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The advantages of using a shower cabin instead of a standard bath are obvious: it takes up less space and is able to stay in a room of any size, saves water and comes with various additional options that turn the process of water treatment into a real pleasure. Modern models of shower cabins can be equipped with radio, aromatherapy function, lighting, providing a relaxing effect on the human body, and many other options that not every massage room can boast. Bathroom equipment comes in various shapes and sizes, and different models vary in prices.shower cabins reviews pros and cons

What to consider when choosing a shower

When deciding on a purchase, you should be guided by three main characteristics of the shower stall: price segment, design and functional equipment.Before making the final selection, make sure that the room where the equipment will be installed can ensure its proper operation. All characteristics, including water pressure, are measured in advance so as not to be mistaken in making a decision. Equipment sizes can be standard and non-standard.

Standard sizes of showers:

  • 120 x 120;
  • 120 x 80;
  • 100 x 100;
  • 90 x 90;
  • 80 x 80.

shower cabin with a high tray

Top manufacturers

Reviews of showers, the pros and cons of different models are often discussed in various forums. Judging by them, the best cabins come from Europe, but most of the production is often located in China. Regarding product quality, the following companies are often referred to as the best shower manufacturers:

  1. German firm Am.Pm - manufactures premium class cabins.
  2. Artex is an Italian company that manufactures products of various price categories, starting from economy class, production is located in China.
  3. Polish manufacturer Cersanit - creates affordable showers of the middle class.
  4. LUXUS (Czech Republic) - quality equipment of economy class.
  5. The popular Finnish company IDO produces shower cabins for which the price matches the quality. They are distinguished by good fittings and durable walls, but the cost of production is quite high.
  6. SSWW - a German company with production in China, creates a variety of equipment for bathrooms. One of the most popular brands in European countries. Cabins are made of high quality reinforced acrylic and tempered glass, plums are made of brass. Shipped assembled.

Chinese products are much cheaper than European products, but often inferior in quality. The most famous companies that produce the best showers: Fituche, Golden Fish.

How to choose a shower

Usually on the brand page on the Internet, equipment is divided into categories, based on the equipment of various functions and forms:

  • cabin with steam or without steam;
  • with or without hydromassage;
  • shower stall or shower enclosure.

A small preparation will help you choose the right shower cabin:

  1. First you need to decide whether you really need a cabin or you can do with an ordinary shower enclosure. If the bathroom is small and there is no special need for a multitude of functions, it is better to stay at the second option. Judging by the reviews of customers, most of the options are rarely used, and about the presence of some of them the owners will learn only after a few years.
  2. How important is the design of the cabin? Think about whether it should be harmoniously combined with other technology or it will be enough just to feel comfortable inside. In any case, the equipment must be safe and ergonomic, and its parts must be firmly fixed.
  3. Think about how important the brand and manufacturer's warranty. Wouldn't it be better to choose a model from a lesser-known firm, but at a more attractive price? In this question, reviews of the pros and cons of showers that consumers leave can help.
  4. When choosing a model in an inexpensive segment, special attention should be paid to the quality of the product. Chinese manufacturers often save on components, making cabins of cheap acrylic, which begins to crack at the slightest damage.
  5. Choosing a form, be guided by your taste. Semicircular, asymmetric or rectangular shower will be in your bathroom - not so important. The main thing is comfort and safety.

shower 120 120

Types of showers

Models differ in a number of signs, in order to understand how to choose a shower cabin for a private house or apartment, it is important to know what they are.Equipment for bathrooms is made of various materials. Reviews of showers, the pros and cons of each model can be found on the websites of manufacturers. The cab itself, as standard, consists of a frame, doors, a rear wall, a mixer, a gasket and a pallet. Hydromassage, steam generator and other functions are additional components and are not always present in the design.

The cabin can be combined or monoblock. By monoblock versions, fully assembled at the factory, are products manufactured by SSWW. The one-piece case simplifies the assembly of products and reduces the risk of defects when improperly installed, but due to difficulties with transportation, such cabins are more expensive than collapsible ones. Shower 120 120 can not even fit in the door, if it is not a team.

best showers

Completion and additional options

Models can be open or closed. The cabin of the first type is called the shower corner, the walls in it are the walls of the room. Usually it consists only of a mixer and a fence, but its cost is several times lower than that of closed models. There are shower cabins where a bath is installed instead of a pan.It can be located in the center or on the edge. Hydromassage types are additionally completed with features such as a rain shower, pulsating massage and others. There are heated showers. They are designed to solve the problem of the lack of hot water in the apartment or at the cottage, where the comfort of taking a shower depends on the number of sunny days.

By location and shape, shower cubicles are asymmetrical, semicircular, square, angular or pentagonal. All of them differ in materials, sizes, technical equipment, as well as the height of the pallet. The most popular rectangular showers. They organically fit into the interior of the bathroom, especially in the high-tech style. The standard height is about 2 meters, not counting the pallet. The most spacious is a shower 120 by 120 cm.rectangular showers

Pallet Features

The shower tray is one of the most important components of a shower cabin. Two main characteristics worthy of the attention of the buyer: the height and the material from which it is made. There are shower cabins with a high base, the height of the wall of which can vary from 10 to 30 cm.But not all people are able to step over such a high side, because there are low options that are set on the floor. The surface of this part of the shower must be corrugated, and the material for its production - non-slip. Otherwise there is a high risk of injury. The service life and ease of installation are important. The shape of the pallet may be different and depends on the cabin.

Materials for the manufacture of pallets

As the material for the pallet manufacturers most often use acrylic sheet. This is a practical and fairly durable material, if its manufacturing technology is fully complied with. Poor composite may eventually crack or suffer from the load. There are pallets of steel, iron and stone. Models shower cabins, equipped with such a detail, are somewhat more expensive. Steel is most often enameled, but the disadvantage of this type of pallets is the noise that is created by the flow of water. Ceramic options are too fragile and can break, according to user feedback. Cast iron - durable, but very heavy. Its high cost reduces the popularity of this material. Stone pallets are in the shower stalls of the elite segment, such equipment is practically not found on the open market.
Shower Cabin Manufacturers

Shower tray construction

Pallets are built-in or floor. The first option is installed on the podium, floor - equipped with adjustable legs. The downside of the built-in pallet, according to buyers, is its inaccessibility in case of breakage. If a pipe becomes clogged or a leak appears, you will have to disassemble the cabin half. When the pallet with the removable panel, it will be rather simple to get to a siphon, having dismantled it. It is desirable to equip the drain of any shower with a hair catcher, because it is they who most often cause the breakage and clog up the drain. This is an additional item, it should be bought separately. Description of equipment, reviews, pros and cons of showers with different types of pallets can be found on the manufacturers' websites.

Shower doors

Doors differ in design and material of which they are made.

Designs are:

  • roller;
  • rack and pinion;
  • sliding;
  • on loops;
  • on hinges;
  • swinging

The material most often used is an acrylic sheet, plastic or tempered glass. Unscrupulous manufacturers make doors of ordinary glass, which is unsafe, because such cabins are better not to purchase.Glass thickness matters, it should be at least 4 mm for frame doors and 8 mm if hinges are used for fastening.
heated shower stall

Pluses and minuses of shower cabins

According to the reviews, the main advantage of shower cabins over bathrooms is water saving. A shower cabin with a high basin in the form of a small bath can perform both functions at once: you can bathe and take a shower in it. Such equipment saves space for other equipment, combining the functions of a massage room and spa. If the additional options do not need anything and the main goal is to wash quickly, a shower corner will suffice. In small spaces it is more convenient to use designs with sliding doors.

The minus of the cabin is often called a time-consuming cleaning inside: after water procedures, soap stains and drops remain on the doors. But there are models in which the doors are covered with a special compound, forcing all the water to flow down, leaving no traces. They cost a little more, but they save the time and effort of the owners. The best showers are those that fulfill their functions and meet the needs of the user. Which option to choose is up to you.

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