Siberian dumplings: cooking recipe at home

Wrap the meat stuffing in the dough and then cook - a technique typical of many national cuisines. Georgian khinkali, Italian ravioli, are performed according to the same general technological rules as the main Siberian delicacy. Dumplings are considered an age-old Russian dish, although their name is of Finnish-Ugric origin (from the words “pell” - ear and “nannies” - dough). Well, the Russians never considered it shameful to learn something good from the neighboring nations. Today there are few willing to challenge the domestic origin of the dumplings, but to try their hunters more than enough. Especially when they are made according to the rules, with soul and love, with the addition of important ingredients.

siberian dumplings

The role of convenience foods in history

Cooking semi-finished products people came up with a long time. Every day, to perform many labor-intensive operations in order to eat tasty food, and in the past, people considered it a matter of surplus, therefore, as a rule, on the daily table there were simple dishes: porridge, cabbage soup, bread.Fine dishes served on holidays and in special cases. But hunters have always needed high-calorie food, walking in the taiga in search of game is not an easy task. Such a culinary contradiction arose among the locals and migrants of the severe Siberian region. There was a need for a nourishing dish, which can be quickly prepared.

What is the difference between Siberian dumplings

For Siberians, in the winter time, food safety problems did not exist: they were simply buried in the snow, and in the cold they did not deteriorate. Someone once got the idea to bury bags with blanks near the house, and if necessary, get as much as you need and prepare. The combination of meat and flour provided a sufficient level of calories. Siberian dumplings differ from all others precisely in that they must be frozen before cooking.

Siberian Dumplings

Sacred value dumplings

Our long-time ancestors, who did not know the saving doctrine of Christ, professed pagan beliefs. Their sacrifices, however, were mostly harmless in nature. The hunter, who wanted to enlist the support of non-material forces and protect himself from the dangers, included in the recipe of prepared ritual dishes the meat of those animals that he wanted to get.The cattleman, also no stranger to idolatry, preferred to see the fruits of his labors on the festive table and, eating them, mentally thanked the gods for the success of their own labor. In the same aspect, Siberian dumplings can also be considered, the recipe of which involves the use of meat from several species of animals. This tradition continues today.

Little about store products

Our time is characterized by two important factors determining the lifestyle of a modern person: a total lack of time and technological omnipotence. You can do anything today, and in any quantities, as long as it is bought. On matters that our great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers could do all day long, we are given a few minutes today. Sit down and stick a whole mountain of culinary art masterpieces can not afford all and not always.

Siberian industrial dumplings help solve the problem of time and eat a dish that is somewhat similar to the prototype. It seems that everything is in place - dough, minced meat, and the taste is big. What is the matter?

And it's in the dough, and in the stuffing.To reduce the cost, few eggs are added to the dough (or they are replaced with powder), the flour is not of sufficient quality (gluten, that is, the protein content is below the normal rate). Now about the main thing, that is mince. Inexpensive brands suffer from the presence of plant (soybean) ingredients, which, from a nutritional point of view, may be useful, but obviously gastronomic. Other manufacturers try to keep the classic recipe (for example, Caesar Siberian dumplings are quite edible), but the price worries the consumer (two hundred rubles per pack is expensive).

In any case, the buyer of the shop convenience foods must be prepared for the fact that he pays not for tasty and healthy food, but for the time saved.

For those who are willing to spend part of the day off for cooking in a family circle dishes called "Siberian dumplings", it may be useful to the tips outlined below.

dumplings siberian delicacy reviews

Where to begin

Starting a business, you need to prepare everything you need, otherwise you will have to interrupt work, look for or buy more one or the other. It is clear to everyone that in order to sculpt Siberian dumplings, two main components are required - minced meat and dough.In turn, both of them consist of their own ingredients. They are simple and unpretentious, they are few. Of course, if the hostess has such delights as venison, bear meat or other rare meats, you can cook a real Siberian delicacy. Dumplings that other citizens make and eat, with more modest possibilities, usually contain pork and beef. This meat can be purchased both in the market and in the supermarket, but you also need to know how to choose it. As for flour, it is best to give preference to well-known brands in the region, which usually coincide with the name of the closest elevators and mills, which are responsible for the compliance of their products with state standards.

dumplings Siberian recipe

To cook a standard portion of ravioli, you will need 300 grams of beef and pork (600 grams of meat), a pound of flour (otherwise two cups), an egg (1 pc.), A pair of good large onions and a little salt and pepper. Water for the test can be taken tap.

Tili-tili dough

The dough is not the “trick” that distinguishes the Siberian dumplings. The recipe is very ordinary. Flour should be sifted (it would “come to life”) and pour it on a sheet of plywood or another substrate, which will become a temporary workplace.You can work on the table, but it is more difficult to put in order after the completion of the case. At the top of this mountain should arrange some kind of volcanic crater, which you need to break an egg. There also pours a glass of water and add salt - a little, a pinch. Now you have to work hard, kneading the dough to a soft, but elastic state, adding water if necessary. All the time you need to remember that from it will have to sculpt dumplings, of course, after rolling. In the meantime, it is already in appearance ready, should rest in half an hour aside. It's time to do the stuffing.

Siberian delicacy dumplings

Meat for the filling

The filling has at least a two-component composition. Siberian dumplings performed by residents of the European part of Russia contain beef and pork. Now the question of what qualities should be meat, selected for such a responsible function. The rule that the less fat the better, does not work here. The complete absence of fat will lead to the fact that the stuffing will be dry, and eating the dish will not be as pleasant as we would like. Of pork, breast fat is best, in which strips of fat, if not fat, alternate with meat. For beef, the requirements are not so strict, but preference should be given to a lighter veal.In the case of a successful combination will be able to make these dumplings, Siberian delicacy. Reviews of households and guests, praising and expressing pleasure, will be a worthy reward, crowning the head of a skilled culinary specialist.

How to cook the stuffing

The stuffing is very simple, it consists of ground meat, onion and pepper. The grinding of ingredients is done by means of an ordinary meat grinder, while they need to be skipped only once. It is necessary to cut pieces of medium size across the fibers, then the work will go easier, and the wires will not be wound on the cutting knife.

homemade siberian dumplings

Too small grinding of the meat will give the dish an unflattering resemblance to the store counterpart. In no case should not be added to the minced egg, it is not meatballs. For the convenience of mixing, you can alternate pork, beef and onions, then add salt and pepper. If there is broth, then you can pour it a little, and in the absence of water, water will do - for temporarily fixing the lumps during the subsequent modeling.


So, the stuffing is ready, the dough has lain down the allotted time, and the right moment comes for the beginning of the most creative stage of the whole work. There are two main methods for the formation of dumplings - manual and roller-matrix. Each of them has their followers.

Caesar dumplings Siberian

In the seventies, miracle devices went on sale, immediately winning a huge number of fans. These round cast matrixes with hexagonal sides and through openings are intended for small-scale production of pelmeni. The principle of their work is simple. You should sprinkle the dumpling with flour, roll out two round pancakes of dough, put one of them on the ribbed plane and then calmly put the required amount of minced meat into each cell with a teaspoon. When all of them are filled, the second pancake is put on top and it all rolls over with a rolling pin. Then the dumpling is turned over, and ready-made, resembling each other as twin brothers dumplings fall on the table. The process is fast, the labor intensity is reduced, the taste remains the same as in manual modeling. But real gourmets and aesthetes are still unhappy with something. They believe that homemade Siberian dumplings should be more beautiful, molded exclusively by hand. And nothing else.

dumplings Siberian cooking recipe

Handmade luxury

Sculpting can also be done in different ways. You can act by the method welcomed by the most sophisticated gourmets, that is, divide the dough into separate portioned pieces (cut them from a long “sausage”), then flatten each of them into the correct circle as possible.Then put a piece of filling and close up in the form of a small crescent, which, in turn, should be minimized, seeking similarity with the miniature ear. Such cooking Siberian dumplings can be called perfect, it demonstrates skill, diligence, thoroughness and in general can serve as an example of perfectionism.

cooking Siberian dumplings

The dough is not consumed in vain (in fact, with other techniques, it does not disappear), and aesthetically this dish looks like a real masterpiece. Lack of one, but serious. To justify the excessive time spent with the somewhat better appearance of dumplings can only be an egoistic husband (and the dumplings are still mostly molded by the wife), who does not care about his beloved wife and is ready to sacrifice her free time to the joy of his own whims.

The second method of hand molding

Someone matrix dumplings do not seem appetizing enough, others do not want to sit in the kitchen for hours, doing laborious work. And there is a third method of "assembly", which reduces the cooking time, but saves strength and good spirits. It is called "wine glass" or "glass" (depending on the size of the received "ears").Using it, you can make real Siberian dumplings. The recipe is essentially the same, but the dough is rolled out in a single layer, and then cut into circles the rim of a shot glass (if you want to make very small ones) or a glass (when more will fit). Further, all the work is done in the same manner as with the most time-consuming method. A special attraction to the “shot glass” method is that it is possible to work with the whole family, combining this occupation with pleasant conversation, jokes and fun. Children, too, is not forbidden to help, it is a great way to teach them how to help parents. You can even arrange a contest in which the one who has time to make more dumplings without prejudice to the quality will win. A delicious dinner is a great reward for all participants.

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