September 1st at & quot; Artek & quot;

Can you imagine the line in honor of the beginning of the school year ... at the stadium?
And not in a banal U-shape, with boring speeches and a crowd of parents on the shoulders of children in a close schoolyard, but a colorful show with dances, riding on the Black Sea instead of the first lesson and multi-colored form instead of white aprons and bows?
This is Artek.
And here the line for September 1 is completely different from what we are used to in ordinary schools, as well as everything else: from the school itself and the teaching methods to the attitude of children to school and electives ...
September 1 in Artek
2. It is with such colorful billboards that Gurzuf meets schoolchildren on September 1st.
Frankly, I never thought that I could be delighted with the Day of Knowledge. It happened in "Artek".
To some extent, this can be compared to going to a football game when you are not a fan at all, but ... at the stadium, the atmosphere itself turns you into a frantic fan for these 90 minutes, when from every unsuccessful blow, from every goal everything explodes inside from indignation or delight ...
Approximately on such sensations I caught myself during this unforgettable line
September 1 in Artek
3. Want to accuse me of exaggeration? Just take a look at this photo. And imagine that you expected to see the square schoolyard and schoolchildren lined with the letter P with flowers and their parents behind their backs, and instead they saw a crowded arena where in each sector children in different color forms, in the center of which the leaders dance and sing to music , and in the stands they are echoed by the voice and movements of the children.
Are we exactly on the line in honor of September 1?
September 1 in Artek

4. Final preparations for the beginning of the ceremony.
Interestingly, Artek is the last in Russia to hold a solemn line, one can say it closes the start ceremony of the Day of Knowledge, begun in Kamchatka. Here the line-up takes place at 9.30 am, when schoolchildren in other regions have already managed to sit out their first lesson ...
September 1 in Artek
5. Happy parents make selfie on the background of what is happening.
September 1 in Artek
6. The last in their place are students in their usual school uniform and first graders.
Yes, yes, there is a small number of children here not in bright shorts and T-shirts, but in the most usual school uniform. Why is that?
The fact is that "Artek" is a unique place.This is not just a camp, but an educational center operating all year round.
And if in the summer the children only rest, bathe, study in circles and go hiking, then they also study at school time.
And along with them, local children living in Gurzuf and other settlements of the Big Yalta are also studying. It is local children who make up a permanent cluster and wear not the multi-colored uniform of this or that unit, but regular school uniforms and study at Artek's Hogwarts not one month as a variable cluster, but the whole year from first to eleventh class.
300 permanent students and about ... 3200 change every month!
In detail about how the unique Artek school functions, I told last year in this post, read.

7. So, in a bright colorful form, those children who came to camp for the shift, and in the usual - permanent students of the Artek school.
Bright colors of the form - this is not a tribute to the holiday for a beautiful picture. Each of the 9 camps has its own color of the form and the children wear it every day.
September 1 in Artek
September 1 in Artek
9. The ruler, let me call what is happening in the old manner, does not begin with the boring speeches of the director and the head teacher of the school, but with the dance numbers prepared by the theater groups of Artek people.
September 1 in Artek
ten.The reaction of the stands clearly shows that children like this beginning much more than what they are used to in their schools in Tuva, Kalmykia or Yaroslavl region

11. The official part, of course, is, but it is very short.
First playing the anthem.
September 1 in Artek
12. Then, Alexey Kasprzhak, director of the Artek ICC
September 1 in Artek
13. Well, and then again dancing and dancing
September 1 in Artek
14. Schoolchildren

15. Color extravaganza of 3.5 thousand children of the next shift in "Artek"
September 1 in Artek
September 1 in Artek
September 1 in Artek
18. Sector with parents. Somewhere, on one of the sites, I read the strange information that the parents of local children studying in the Artek school do not fall into the line and in general it’s not easy for them to enter the territory of Artek, because need to make out an admission pass.
The pass is really needed, both for children and their parents, but it is issued to both students and dad-moms for the whole academic year. So neither with the presence on the ruler, nor with the arrival of the director if necessary, there are no difficulties.
So they write nonsense about difficult access for parents.
September 1 in Artek
20. What is the 1st of September without launching colorful balloons into the sky?
September 1 in Artek
21. Fly!
September 1 in Artek
22. The performance of the team of counselors in front of their pupils.

23. The final part, as in an ordinary school, was the short rhymes of first-graders about school, primer, books and teachers ...
By the way, this year 28 children went to the first class of the Artek school, and the competition was 2.5 people per place. If in high school there are both local and children who came to shift, then in the first class only local kids.

24. After that, it remains only to give the first call.
And here the familiar tradition is also changed. In my opinion, unfortunately.
There is no tall eleventh grader with a first-grader girl on her shoulder who is desperately ringing a brass bell with a red ribbon.
In "Artek" the bells with ribbons are distributed to all first-graders who cheerfully ring them, heading for their seats on the stands ...

September 1 in Artek
25. Well, then ... And what's next, next to study.
But what a cool this track to class, agree!
September 1 in Artek
26. But everyone goes to the class, except for first graders, elementary grades and ... pupils of the Artek kindergarten.
These children go to the first lesson on a motor ship to ride across the Black Sea!
September 1 in Artek
27. What are your options, what is the name of the ship?
September 1 in Artek

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