Skimmer for the pool: types, functions, installation

The skimmer for the pool is the installation intended for complex cleaning of water. For the most part pools are built in the open. As a result, leaves, dirt and other foreign objects fall into the water. There are owners of such tanks, which use tents that protect the liquid from contamination. Nevertheless, in the process of bathing, nothing saves water from pollution, and installing a skimmer will help solve this problem without any problems.

pool skimmer

Characteristic of such an installation

The skimmer for the pool is a plastic or metal tank to which the pipeline for water intake is connected. On the side of the outer stenestage you can find a window equipped with a floating shutter. The feature of the equipment is quite simple.

  1. Dirty water enters the unit through the side opening.
  2. A floating valve separates the lower fluid layers from the upper (only polluted water is cleaned).
  3. The liquid goes to the filter where large debris remains.
  4. Water passes through the heating system and then returns to the pool.

For even more efficient work, a water vacuum cleaner is connected to the installation, for which there is a special connector.

Types of devices

Modern developers today provide a lot of variations of equipment for water purification of film and concrete tanks, which are significantly different. The skimmer for the frame pool has three versions:

  • floating;
  • mounted;
  • surface.

Floating skimmers

For fixed structures, characterized by a significant fluctuation of the water level, floating devices are used. For the installation of such devices do not need underground installation on the body of the pool, just need a pump that will produce a continuous intake of fluid from the surface.

mounted skimmer for the pool

In principle, that floating, that hinged skimmer for the pool work the same. Both of them are devices that are not dependent on the surface of the water, equipped with additional sensors, with the help of which automatic adjustment is made to the existing level of fluid in the pool. One such floating skimmer for the pool is designed for cleaning the water area of ​​25 square meters. m

Mounted skimmer

Such devices are usually used in pools where there is no circulation system. Those can be stationary, frame and prefabricated buildings. The mounted skimmer for the pool is considered to be equipment that allows in parallel to the supply and abstraction of water within the same hull. Such a purification plant is mounted on a side and is suitable for almost any kind of tank.

Mounted skimmers are used more in prefabricated pools. They are made from polypropylene plastic of good hardness. Fastening of such devices to the wall is performed on an adjustable bracket. The advantages are: low cost, ease of maintenance and ease of installation.skimmer for frame pool

Such a pool skimmer collects floating leaves and small debris from the surface of the water, which counteracts the sinking of litter on the bottom. During a liquid intake, a greasy film is simultaneously removed. But to clean the bottom you need to connect a separate handheld vacuum cleaner.

Surface equipment

Such an installation is a vessel in the inner part of which threaded reports are placed. Due to these contacts it is possible to connect the pool to the water intake line. On the body of the tank is a rectangular window with a floating gate.Through this opening water enters the system. In the future, it is heated and cleaned.

Technical properties of the installation

Before you begin to collect a skimmer for the pool, you should be familiar with the drawing. Usually the diagram is attached to the set with the equipment. In addition, it is necessary to determine in advance the number of devices. A box for distributing devices must be installed in a container before pouring the structure. And if the device is specially equipped with an emergency water removal system, the width coefficients will be much higher than typical equipment.

swimming pool skimmer

Required tools

Installing a skimmer in the pool advises the use of such tools:

  • a hammer;
  • perforator;
  • self-tapping screws (5 cm in length);
  • screwdriver;
  • level.

Work process

Here is the correct installation procedure.

  1. Marking plywood flaps. It is required to cut about 5 cm from each edge of the window under the mortgage. Outlining the markup is better on the outer part. From the zero mark of the side of the tank, indent about 5 cm and draw the horizon line. Then you should move down from the printed strip 15 cm and draw another one the same.
  2. Skimmer fastening on the plywood shutter.This mounting operation is only necessary if the equipment has a flanged socket.
  3. Attaching a plywood flap with a mortgage on the profile wall of the pool. But at the same time, the anchorage area will be conditioned by the zero mark of the vessel processing. It is strongly recommended to place the instruments at the same distance in the same horizontal row.installation of a skimmer in the pool


Skimmer produces water intake action with further cleaning in the filter. The pools equipped with such devices can be of several types: from inflatable to concrete. The installation provides multistage circulation, purification and filtration of water.

When planning and constructing a tank, it is imperative to calculate the installation of such a device from a side wall. But if there is no desire to pierce and break an existing pool, it will be appropriate to choose mounted skimmers for cleaning. In any case, equipment for cleaning water forever secure container from debris at a depth and surface.

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