Service "Money Box", Sberbank: reviews, terms of use

Sberbank of Russia constantly offers new services for the convenience of its customers. One of such products is the Piggy Bank service. The service helps to quickly set aside a certain amount for the desired purchase, repair or vacation. Many already use the service "piggy" from Sberbank. Customer reviews of financial institutions confirm the convenience of the service and ease of use. To start saving money using this banking product, it is important to know the features of its provision, cost, and other nuances.

What is a "piggy bank" from Sberbank?

Holders of debit cards of Sberbank of Russia have the opportunity to save money on their goals in automatic mode. The Moneybox service is an additional service for transferring funds to a savings account. The client can adjust the mode and frequency of deposit replenishment.

The advantage of the service is that the accumulation of the required amount is “painless”, especially with minor deductions (for example, 10% of all purchases).Sberbank's Kopilka service, reviews of which are mostly positive and neutral, is provided to holders of the issuer's debit cards free of charge.

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Types of money boxes

Many clients of a financial institution have already connected a free service; others are interested in how to use Sberbank's Money Box. Service reviews say there are several ways to accumulate funds. A client of a financial institution can choose one of three options. They differ in terms of transferring funds to a deposit or savings account:

  1. "Fixed piggy bank". The service provides for the regular transfer of a specific amount from a debit card to an account. The client independently determines the frequency of transfers and the size (for example, every week on Wednesdays 500 rubles or every month on the 20th day of 5000 rubles).
  2. "Piggy from enrollment." This option of accumulation works automatically, regardless of where the money came from (salary, pension, benefits, transfers of individuals). The client indicates the percentage of credits to be transferred to the account, after which the system automatically refills the account.
  3. "Moneybox from expenses" works in the same way as the previous version. But the percentage is charged on each amount spent from the user's debit card.
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How to use the service?

To start using the service, it is important to fulfill several conditions and correctly connect the Sberbank's Piggy Bank. Reviews confirm the simplicity and ease of use of the service. To start using the service, the following is required:

  1. Debit card of Sberbank of Russia.
  2. Registration in Sberbank Online, Mobile Bank.
  3. Opening a savings or savings account in this financial institution in your own name.

The “piggy bank” can be connected via the Sberbank Online system, a mobile application or the issuer's bank office. The subscription fee for services from customers is not charged. You can also manage the service or disable it via Internet banking, in a branch of a financial institution or by calling the contact center.

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Deposit "Piggy" in Sberbank: reviews

Opinions of users about such services are controversial. But most customers note the simplicity and convenience of the service. Many debit card holders connect Sberbank's free Moneybox service.User reviews are divided. The positive opinion is connected with the fact that the option is connected for free through the personal account of the Internet bank and helps to save money for any purpose. As for negative reviews, a small percentage of the accruals on the contribution (from 1% per year) does not suit customers. In this regard, many prudent citizens prefer standard deposits with higher rates.

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