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Some people call this city a “dusty bag”, others - “Asian Venice”. He is in the Guinness Book of Records as the settlement with the world's longest title. After all, the name of Bangkok, and we are talking about the capital of Thailand, is translated into twenty different enthusiastic words, including "the greatest city" and "city of angels". The sights of Bangkok, its streets, parks, houses and alleys encourage tourists from all over the world to visit this place, which is striking in its beauty and abundance of historical architectural masterpieces.sights of bangkok

City Formation

Even before the first Thais got to the shores of the Gulf of Siam, the story of the creation of Bangkok began. Then the capital of Siam was considered the city of Ayutthaya. Bangkok itself was on the road to it. At that time, he was just a small village, in which Europeans were frequent guests on their way to Ayutthaya.But in the 18th century everything changed dramatically. Ayutthaya was burnt by the Burmese, and the capital was the city of Thonburi.

After this and a number of events, finally, Bangkok became the main city of the country. Sights, photos of which can be viewed in our article, were built and formed in accordance with the development of the capital itself. After turning Bangkok into the main city, it became a major port settlement. True, with quite a strong influence of Great Britain. Proof of this is left-hand traffic on its streets.

Is one day a lot or a little?

Usually, those who prefer exotic cuisine, world-famous Thai cuisine, Thai massage and extraordinary local customs go on vacation to Bangkok. But most of the tourists are those people who love only beach relaxation. They spend only one day in this city, which is necessary for a transfer or sending home from the state’s main airport.

But despite such a short time, Bangkok can show a lot of things. Sights (for 1 day you can also explore a lot), which are recommended for experienced travelers - this is a crocodile farm and market. The crocodile farm in Bangkok is recognized as the largest on the planet.There are both marine and freshwater reptiles. The highlight of the institution is a show with crocodiles and a store that sells products from their skin. There is a small zoo on the farm. Known to many tourists, the Dinosaur Museum is also located on the territory of this attraction. It contains the remains of lizards, which died out many centuries ago.

Those who like to wander the markets in search of something extraordinary can head to the floating market popular all over the world called Bang-Nam-Pueng. It is located 31 kilometers south-east of the capital of Thailand. Here you can buy many different interesting and useful products. They are made by local people with their own hands and brought by traders from other states and settlements of Southeast Asia.

And one more place

The sights of Bangkok, which are worth seeing if you have only one day to explore the city - this is also Siam Park. From the airport to it - just 30 minutes drive. This is a great place to have fun. It will appeal to both the smallest travelers and adult tourists. The institution is open daily from 11 am to 6 pm

bangkok attractions photos

Anyway, it is better to go on an entertaining excursion than to while away a few hours while sitting at the airport. Of course, to explore all the interesting places in Bangkok, not a week is enough, let alone a single day. But the sights described above and in this short time can and should be visited.

Are there parks?

Parks of Bangkok is a separate page in the life of the city. There are countless of them, and it is rather difficult to describe each of them. Therefore, we will talk about the most popular and most visited places. One of these is King Rama IX Park. It is unusually large, its scope is simply impressive. The whole park consists of several zones. The first part of the attraction is called the Garden of the Great King. Here grow extraordinary trees with yellow leaves. Indeed, in Thailand, this shade symbolizes the power of the king. The second zone of Rama IX Park is reserved for the botanical garden. Further located vegetation, representing each province of the kingdom.

 thailand bangkok sights

In addition to all of the above, the park has the Garden of Lotus and Magnolias, Water Park with many fountains, the International Park and the Garden of Stone Walls.Rama IX Park is the cultural center of the capital. It is here that every year various shows, concerts and festivals are held.

Chatuchak Park

Probably the most picturesque place for walking is Chatuchak Park. It is located in the north of Bangkok. Chatuchak was founded in 1980. The park is known for its romantic bridges thrown through the local water bodies, and shady alleys. It provides a large number of places for sports: a field for playing football, cycle and jogging tracks, tennis courts. On the territory of the park there is an incredibly fascinating Curative Herb Garden and the Railway Museum. And right next to Chatuchak there is a square called Roth Fay. Here, Thai families love picnics.

See and do not regret

Bangkok (sights, photos of which can be seen on this page, do not leave anyone indifferent) - just a paradise for those who are crazy about historical masterpieces of architecture. The Temple of the Reclining Buddha is one of the largest and oldest structures of the kingdom. It was built over the years 1688-1703. It is here that the well-known statue of the reclining Buddha, covered with gold and reaching a length of 46 meters, is located. She became a symbol of the state of waiting for the transition of the deity from the earthly world to nirvana.The feet of the sculpture are decorated with 108 pearls that reflect the auspicious signs of the Buddha. In the temple, ancient plates of stone are saved, where various methods of massage, recipes for the treatment of certain diseases, methods of meditation are described.

Bangkok attractions for 1 day

The best places in Bangkok can not be imagined without the tower "Bayok Sky 2". This skyscraper hotel is located in the heart of the Thai capital - in the Pratunam area. In the state, this building is the highest, and it also bears the title of the highest home in all of Asia. Bayok occupies the third place in the world among the highest hotels. Its height reaches 304 meters, it is 84 floors. 77 of them are located public observatory.

bangkok reviews

Having bought a ticket, anyone can get here. And he will never regret his action, because from the observation deck opens up indescribable beauty overlooking the city. From here you can see other sights of Bangkok.

Fast, comfortable, convenient and safe

Bangkok is a huge city with a population of ten million. And because there are often problems with transport, traffic jams and in time to get to work, school or other places.The best way out is the metro. The underground or skytrain has two lines. They are operated by modern, well-conditioned cars that simply rush at fabulous speed and do not form congestion.

Bangkok subway with landmarks

Bangkok metro with attractions creates a separate tourist route. So, at the SIAM station there are famous shopping centers with the Wax Museum and an aquarium. The NATIONAL STADIUM stop will show you the Jim Thompson House Museum, and the SALA DAENG station provides access to Lumpini Park and Patpong quarter.

Some more sights of Bangkok

I would also like to mention the Ancient City - a huge park, with its shape resembling the outline of the kingdom. There are more than one hundred copies of historic buildings. Many of their originals have long since disappeared into oblivion, and some of the copies are built in full size by their protege. Buying a ticket, you can immediately take a bicycle, on which you will move during a tour of the park. It is in the ancient city you can learn the secrets of the country and live a little past, as well as get acquainted with the entire history of such a colorful state like Thailand.

Bangkok, whose attractions are difficult to describe in its entirety, is the only place on earth where more than half a million temples of various denominations have gathered. Each of them is something unique and inimitable. All of them have a different history of creation, different appearance and many interesting exhibits.

Opinions of tourists

In the capital of Thailand every year there are many tourists. Their flow here is continuous and numerous. Bangkok, reviews of which are different, some like it at first sight, while others never want to come back here again. And everyone perceives local exoticism in different ways. For example, there are such statements that cockroaches, rats, spiders and people with them roam in the very center of the capital next to prestigious hotels and skyscrapers. This is what some people call exotic.bangkok parks

But others are just crazy about Bangkok, especially if he greets guests with impeccable weather. Immediately upon arrival, the airport makes a great impression on many, so travelers will have the confidence that they will definitely be pleased with their further acquaintance with the capital of Thailand.And they are right: they like local parks, temples, transport and restaurants. In a word, Bangkok (tourists are described above) is a wonderful place, worthy of not only talking about, but also visiting.

What to bring home

Proof that you really were in Bangkok, will serve as gifts that you bring back to your family and friends. And there you can buy various souvenirs associated with Buddhism. For example, statues of Buddha that copy the famous sculptures from different temples. A common souvenir is an elephant, more precisely, its ceramic and wooden figurines. Vodka infused with poisonous snakes will also be a wonderful gift. Well, for those who do not like to spend money on presents, we recommend buying a not very expensive paper fan with a bright pattern.

When to go

When choosing a time to visit exotic countries, most tourists are guided by the weather, which will prevail in one or another period of their stay in a particular country. So, in Bangkok, the weather is very specific, well, capricious, what should be a woman. From March to May there is a dry and hot summer, June-October are continuous rains, and a dry and slightly cool winter here begins in November and ends in February. So think for yourself, decide for yourself.

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