Scandinavian mink. Fur quality, how to distinguish fake

Scandinavian mink - the most famous and popular fur for the manufacture of fur coats in the world. Products from this material are of good quality and look very elegant, expensive and presentable. Therefore, millions of women prefer to buy for themselves a smart fur coat from this fur.

Scandinavian mink

Scandinavian mink fur coats: benefits

Why are there so many fans of Scandinavian mink fur? There are many reasons for this:

  1. He is very warm. After all, the osteal villi are long across the skin. It protects even from severe frosts.
  2. The fur of the Scandinavian mink before sale passes careful control. Accordingly, all products, sewn from it, are of high quality.
  3. The most popular coats are from the Scandinavian mink in black. Brilliant, sleek, stylish, they look incredibly luxurious. No wonder such products are called "black diamond".
  4. The padding of such a fur is dense and beautiful.
  5. Scandinavian mink wear-resistant.
  6. This fur is waterproof, which is important for the domestic climate.


coats from Scandinavian mink

There are several varieties of Scandinavian mink:

  1. Danish selection, or Kopenhagen Furs. This fur has a smooth, very gentle and rather low awn.
  2. Finnish selection, or Saga Furs, has a coarse awn and a rather large pile height.
  3. Mixed Scandinavian mink. For example, a popular option - "Danish velveteen." Outwardly, this look is similar to the fur of the North American selection.

High-quality Scandinavian mink is most often sold in Copenhagen, at the Kopenhagen Furs auction. The best options:

  • SAGA Royal Mink - is considered an exclusive fur.
  • SAGA Mink is a fur of the first grade.

Breeders who breed Scandinavian mink, brought a huge amount of a variety of natural colors of the fur of this animal. The most famous and popular on the market today is brown with black shimmer and dark brown. Scanblack enjoys special attention - from such skins it turns out just a smart mink coat! Scandinavian mink of this color has a pure black tone. Let only a small coffee tide.

How to choose?

Scandinavian mink how to distinguish

If you are buying a fur coat from Scandinavian mink, then it is worth remembering that although Finnish selection has a higher fur, it has a rare fur. Therefore, this coat will go for a mild climate and a snowless winter. Want to buy a warm product that will save you from frost? Then you should look at the Danish selection.

All mink coats from Scandinavian mink are of high quality. But you need to buy them in proven stores and official stores. This will guarantee the absence of fakes.

Fashionable fur coats

Today, at the peak of the popularity of the model of the Scandinavian mink fur coats. In addition, the trend of contrasting options that are complemented by elegant black lines.

"Stardust" - also fashionable models. The dark fur of mink is decorated with light villi. The effect is amazing. And these coats look expensive and elegant.

If the choice fell on dark shades, then you should pay attention to the following colors:

  • Luxurious black.
  • Soft chocolate.
  • Nice gray.
  • Glamorous graphite.

From the Scandinavian mink sew a variety of options for fur coats:

  • Manto
  • Butterfly coats.
  • Classic models.
  • Chanel style.

In the trend and long and short models. Sleeves may also have different lengths. Therefore, every woman of the fair sex today can choose for herself a beautiful mink coat. The main thing is that she emphasizes all the advantages of the figure, hides the flaws and fits perfectly into the overall style of clothing.

How to wear?

scandinavian mink fur

Fur coats, which are made from Scandinavian mink, are considered to be a real luxury. Therefore, they should be worn with the right accessories.

  1. Banned knitted scarves.
  2. We'll have to abandon the color stoles.
  3. A scarf of fine wool will do.
  4. The best way to such a mink coat fit light scarves made of natural fabric.
  5. A neat and elegant hat is the best hat for a fur coat.
  6. You can pick up a small hat, which will be devoid of additional decorations.
  7. If the coat has short sleeves, it must be supplemented with long gloves. It is better if they are leather.
  8. Shoes to a mink coat of Scandinavian mink should be selected high-quality, expensive and elegant. Half boots, boots, boots - it is important that they were on the platform or thin heels.

Scandinavian mink: how to distinguish a fake?

Having come to the store for a fur coat, you should not immediately buy it. You need to carefully check the product. After all, there are deceptions. How to understand that before you a real Scandinavian mink? How to distinguish a fake?

First, you should look at the weight of the product. Mink fur coat is much easier than from any other fur. Under the expensive goods most often masters skillfully mask the ferret, rabbit, beaver or marmot. That is why it is important not to make a mistake in your choice, so as not to acquire a fake. What criteria to pay attention to?

mink scandinavian mink

  • In marmot fur is prickly, and wool can be of different lengths. When stroking such a nap will be shaggy. After all, it is not plastic. In the sun, groundhog fur casts a blue.
  • The rabbit has a soft nap. At the same time, the color over the entire surface of the skin is not uniform. If you pinch the undercoat, then part of the hairs will remain in the hands.
  • Beaver fur is much tougher than that of mink. And the skin of this animal more. Therefore, it is important to look under the lining before purchasing the product.
  • Honoric, too, often issued for mink. After all, this animal is obtained by crossing the ferret and the mink itself.It is incredibly difficult to distinguish a fake. A completely black color and a rather thick brown undercoat will help to deceive.
  • Fur ferret has a high awn and rare underfur. The animal has a rather unusual color. On it you can easily calculate the fake. The padding of such a fur is light, and the spine at the ends has a dark shade. From the ferret sew models exclusively straight cut. Otherwise, stitches will be visible.

Do not rush to the choice and purchase of fur coats from the Scandinavian mink. It is better to visit several shops, ask consultants about all the nuances, dispel doubts. It is important to be very attentive to every detail. Then the purchase will be really profitable. A real fur coat from the Scandinavian mink will last more than a dozen years.

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