Skirt of jersey - how to choose?

Skirt of knitwear is a versatile objectwardrobe, which has been a favorite of women for many years. After all, the material from which it is made helps to hide the shortcomings of the figure and visually adjust the appearance. In this article, you will find out which skirt of jersey suits you. And also learn how to sew it yourself.

Skirt of knitwear - classic at all times

Every woman wants to look attractivenot only at evening parties, but also in everyday life. It is for this purpose that designers have introduced knitted skirts to the world, which are universal clothes for any occasion.

Today you can meet both summer anddemi-season models. But they are all united by elegant cut, comfortable toe and ease of care. A skirt made of knitwear will allow you to always look stylish and be in absolute trend.

knitted skirt

Features of knitted fabric

Elastic but elastic at the same timeIdeal for sewing items of women's wardrobe. Knitwear can be made of cotton, woolen, synthetic and even silk fibers. Therefore, you can choose a skirt for any time of year.

By adding knitted fibers to elastanematerial perfectly stretches and takes any shape. However, please note that natural cloth will be covered much more quickly with pellets. While synthetic fiber is more resistant to everyday wear.

knitted skirt

Tight clothing made of fine knitwear canafford only the owners of ideal proportions. After all, this material, when wrapped, immediately reveals all the shortcomings. But winter things from thick fabric, on the contrary, make a woman slimmer. That is why when choosing clothes from jersey, you should take into account not only the style of the product, but also the texture of the material. In addition, clothing made of this fabric has the property of stretching with time. Therefore, it is advisable to choose styles one size smaller.

How to choose a skirt from knitwear by the type of figure?

When choosing women's clothing is very important to take into account the features of the structure of the body. After all, it will not only improve your figure, but always look great.

  • Slender girls can afford skirts fromthin jersey. In this case, do not limit your choice of length and style. But those who experience some complexes, you should take a closer look at the purchase.
  • Skirt pencil made of knitwear looks great ongirls with wide hips in the event that the fabric is draped. This solution visually makes the figure slimmer and distracts attention from the shortcomings. At the same time, a bright accent on the top of the dress and original shoes is welcomed.
  • The muffled shape of the knitted skirt will suit those who are shy of their legs. In this case, choose the length to the middle of the knee and avoid too short models.
  • Long skirts made of knitted fabrics are suitable for everyone. Thick material will pull the figure, and a strict style will give the image a femininity and elegance.


With what to combine a knitted skirt?

A great advantage of knitted fabrics isthe fact that it is combined with any accessories. Therefore, you can safely experiment with shoes and jewelry. However, do not forget that the entire outfit should be correct not only from the point of view of stylistics, but also in color.

Knitted fabric perfectly matches with othersmaterials. For example, you can easily combine a skirt with a denim jacket or a cotton shirt. In addition, the same skirt model can look great both in sports and in the classical ensemble. In the daytime, for example, you can wear it with ballet and light blouse. And in the evening, change shoes for elegant shoes and put on a fitted jacket. The people around you will not even have a suspicion that you have the same knitted skirt!

skirt pencil jersey

Skirt of knitwear with your own hands

Today it is very popularto manufacture wardrobe items. In addition, a skirt with an elastic band made of knitted fabrics does not require the construction of a pattern and any sewing skills. To create it you will need a cut of fabric that will be equal to the length of the future product, and a wide elastic band. The only measure that needs to be done is the girth of the hips. In this case, you can measure the right diameter of the rubber band directly in its shape.

Next, mark the width of the skirt on the fabric foldedin half. The cut of knitwear should be sewn to the elastic band first by hand, and then stitching on the sewing machine. You can independently adjust how much the skirt will fit the shape. On the finished product, you should gently iron out all the seams.

As you can see, to create a skirt of knitwearhands is very simple! In addition, you can always add it to a different decor. These can be brooches, crystals, chains, artificial flowers and much more. The main thing is that the final result not only liked you, but also looked harmonious and stylish.

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