Siemens C65: description and characteristics. Comparison with competitors and reviews

Siemens C55 has long been the most popular model designed for the average buyer. Upon release, it was the most feature-rich phone in its price range, and its sales level remained high for 2 years. The C60 and C62 models that replaced it can only be considered half successful, since, compared with competitors, they did not add anything new and there were few of them sold. Siemens C65 was of great importance because the position of the manufacturer was directly dependent on its success. Specifications have changed several times. For example, it was first announced that 3 MB of memory would be available to the user (and this was indicated on the company's website), although in reality the device has a 11 MB ROM, of which 6 MB is available. The memory size and functionality of the C65 are completely analogous to the M65 and CX65 models. Changes include simplified design, less infrared functionality, a small screen, another battery, and a worse camera.And this is enough for the phone to become the best in its class.

Siemens C65: Model Review

Design is traditional for Siemens. The manufacturer used inexpensive material (especially on the reverse side), which makes it possible to distinguish the C65 from the old models, and makes it less attractive. The front panel is made of matte and glossy plastic. It is difficult to evaluate the design aesthetically, since this is a subjective question, but the quality of the model is not inferior to phones of a comparable price range, losing only the Motorola C650.

The assembly is decent, there are no large gaps and the phone does not creak in the hands. The model can be easily disassembled using the key included in the Siemens C65 kit. The data cable is not included in the set, but there is a charger, battery and user manual. The keyboard is made of plastic and is highlighted in orange. Its brightness is not uniform and symbols are not always visible. The navigation bar is quite convenient and does not cause problems. The same applies to the numeric keypad. The infrared port is located on the left side, and at the top left there is a hole for the strap. Below is a standard connector interface Siemens C65. External antenna connects to the rear.There is also a CIF-camera lens.

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A display with a resolution of 130 x 130 pixels (28 x 28 mm) allows the phone to display 7 text and 1 information line. STN-screen is able to display up to 65536 colors. This is one of the highest quality displays in this price range, and is better than the Motorola C650. At СХ65 and М65 the screen is larger, the information is clearly visible on a sunny day. Indoor displays are completely identical. In the sun, the image becomes less clear, which is more critical for this model, since its screen is smaller. To avoid this, you can increase the contrast. In addition, the font can be increased so that the sun is no longer a hindrance. This opportunity will also interest people with poor eyesight. The phone also allows you to adjust the level of background lighting.

Battery life

The battery has a capacity of 600 mA ∙ h. According to the manufacturer, the phone can work for about 6 hours in talk mode and 410 hours in standby mode. According to user feedback, a model without recharging can last 4 days, of which it takes 45 minutes to make calls and the same amount to other tasks on the Siemens C65. The battery lasts longer than the CX65 and M65 models, which is caused by a smaller screen. The time required to fully charge the battery is about 1.5 hours.

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Main menu

Displayed as 9 icons. The most popular applications can be launched using the keys. Submenus are displayed as a list. Navigation through the menu is possible using the numeric keypad.

An event log is kept. It includes all information about missed reminders and calls, alarm calls and incoming messages. It is logical and simple. The left soft button is used to open the log with the first entry. After selecting it, a list of all events will be displayed, which can be viewed. Record type is indicated.

In Nokia phones, for example, a missed call is given a higher priority. After viewing them, notifications of received messages appear. After that, notifications of missed reminders become available, etc. Thus, the event log is much more convenient in the form of a combined list.

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The address book

Internal memory is dynamically shared between applications, but the phone book has a limit of 1000 contacts. For each contact, you can specify the name, surname, home, mobile and work phones, 2 faxes, 2 email addresses, URL, name and address of the organization (city, street, zip code, country).For each contact, you can set a date of birth and a reminder. The user has the opportunity to associate with it an image file, be it a photo or just a drawing.

The main list displays icons for all filled contact fields (in 1-2 lines). Photos are not visible, and to view it, you need to call the full information about the contact. There are 9 user groups, each of which can be called in its own way and assign a photo and a melody to it. The last setting is to be found in the call menu, which is not very logical.

During an incoming call, the image is not displayed on top of the entire display, but its dimensions are quite large. Another disadvantage is that the phone number is displayed only for a few seconds before being replaced by a picture. Only the name is displayed, not the type of number. When making a call, you need to select a contact, the corresponding number and make a call. The icon is the same for all contacts, so the question arises, why do we need to divide them into groups? It is not possible to change the field names, so if the user has several mobile phones, then others have to be saved as home or work.This is not so inconvenient, but can be confusing, especially if there are many people familiar with several mobile numbers.

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Memory Siemens C65 is enough for 100 messages. The main list shows the entries from the ROM and SIM card. The latter are marked accordingly. Users have the ability to create their own templates and directories. There is support for MMS, the setting of which is not difficult.

Entering messages is convenient. You can quickly switch between pages without the need to call the context menu. Notifications about the size of the message that appear at the time of sending, for users have become a pleasant addition. You can also postpone the delivery time (from 1 h to infinity). If the operator charges for the size of the shipment, this is a very important function. MMS messages can be received manually and automatically. The latter is possible only in its own network, but not in roaming. At the same time, the phone honestly warns that it can be costly.

It is possible to create your own templates. Work with messages is organized at the level of the best models. A good addition is the ability to select the font size while reading (standard, large and small).

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100 outgoing, incoming and missed calls are stored in memory with the date, time and duration of each one. Such a long list in the phone appeared for the first time and allows you to save data about each call from a specific number without summing them up. Contact type is not displayed, but the phone number is clearly visible.

In the folder My Stuff you can store all the programs clearly in their places. The contents of the directory can be displayed in two modes - in the form of a list and mini-pictures. The second method is more suitable for viewing images. Unfortunately, all folders look the same, which can be confusing.


Here is all that concerns the functionality of the device. Without going into details, it should be said that if GPRS is not needed, then it is better to disable it in order to extend the battery life of the device. Using GPRS can cut it in half, including the talk time. You can choose the color scheme of the menu. Traditionally, it is possible to customize the type of phone signal (vibration, melody, etc.).

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The calendar is standard, it can be viewed monthly, weekly and daily. You can filter all events of the same type, for example, all notes or meetings.The total number of entries can not exceed thousands. Events can be repeated or one-time. At input setting of displayed fields is available. A reminder can serve as a voice recording. There is a separate to-do list for which not only the date is set, but also notifications. Notes are ideal for entering short text messages. They can be password protected.

Phone Siemens C65 allows you to view the time in cities around the world directly from the menu of the organizer, which is very convenient. Here is also a voice recorder. The number and length of entries is limited only by the amount of free memory. By default, they are limited to 140 minutes. Unfortunately, during a call, the recorder cannot be started - the device starts to reboot.

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Additional software

This section includes an alarm clock that can be set for specific days of the week. Unfortunately, the program allows you to set only one time. The sound recording application resembles a voice recorder. It allows you to record a melody and set it as a call. There is a standard calculator that stores intermediate results. There is a program for converting one unit of measurement to another. The stopwatch saves two control points to a file.Timer too.

File system

The phone allows you to track the amount of available user memory. You can create folders, transfer the contents of directories, change their presentation (list or icons). The device can be used to store any data format.


This section contains a WAP browser with a large number of settings and the ability to add your favorite sites. Also installed games. The updated Stack Attack Advanced has now become more difficult and has lost its former appeal. Bubble Boost is an interesting arcade game. Wappo Junior is a logical game. PhotoPet is another electronic Tamagotchi.

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Mentioned is only a photo editor. Its capabilities are very limited and allow you to add a frame, an icon, flip an image and nothing else. Editing is called from any list, but after that the file must be selected again. The application is not integrated into the user interface.

Siemens C65: camera specifications

The image sensor allows you to take pictures in high (352 x 288 pixels), medium and screen resolution. In earlier models, the high resolution corresponded to VGA (640 x 480 pixels). It seems that the developers are confused in the names.It is possible to select a file name pattern that can contain the current time and date. You can set black and white balance automatically or manually. The viewfinder serves as a display. With fast movement, the image is not blurred. Display Siemens C65 photo displays perfectly. Provides a timer for taking a selfie. One touch adjusts brightness and digital zoom (3x). The owners do not recommend using the last function, as the quality does not get any better. Photos can be transferred to other phones via infrared.


Phone performance was determined by the support of Java MIDP 2.0. At the same time, it is necessary to emphasize the constant problem of the manufacturer - programs load too long. There are certain improvements, but the speed is still extremely low. For example, it takes 30 seconds to launch the graphic editor, and only a little less for games. Siemens phones have the lowest speed in its class.

The test results are very similar to other models of the manufacturer of the 65th series, the difference is minimal. Most depressing is the big time of loading applications, because even the Motorola C650 with a slower processor makes it faster.

Advantages and disadvantages

Siemens C65 with signal reception has no problems - the connection is reliable and the voice is well transmitted. The volume of polyphony in comparison with earlier models has grown. Vibration is average, but sufficient. The phone surpasses analogs in ROM capacity, has an infrared port with OBEX support and a battery of sufficient capacity. The low resolution of the camera and the mediocre picture quality are considered to be shortcomings of devices in this price range. The real omissions are raw software and unstable work. Most of the serious problems are usually solved in the first six months after the release of the model, but minor defects remain. The situation with the CX65 and M65 is the same. These flaws are not critical for the average owner, who is unlikely to notice them. But intensively using the phone will see them very quickly.

The competition model is the Motorola C650. The phone has better body material, a camera and it is possible to use a GPRS modem. Otherwise, it is worse than the Siemens C65. Sony Ericsson T610 has the best display, Bluetooth, multifunctional infrared port and the best finish. There are no other benefits.

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