Sergey Bekhterev, actor: biography, personal life, films

Sergey Bekhterev is a famous Russian theater and film actor. Winner of the title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. Fame acquired after roles in the films "Crime and Punishment", "Execute can not be pardoned", "Live and remember."

Artist Biography

Sergey Bekhterev

Sergey Bekhterev was born in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in 1958. Even in his youth he became interested in theatrical art. After school, he moved to Leningrad.

He graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography. He studied in the studio of Arkady Katsman and Lev Dodin, People's Artist of the Russian Federation, who staged the plays of Chekhov, Shakespeare and Ibsen on the stage of the Maly Drama Theater.

The Maly Drama Theater in Leningrad became the first workplace of Bekhterev. Here he entered in 1979, remained faithful to the scene for more than 20 years.

Works on stage

From the very beginning, Sergey Bekhterev combined his work as an actor on the stage with the post of assistant director.

On the big stage, he debuted in 1980 in a play based on the works of Kuprin, "Gentlemen Officers." He played the role of lieutenant Vetkin. In the same year, Guskov's father played in the production of "Live and Remember" by Valentin Rasputin and Galaktion in the "Law of Eternity" by Nodar Dumbadze. The very first roles that Sergei Bekhterev played were remembered by the audience and theater critics.

But the real glory came to him after the play "The House" directors Lev Dodin, who was the mentor of the actor at the institute. On stage, he embodied the novel Fyodor Abramov's “House”, the final part of his famous tetralogy “Brothers and Sisters”.

In the following years, Bekhterev Sergei Stanislavovich played a number of notable roles on the stage of the Maly Drama Theater. King in the play "Cinderella" by Charles Perrot, authorized from the district of Gabriel Andreyevich Ganichev in another statement by Fedor Abramov about the village life of the mid-XX century "Brothers and Sisters", Sam and Samyon in The Lord of the Flies by William Golding, Dervil in Gobsek "Honore de Balzac, Leonid Andreyevich Gaev's brother Ranevskaya in the Cherry Orchard by Anton Chekhov, Chepurny in Chevengur by Andrey Platonov, Ilya Afanasyevich Shamrayev in Chekhov's play" The Chaika ".

In total on the stage of the small drama theater more than 30 roles were performed by Sergey Bekhterev.The actor has become one of the leading in the theater troupe.

Movie roles

Sergey Bekhterev actor

In addition to the theater stage, Sergey Bekhterev was drawn to the glory of a film actor.

His first notable role, which was mentioned in the credits, was Nikita’s character in the 1981 painting “White Dance” by Valentin Vinogradov. In total, he participated in more than fifty films. Many of them as a result came out on the big screen, many were broadcast on television.

Many remember the bright bit parts Sergei Bekhterev. The actor, for example, played a nervous buyer in the comedy Vladimir Bortko Blonde around the Corner, the stable boy Vitya Kolupan in the detective film Anatoly Vekhotko and Roman Ershov No Alien here Peter Todorovskogo "Intergirl", a Satanist in the serial detective "Streets of Broken Lanterns", in one of the most famous series "Moth Instinct".

Work on television

Sergey Bekhterev, whose biography was largely associated with television, has participated in many television projects.

Bekhtereva is remembered as a participant in the multi-serial cycle of programs "Boyarsky Dvor", "Studio" F "," Little Performance "," Songs of my yard ".All of them appeared on various Russian television channels, including the central ones.

Bechterev is also well known as a radio worker. His voice was repeatedly heard in radio plays. He is the author and host of the St. Petersburg Old Timers, Poets of Russian Emigration, Petropol series. Most of his projects were devoted to the city in which he spent most of his adult life, St. Petersburg.

Dubbing master

Sergey Bekhterev cause of death

Sergei Bekhterev's voice is well known to fans of foreign cinema. He repeatedly acted as a dubbing actor or voiced documentary films and programs for television.

In the Polish crime comedy Juliusz Mazulsky “Wah-Bank 2”, his voice says Pan Shtyts, in the American fantastic comedy “John Badem” Short Circuit “Bekhterev voiced Dr. Newton Crosby.

Also, his voice sounds behind the scenes in the documentary biographical film "The World of Art of Sergei Dyagilev."

"Execute cannot be pardoned"

Sergey Bekhterev films

He played one of his most famous roles in 2007. In Mikhail Apartsev's drama "It is impossible to execute pardon", he played the role of Nikolai Pavlovich Smerdin.

The film tells about the meeting of the commission for pardon. Among the cases that are considered by members of the board, the petition for release from a young man who killed two people. His name is Vladimir Yesenin. And one of those killed is the son of a high-ranking Russian official.

In parallel, in the strict regime colony in which Yesenin sits, a riot begins. Prisoners trying to break free, take hostages.

Commission members find themselves in a difficult and tense situation. They are under strong psychological pressure from a reputable official, from the administration of the colony, and from the public. In such a difficult psychological situation, they will have to take the only right decision.

Bekhterev's partners in this film were famous actors Anastasia Melnikova, Valery Degtyar, Sergey Koshonin.

"Live and remember"

Bekhterev Sergey Stanislavovich

Most of the bright and dramatic film roles came at the end of a career. “Live and remember” is another film in which Sergey Bekhterev played. Films about human woes and problems were always better perceived by them.

This drama by Alexander Proshkina appeared on the big screen in 2008. The director filmed the novel of the same name by Valentin Rasputin. The picture was shown at the opening of the 19th All-Russian Kinotavr Festival.

1945 The Great Patriotic War ends. The main character Andrei Guskov (played by Mikhail Evlanov) returns to his native village located in the Siberian wilderness. He could not bear the war and deserted from the front, returning from the hospital to the front. Before the Victory did not reach quite a bit.

Desertion is a shame and a crime. Therefore, for everyone in the village is a mystery. Only Guskov's wife Nastya knows (her role is played by Daria Moroz). She carefully hides her husband from loved ones. So that they are not revealed, she is forced to visit him only occasionally in a special shelter, away from apartment buildings.

By making a decision about desertion, Andrei condemned himself to eternal loneliness. Bekhterev plays Innocent-Matvey, who, like the rest of the village, begin to suspect something. Especially when it turns out that Nastya is expecting a child. For all the villagers, she becomes an unfaithful wife who did not wait for her husband from the front. About Andrei officially nothing is known.Most believe that he either died or went missing.

The most bitter for her is Victory Day. Husbands and sons of many fellow villagers are returning from the front. Only Nastya knows that she will never wait for her husband, despite the fact that he is alive and well.

Cause of death

Sergey Bekhterev biography

In personal life, Bekhterev was not very lucky. He had an adopted son from an old marriage, a photo of which he often set before himself in the dressing room. His wife was an artist, with whom he broke up in the 80s. Since then, one raised a son who now lives in Spain. Remarry, after a bad experience, he was not going to.

In November 2008, a popular theater and film actor Sergei Bekhterev passed away. The cause of death is a prolonged illness, after which he died in the 50th year of life.

Bekhterev is buried in St. Petersburg.

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