Sights of Kharkov - what to see

Kharkiv is one of the most popular cities in Ukraine. It is the second largest in the country. It is the only city with a complete set of Council of Europe awards.

The exact date of foundation of this settlement is not known. We only know that it was approximately in the interval between 1630 and 1655 years. In the XVIII century, the founder of the city was considered a mythical Cossack, who had the name Kharko. However, later this version, unfortunately, was rejected, because there was no reason at all.

Basic information about the city

The population is about 1.4 million. The peak came in 1991. During this period, more than 1.6 million residents were recorded in the city. Also, Kharkov is traditionally a multinational settlement. There are more than a hundred nationalities. Of course, the majority of the population are Ukrainians. There are also Jewish communities.

The climate in Kharkov is temperate continental. There is a fairly mild winter, as well as a long and dry summer.

What to see in Kharkov is necessary?

The city has many attractions that are definitely worth talking about. Despite the fact that during the Second World War there was more than one explosion here, the city had the largest number of monuments in the style of constructivism.

Blagoveshchensky cathedral

Blagoveshchensky cathedral

One of the most famous temples, located in the Eastern part of Europe. Mikhail Ivanovich Lovtsov, who was a representative of the Technological Institute in Kharkov and a member of the Blagoveshchensky parish, worked on this attraction in Kharkov. Basically, the cathedral was financed due to the generosity of the wealthy residents of the city. These were people from Kharkov, as well as from other settlements.

Since the nineties, the relics of the martyr Alexander are kept here. A few years ago, this territory was visited by the Patriarch of All Russia Kirill on his first official visit.

Mark V

British tank

Another popular attraction of Kharkov is the English tank Mark V. It has been located here since 1938.The device was equipped in this Ukrainian city in memory of the First World War.

Initially there were 2 tanks. T. n. "composite" with the left and right gun location, that is, the right and left tank platoon.

This landmark reached us, but was moved to the territory of the Pokrovsky Cathedral after the hostilities. It was installed in the courtyard of the historical museum. But after the building was returned to the first owner, it was moved to the side of Constitution Square, that is, to another building of the Historical Museum.

Exact information about the sights itself is unknown, but there are several options. The most popular is the version claiming that the tank was used by the Volunteer Army in World War I.

It is known that such models remained in several cities. For example, in Lugansk, as well as Arkhangelsk.

In addition, the tank is considered a symbol of the White movement. In honor of him, many events are held annually.

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Cathedral in Kharkov

The cathedral is named after the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and is Catholic. The first building of the temple was located to the south and was destroyed during the Second World War.

The temple was built at the time when the first existed. It was built in the second half of the XIX century according to a project by Kharkov engineer B. G. Mikhailovsky. In modern times, this landmark in Kharkov is the center of the Kharkiv-Zaporizhzhya diocese of the Roman Catholic Church.

The structure has a basilica shape, here is a high Gothic bell tower with a round window-rosette on the second tier.

Freedom Square in Kharkov

Freedom Square

Central territory in Kharkov. Originally it was called the Dzerzhinsky Square. Later, during the German entourage, the name was again changed. The area became known as the area of ​​the German army. Later, she repeatedly changed her name, but as a result, since 1991, that is, for quite a long time, it is called Freedom Square.

Of the features worth noting is that it has a very unusual shape. Because of this, she is famous. Its shape resembles a chemical retort. For a long time on this account were disputes. Repeatedly made proposals for its separation. As a result, this project was not supported.

State Museum of Nature

Museum in Kharkov

Popular museum in Kharkov.In addition, it is one of the oldest in all of Eastern Europe. He is also a member of the VN Karazin National University.

This museum in Kharkov has a very rich and interesting history. For example, it is worth noting that there are a lot of exhibits coming from other countries.

The modern building is located at about 4000 m.2. There are more than 200 thousand various valuable exhibits here. Here live representatives of the animal kingdom from all continents and oceans of our immense planet. In addition, several ancient monuments are located at the entrance to the museum.

Monument to metro workers

This techno-statue was located at the station "University" in the Kharkiv metro. Now it is located at 29 Engels Street. This monument in Kharkov personifies the hard work of metro workers. It is to these people he is dedicated.

Attraction in Kharkov was established in 2009 in honor of the anniversary of the opening of the metro in this city. It is worth noting that the monument was dismantled at the request of workers. The decision was made by the Director of Metro Sergey Museev.As is known from the official statement, the sculpture was removed at the request of a particular person, but the exact name of the person is unknown. The monument was moved immediately the next day.

The basis of this monument is a metal sculpture, whose height is more than two and a half meters. She depicts a man with raised hands. And an orange construction helmet is put on his head, a metal rail passes through the chest of the depicted person, whose length is about three meters. He rests on the floor. All this was made from a large amount of metal scrap.

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Sights of Kharkov - what to see 71

Sights of Kharkov - what to see 51

Sights of Kharkov - what to see 30

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Sights of Kharkov - what to see 97

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