is quite competitive, and you can close your eyes to existing shortcomings by looking at the price tag. And for too demanding users, there are flagships and a premium segment.

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