Sheikh Mansour and British football

Something from the biography of a rich Arab

Sheikh MansourSheikh Mansur is one of the members of the royal family governing the emirate of Abu Dhabi, which is the largest territory of the United Arab Emirates and gives the country more than seventy percent of the total gross domestic product. He is the fifth son of the ruler of Zayed ibn Sultan. Higher education received in the United States. In 1993 he was awarded a bachelor's degree. He married in the mid-nineties on Aliya bint Mohammed, originating from a noble family of Al Hamed. They had a son, Zayed. In 1997, Sheikh Mansur became chairman of the presidential office. After his father died, the elder brother of Khalifa II actually appointed him prime minister. In 2000, Sheikh Mansur becomes responsible for the activities of the national center for research and documentation. Five years later, he receives a new appointment - to be the deputy chairman of the Council of Education of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The following year, he becomes head of the court case department.Ten years after his first marriage, he marries again, this time to Manal Bint Mohammed, nee al Maktoum. In this marriage, the couple have three children - a daughter and two sons.

Oil tycoon

Sheikh Mansur bin Zayed Al NahyanSheikh Mansur - the main member of the Supreme Petroleum Council. In addition, he is chairman of the International Petroleum Investment Company.

Love to ride and horses

Sheikh Mansur, among other things, is the chairman of the EHRA organization. She is responsible for organizing and conducting equestrian competitions in Abu Dhabi. Sheikh Mansur bin Zayed Al Nahyan loves riding very much. Perhaps this is the most important of his hobbies. In this sport he has achieved great success. In particular, he managed to win at several major equestrian competitions.

Arab rich and British football

Sheikh Mansour is considered one of the richest people on the planet. His condition in 2010 was estimated at more than 20 billion British pounds, and by the following year had grown by another three billion. According to this indicator, he overtook Lakshmi Mitala and Roman Abramovich, who were also able to acquire English football clubs. He is the owner of the Manchester City team, which he bought in 2008.He worked a lot on it. He has already invested more than seven hundred million euros in this team. After all, “Manchester City” is not only one of the sources of its profits, but also a factor that comforts the pride of a noble Arab and works for his image.Sheikh Mansur stateOil Sheikh Mansour in British football is considered to be the richest man. He also "swung" at one of the most beloved Italian clubs. Sheikh Mansur five years ago, according to some sources, planned to acquire up to forty percent of the shares of Milan for the sum of five hundred million euros. But, apparently, refused this intention. And the most famous Italian football club has partially passed into the hands of another rich Arab, his compatriot al-Maktoum. At one time, it was even rumored that Sheikh Mansur intended to buy Spanish “Real” for €. However, the staff of this club, as well as people close to the Arab tycoon, denied this information.

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